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4 The most beautiful Sacramento lakes

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Being the capital city of California, it is only logical that Sacramento has a great history and a lot of interesting eye sights that always attract the attention of tourists. 

What you might not have expected is that it also has marvelous nature and a lot of beautiful landscapes that you would not want to miss when visiting Sacramento. In this article, we will tell you about ten fascinating lakes that you may include in your list of destinations to see here!

Shasta Lake

Shasta lake is named to be the biggest water reservoir in California state. Not only is it the biggest, but the lake is also one of the best ones for tourist visits, especially because of its size, which lets a huge amount of people enjoy Shasta lake’s water at once!

And of course, it is better to go here in summer, when a lot of water activities are available. We also recommend you to rent one of the houseboats that can be found on this lake, as it is definitely an unforgettable experience: how many times in your life have you had an opportunity to live on the water?

If you want to, you can also visit another interesting tourist site near Shasta lake, which is the Shasta dam, the second biggest one in the country.

Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake is a reservoir that you can find near the Sierra foothills. It is full of possible occupations for everyone:

  • For those who want to spend their leisure time more actively, you can find a place near Folsom lake for hiking, horseback riding, or water skiing.
  • For others that are more into fishing, there is a lot for you to catch: catfish, trout, and mouth bass can be found here.
  • The third group of people interested in simple camping and gazing at beautiful views, do not worry. Folsom lake can satisfy you just as well.

Natoma Lake

Natoma lake is not as popular and widely known as other lakes near Sacramento, which might be an advantage for some of you. 

However, despite its quietness, it offers a great variety of activities, such as hiking, boating, biking, and so on. Also, this might be the perfect place for your first experience of horseback riding. Those who are already acquainted with this activity can also enjoy the peacefulness of Natoma lake while riding a horse, which can be quite a therapeutic occupation of your afternoon time.

Clementine Lake

Clementine lake is kind of an unusual water reservoir as it stands on the big and thin rock, which is definitely one of a kind place that you would want to see for yourself. 

And to top this interesting fact off, it also offers various types of activities on the two-part into which the lake is divided. 

On the lower lake, some water sports and more dynamic activities can be found, while on the upper lake, you would spend your time mostly admiring the view on the white sandy beaches of Clementine lake. It definitely has marvelous views, both before sunrise and after sunset!

New Melones Lake

New Melones Lake is another example of the USA’s great infrastructure, no matter where you are: located in Central California, this lake offers the same variety of activities as the most popular ones do. 

Fishers should definitely take a look at the New Melones lake, especially those that like to go far and deep into the lake to find some quiet and remote bays.

However, despite the fact that this lake is situated further from Sacramento, it has the fourth biggest size of a water reservoir in California. It can allow a lot of people to spread around and even enjoy some privacy. 

In addition, New Melones Lake is another beautiful place for camping, if that is what you are looking for.

Tahoe Lake

We would say that this lake is the most breathtaking: being the biggest alpine lake, it combines in itself the beauty of both the clear blue water and of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

When for other lakes, you would mostly say that the best time of visiting is in the summer; it simply does not matter with Tahoe lake. In any season that you would choose to visit this place, you will find some possible activities, as well as be able to enjoy the wonderful view that the lake and its surroundings are offering. 

Be it fall, summer, spring, or winter, and you will not regret visiting this place.

Clementia Lake

When a place for some family activities is needed, or some simply swimming is in your desires, Clementia lake might be the best choice for you, as it is safe for swimming, kayaks, and perfect for some picnics on the coast of the lake together with the kids, as all of the areas around this lake is safe and clean.

In addition, for those who are more into adventurous lake experiences, the southern part of the lake with rugged rapids and quite a nice coast is perfect for some jumps. And some group activities also can be arranged here.

Sonoma Lake

Located in the foothills of Northern California, Sonoma lake has a lot of different activities for you to spend some leisure time in.

For example, the lake has one special venue for you, as it is surrounded by Sonoma County vineyards with a great history. 

When some more or less usual activities are in need, you can, of course, take some horseback riding classes, as well as spend some time in the warm water of Sonoma lake. Camping is also possible on the coast of the lake.

Clear Lake

As we have already mentioned before, Sacramento areas and the California state as the whole have a spectacular nature, and Clear lake proves that as all of the previously described lakes before it do.

Being the largest freshwater lake in California, it is definitely a family-friendly place with a lot of activities both for kids and adults, such as camping, swimming, and boating. Northern California’s citizens definitely should visit this place!

Donner Lake

And last but not least, Donner lake, which is located just a few miles away from Sacramento in a beautiful place called the Sierra Nevada.

As it is also surrounded by some hills and mountains, hiking and skiing activities are available for you, depending on the time of the year when you plan to visit this magnificent place. And it is truly beautiful, so those interested in taking some interesting and breathtaking pictures, rest assured that Donner lake will provide you with such an opportunity!

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