• 5 Star Plumbing Service of Exceptional Quality from in La Riviera.
  • Best plumbers with expertise, licensed, and respectable.
  • Cost estimation of the work required first, then we proceed.
  • Medical examination and personal record checks are mandatory for specialists.


No plumbing issue is too big or too small for 5 Star’s expert plumbers. We can deal with any plumbing job. The company provides exterior and interior plumbing services. It covers all work range we perform, such as maintenance, installation, or complete pipeline renovation. Call us on any critical water case in your house as our technicians within reach for 24 hours.

5 Star in La Riviera offers competent specialists to cope with any plumbing issue. There is nothing we can’t handle! Our services include leak detection, gas, and electric plumbing, drain cleaning, water heater installation and service, bathroom remodel, etc. Don’t stuff up your head with all plumbing nuances as our technicians are professional and licensed. They deal with any type of water system and familiar with all brands.

The technicians arrive quickly for inspection and give immediate advice. The plumbing company estimates your water situation, and you learn about the cost and time needed before we start. You can trust our prompt service and performance. 

Pipe Leak Repair LA RIVIERA

5 Star deals with any leak issues in the water supplying systems in La Riviera, CA. Any pipe leakage in the concrete foundation of your house is our concern. The pipes can be damaged for many reasons; anyway, it affects your home negatively, dramatically increasing your bills for water supply, and later your house demands complete renovation. Call 5 Star for our technicians to advise you immediately. They have the necessary equipment to locate the problem and do their maintenance job. Also, you may need a pipe replacement, whether it is old enough or damaged. Trust 5 Star’s professionals this tedious procedure and repipe your home.

Water Heaters

The company provides a great water heater choice to fit any demands for hot water consumption and paying abilities. We work with gas, electric water heater, tankless water heaters, and boilers. We offer all services concerning repairing, installation, replacing. If you need a building permit in La Riviera, the 5 Star can handle that too. The technicians can assist you with any solution; even supply additional items within the fast service option. Call 5 Star to find a suitable financing plan.

An appropriately functioning water heater is a must-have item in any modern household. It expands the efficiency of your household, providing you with hot water independently of any externally imposed factors like water outages or cut-offs.

Call us now and get your new heater installed today by a team of highly professional plumbers of 5 Star.


Among the range of services, drain cleaning is another one that 5 Star can do for you at a reasonable price and whenever you would like to. It’s enough to arm yourself with liquid products to unclog drains and clean them up in most cases. However, the issue might be harder than you think. Should it be the case with your household, call 5 Star, and be ready for top-class, timely, and professional service provided by our licensed technicians. Our professionals assist you in this routine. Clogged floor drains, toilet stoppages, kitchen sink, etc. – give all of these to our team that helps to clean all the debris from your premises. 5 Star in La Riviera ensures a vast range of reliable and affordable services. And it guarantees that any type of drain cleaning is within the scope of our specialists. Call us now!

La Riviera, CA

La Riviera is a suburb in Sacramento County, California. Most of the population are family units, and the majority of people there have liberal views, politically. The area is remarkable for its peaceful atmosphere and picturesque parks, making the place a highly appealing spot for travelers and internal migrants seeking heaven on earth.

As the last census showed, Granite Bay lacks an ethnic variety of people. Overall, you can find the majority of Whites, followed by less in number African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and Hispanics.

La Riviera seems to be a perfect place with its astonishingly sunny weather. The tanned residents have up to 269 sunny days per year, statistic shows.

Most students in La Riviera do not remain there to proceed to the next level of education and travel to nearby cities to further their schooling. Within the city, there are two popular schools: the School of Engineering and Science and West Campus.

La Riviera may appear lacking a wide choice of activities, which makes residents visit other cities for entertainment and shopping experiences. For instance, Drive-in Sacramento, WestWind, movie theater offering first-run movies, significant releases, and premiers. It is suitable for a family ride as you can find playgrounds optionally for children there. And they have family nights as well as offering discounts.

Another place worth mentioning is K1 Speed. The rally invites interested people for all-electric go-kart racing. The facilities include a museum-like collection of racecars, artwork, and memorabilia, a lobby spot to enjoy your snack or video games. Obtaining a membership gives you more expanded options like free races on your birthday, discounts, and promotions. The locals highly suggest the place as a perfect spot to celebrate a birthday party or throw a team building there.

The next place is Jastag, a fun zone for all with rooms for eight teams, music, mysterious lighting, etc. You can enjoy laser maze, arcade games, bumper cars, etc. Birthday party celebrations or team buildings are possible.

Anyway, within La Riviera, you can find dining places and coffee shops mostly.

The area attracts by its serenity and picturesque views either on the American River or Lake Tahoe, one hour drive away. Families find it very comfortable for living as it is clean and safe with a very low crime rate, property robbery mostly. The price for dwellings is lower comparing to Granite Bay or Folsom. La Riviera has a reputation as the Best Suburbs in Sacramento to live in.


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