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We are a reliable plumbing company, which puts customer satisfaction, trust, and experience in the first place. No plumbing issue is a problem if you choose to contact Elk Grove (CA) service. Our plumbers provide services of the highest quality. Customers who contacted us are always guaranteed the following benefits:

  • Super Plumbing Service of Exceptional Quality from 5 Star in Sacramento.
  • Top plumbers with expertise, licensed and respectable.
  • Cost estimation of the work required first, then we proceed.
  • Medical examination and personal record checks are mandatory for specialists.

5 Star is eager to offer high-class air conditioning. To sustain the Elk Grove, CA, community, the company provides maintenance and efficiency of the heating and cooling to households in California. This family enterprise has been developing its unique service with a client-oriented approach for 35 years. 5 Star can boast an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. And its specialists take care of any installation or servicing, repairs, or tune-ups for you any time you need.


If one day you find your drains clogged, it is a serious plumbing problem. You do not have too much time to doubt or hesitate to problems with any plumbing system. That is why you have to keep the phone number of plumbers in Elk Grove (CA) at hand—we always care about our customers’ plumbing and provide all sorts of drain cleaning services.

Our professional plumbers can deal with any challenge, either gas or electric water heater repairing, faulty pipes, or bathroom remodel. Don’t hesitate, call us, Elk Grove plumbing service, right now to get prompt Sacramento plumbing 5 Star service!

Remember, no hard nuts for us to crack! Complete repipe or clogged drain is a nightmare for you, not for 5 Star! Furnace or air conditioning goes wrong? We can handle that too at 5 Star Plumbing, Heating & Air in the Elk Grove area.


5 Star Plumbing, Heating, Air & Rooter Service gives you experts! They can address any plumbing issues in Elk Grove (CA), including water heater repair, leaky faucets, toilets that won’t stop running, slab leak, and hard water issues.


If you find your water bills rising, this might mean problems with pipes. If you wait for too long and do not contact our Elk Grove plumbing service immediately, this trouble might grow into the need for replacement. We strongly recommend not to wait and ask our Elk Grove plumbing service to repair your plumbing. We have all the necessary equipment for the water line repair and other plumbing issues, such as sump pumps, water heaters, and others.

5 Star can tackle the slab leak issue in your home in Elk Grove, CA. When the pipe is damaged, causing leakage in your house’s basement, it threatens your household welfare. Call 5 Star plumbing service ASAP and trust this serious issue to technicians who know the deal about locating the problem with advanced electronic equipment and then repairing it. The pipe injuries can be more severe and not repairable. So don’t take too long, and call 5 Star. The company provides an affordable, necessary service to repipe your home. The work is guaranteed. Financing available. 5 Star will help you out.


It does not matter what kind of water heater you have at home—be it a tankless water heater, a gas, or an electric device. Plumbers in Elk Grove (CA) provide plumbing services for a huge variety of models. Our team has a contractor’s license and enough experience to guarantee customer satisfaction. Elk Grove (CA) specialists know the differences between devices and how to approach them.

Our clients often complain that their tankless water heater gets broken or cannot satisfy their needs in hot water. Plumbers in Elk Grove know that these water heaters work better in the kitchen plumbing rather than in the bathroom. Our plumbing services include the possibility of consulting the client in accordance with his/her problem or even providing the equipment’s replacement.

The choice of water heaters that 5 Star deals with is diverse – gas, electric water heater, tankless water heaters, and boilers of different sizes and brands to suit every client’s taste, both residential and commercial. At the same time, the company ensures a full range of services with water heaters like repairing, installation, and replacing. It also assists with the necessary building permit procedure in Elk Grove, if required. The experts can solve any problems with water heaters to meet your demands, including offering a fast service option. Call 5 Star to learn about affordable financing plans for new water heater installations.


If you or your relatives spend a lot of time at home, you use your gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, toilets, and faucets are used more often. Sometimes they get overloaded, and this is a common problem during the current pandemic situation. It happens that your plumbing might require repairs: sewer line repair, toilet repair, water line repair, or even the replacement of the equipment. And all these plumbing services can be provided by every plumber from Elk Grove. Elk Grove plumbing company obtains contractor’s license. We know our business and have a team of professional plumbers. That is why equipment replacement or other plumbing issues are not a problem for us.

Every plumber, who has some experience, will name the key reasons why your sewer line might get clogged. Attention: such cases require immediate sewer line repairs.

  • Fat remains

Fat remains often become a common household problem, causing a sewer line repair, despite the fact that they constitute a small part of all remains. Fat becomes a connecting element for all other remains, thus making them stay in your sewer lines. In such cases, even garbage disposals might appear to be useless since little particles of fat still do their job. But do not worry, our Elk Grove plumbers can do the sewer camera inspection and find out what happened with your lines, so do not start panicking and thinking of the replacement of your devices.

  • Small junk

Not all people pay attention to what goes into their sewer. Some small pieces of food, hair, and other rubbish might accidentally get there. This causes clogging, and homeowners start worrying about their sewer lines. But every plumber will tell you that, most likely, this problem will not require a replacement. All you have to do is contact our Elk Grove team, and we will come as soon as possible, do the sewer camera inspection and provide high-quality repair services.

To unburden yourself and enhance the efficiency of your entire household, contact us! Our experienced plumbers will help you get rid of this problem quickly and at an affordable price! 5 Star service prides itself on the top quality of services provided, with sewer cleaning being one of our majors.

Our Elk Grove plumbing service works for you every day and night, so you can contact us any time you want or any time you need.

Drain Cleaning and Other Quality Services

Time to inspect your residential drain cleaning? 5 Star services can handle it quickly! Call our professionals who tackle any problem with your residential drain lines – clogged floor drains, mop sinks, toilet stoppages, kitchen sink, etc. – and clean all the debris from your premises. 5 Star service in Elk Grove and its area is striving to meet the needs in residential drain cleaning. The company contributes to the vast range of palpable and cost-effective services for this, including repair and replacement. And it ensures that any type of drain cleaning is within the scope of our specialists. Call us now, and we do our best for you!

Our Elk Grove plumbing company guarantees quality service to protect you and your family from plumbing problems. In the current Covid 19 pandemic situation, we continue functioning and doing our repair job since, based on our plumbing experts’ experience, emergencies occur regardless of any circumstances. We realize that emergency plumbing services might be required every month or every week. So, you do not have to worry. Our Elk Grove plumbers ensure safety and protection, following all recommendations concerning health. All the plumbing fixtures are performed in gloves and masks. Our plumbers also put on special shoe covers so that your home remained clean during the repairs. The master reviews your plumbing system, helps find the cause of trouble, and does his job quickly and professionally.


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    Elk Grove, CA

    In Sacramento County, the city of Elk Grove is the second-largest city in the area, attracting people by its friendly atmosphere, ecology, and various amenities.

    Founded in 1850, the city derived from a small stage stop area for travelers. Later from 1868, the CPRR company (railroad operations) appeared to be the leading town enterprise promoting the city growth with the agriculture-based community till the 1980s. Modern time development transformed Elk Grove into the City within the decades. And in 2002, Apple Company produced its first MAC products there.

    Elk Grove, CA, is remarkable for its wonderful weather through a year-round, the best part of it is summer weather. The average temperature of 15.8 °C adds its charm to the place.

    Educational development ranks fifth place in the California state to Elk Grove. Its broad scope of institutions like elementary schools, middle and high schools, private schools, and vocational, and opportunities to enter universities.

    The city has a bus system connection supplied by e-Tran covering the more significant part of Elk Grove. And the town is in pursuit of a railroad system launch in 2021 as well.

    • Arik Armstead — defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers.          
    • Jeremy Reeves — Grammy holder producer.        
    • Bill Cartwright — player and coach for Chicago Bulls NBA.

    Elk Grove is varied from the demographic point of view, distinguishing it from other counties in the Sacramento area. You can meet people of different ethnical backgrounds like White, Asians, Latinos, Afro-Americans, and others.

    Elk Grove’s social life can be another attraction. It gives opportunities to enjoy public events like festivals, e.g., teen festivals, zombies, or Elk Grove Movement promoting healthy living activities. Or you can get away from it all in the Old Town area with shops and cafes, or Lange Twins Family Winery and learn about vine cultivating history and wine production. Or visit Farmer’s Market, which is highly popular among locals and tourists.

    The city strikes with its peaceful atmosphere and numerous amenities. Sports are trendy in the area such as tennis or soccer, etc. which involves families with children and new residents. All people preserve a friendly environment and clean streets to ensure comfortable living.