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Jon M.
Jon M.
11:16 12 Mar 23
I had problems with a couple toilets and went back to 5Star, which had previously replaced a different piece for me.They scheduled an appointment within a...
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Richard M.
13:47 09 Mar 23
Needed my hot water tank replaced. Had the home warranty company send out their contractor but I was not impressed. I'm so glad I looked around for more...
Joshua ..
Joshua ..
07:59 18 Feb 23
We found water heater(WH) leaking early yesterday morning. I did a simple diagnose and thought we need a replacement of this 20+-yr WH. After a couple...
Terren B.
Terren B.
12:17 04 Feb 23
It's always a rough time when you have to call the plumbing company, that is unless it is five-star plumbing. Best experience I've ever had with a plumbing...
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Jessica A.
13:24 23 Jan 23
We've called on 5 Star several times and each experience has been positive + reasonably priced. Most recently, Eze fixed our water pressure problem quickly...

We are reliable Elk Grove plumbers. When you choose to order our Elk Grove plumbing services, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the results. Our plumbers provide services of the highest quality. Customers who contact us are always guaranteed the following benefits:

  1. Super plumbing services of Exceptional Quality from 5 Star
  2. Top Elk Grove plumbers with expertise, licensed and respectable.
  3. Cost estimation of the work required first, then we proceed.
  4. Medical examination and personal record checks are mandatory for specialists.
  5. We provide a free estimate

5 Star Plumbing offers highly-trained plumbers in Elk Grove who provide quality services such as drain cleaning or water heater repair at affordable rates without sacrificing quality or time constraints.


Sewer line repair & installation in Elk Grove

5 Star Plumbing is a plumbing company that specializes in all types of sewer line repair and installation in Elk Grove, CA. They provide the best sewer line repair and installation services in the Elk Grove area. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. and use only the best in quality products.

It’s important to make sure that your sewer line is in good working order before the winter season comes around. If it’s not, then you might have to deal with a clog or worse – an overflowing toilet!

You may also want to call a professional Elk Grove sewer line repair specialist if you’re experiencing any of the following:

-constant stench coming from your sinks, toilets, or drains

-the toilet backs up when it rains

-your sink doesn’t drain properly

Sewer line repair is an important factor in your home’s overall health. The sewer line is the pipe that carries wastewater from your home to the wastewater treatment plant. If it gets clogged, then it can overflow and cause a mess for you and your neighbors.

If you have experienced sewer line problems before, then you know that they are not pleasant at all. So, if the problem persists or becomes worse, then it is time to call for professional help.


Elk Grove drain cleaning

5 Star Plumbing has been providing high-quality plumbing and drain cleaning services in Elk Grove for over 15 years. Our team is made up of professional plumbers and certified technicians who are available every day to take care of your drain cleaning problem. If you are experiencing a problem with your plumbing not draining, running, or leaking, give us a call today.

If you find your drains clogged, it is a serious plumbing problem. You do not have much time to doubt or hesitate to problems with any plumbing system. That is why you should always keep the phone number of plumbers in Elk Grove, CA on hand. We provide all kinds of drain cleaning services.

Call our drain cleaning specialists in Elk Grove, CA who can help with any residential issue, no matter how big or small. We’ll clean out your drains and clear up your mess! The company offers a wide range of tangible and cost-effective services, including repair and replacement. And it ensures that any type of drain cleaning is within the scope of our specialists. Call us now, and we do our best for you!


Elk Grove water heater repair & installation services

We have a range of water heater services in Elk Grove. Whether you need to replace your old water heater or install a whole new one, we are ready to help.

We offer a variety of Elk Grove water heater services that include:

Water heater repair;

– Water heater installation;

– Water heater replacement

Our team has a contractor’s license and enough experience to guarantee customer satisfaction, regardless of the type of water heater you have at home. Elk Grove, CA water heater specialists know the differences between devices and how to approach them.

The choice of water heaters that 5 Star deals with is diverse – gas, electric, tankless, and boilers of different sizes and brands to suit every client’s taste. The company also provides a full range of services, including repairing, installing, and replacing water heaters. It also assists with the permit process, if needed. The experts can solve any problems with water heaters to meet your demands, including offering a fast service option. Call 5 Star to learn about affordable services for new water heater installations.


Tankless water heater repair & installation in Elk Grove

If you are looking for tankless water heater repair & installation services in Elk Grove, we are here to help. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle all your needs. We provide tankless water heater installation & repair services in Elk Grove that will fit your needs.

Our licensed and insured professionals can create a custom solution for your project, whether you need a single unit or an entire system.

Tankless water heaters are a popular alternative for many homes. They connect to the plumbing system and cost less than traditional units. Our clients often complain that their tankless water heater gets broken or cannot satisfy their needs in hot water. Plumbers in Elk Grove know that these water heaters work better in the kitchen plumbing rather than in the bathroom. Our plumbing services include the possibility of consulting the client in accordance with his/her problem or even providing the equipment’s replacement.


Elk Grove repiping services

There are many instances where a full repipe is best for your Elk Grove property. It is important to consider both options and make an informed decision about what will be best for your needs.

Signs it’s time to repipe your house include:

– Your water pressure drops significantly in the winter.

– You have a constant, high-pitched whistle coming from the pipes.

– The water temperature fluctuates wildly in the summer and winter.

– The smell is different

– You see mold or black spots on the walls

– Rising water bills.

If it’s time to repipe your home in Elk Grove, contact us and get a quote on repiping services from the licensed plumbing company at 5 Star Plumbing


Elk Grove leak detection

There are many instances when repairing the pipe is a better option than replacing it. For example, if you are experiencing a one-time water leak, repairing the issue is the better option.

If you find your water bills rising, this might mean problems with pipes. If you wait too long and don’t contact our Elk Grove plumbing services immediately, this trouble might grow into the need for replacement. We strongly recommend not to wait and ask our Elk Grove plumbing services to provide leak detection and repair in your house. We have all the necessary equipment for the water line repair and other plumbing issues, such as sump pumps, water heaters, and others.


Elk Grove kitchen plumbing

It’s important to make sure your home’s plumbing system is up to the task by assessing it on a regular basis. This includes paying close attention to your faucets, fixtures, sink, and garbage disposal. Our Elk Grove, CA plumbing experts specialize in a variety of kitchen plumbing services. These experts are perfect when it comes to finding solutions to any kitchen problems. They also keep your kitchen running smoothly and safely by providing high-quality service that is designed to make life easier for you.


Why choose 5 Star Plumbing in Elk Grove

Elk Grove residents have been choosing our plumbers for years. We are the most trusted and experienced Elk Grove plumber company, and we offer a variety of services that will fit any budget.

Our team of highly-trained, experienced professionals can handle anything from a simple clogged drain to a complete repiping of your entire home. When you need a plumber in Elk Grove, CA, you should call us at (916) 796-1233. Our team of experienced plumbers is ready to take care of your plumbing needs.


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    Elk Grove, CA

    In Sacramento County, the city of Elk Grove is the second-largest city in the area, attracting people by its friendly atmosphere, ecology, and various amenities.

    Founded in 1850, the city derived from a small stage stop area for travelers. Later from 1868, the CPRR company (railroad operations) appeared to be the leading town enterprise promoting the city growth with the agriculture-based community till the 1980s. Modern time development transformed Elk Grove into the City within the decades. And in 2002, Apple Company produced its first MAC products there.

    Elk Grove, CA, is remarkable for its wonderful weather through a year-round, the best part of it is summer weather. The average temperature of 15.8 °C adds its charm to the place.

    Educational development ranks fifth place in the California state to Elk Grove. Its broad scope of institutions like elementary schools, middle and high schools, private schools, and vocational, and opportunities to enter universities.

    The city has a bus system connection supplied by e-Tran covering the more significant part of Elk Grove. And the town is in pursuit of a railroad system launch in 2021 as well.

    • Arik Armstead — defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers.          
    • Jeremy Reeves — Grammy holder producer.        
    • Bill Cartwright — player and coach for Chicago Bulls NBA.

    Elk Grove is varied from the demographic point of view, distinguishing it from other counties in the Sacramento area. You can meet people of different ethnical backgrounds like White, Asians, Latinos, Afro-Americans, and others.

    Elk Grove’s social life can be another attraction. It gives opportunities to enjoy public events like festivals, e.g., teen festivals, zombies, or Elk Grove Movement promoting healthy living activities. Or you can get away from it all in the Old Town area with shops and cafes, or Lange Twins Family Winery and learn about vine cultivating history and wine production. Or visit Farmer’s Market, which is highly popular among locals and tourists.

    The city strikes with its peaceful atmosphere and numerous amenities. Sports are trendy in the area such as tennis or soccer, etc. which involves families with children and new residents. All people preserve a friendly environment and clean streets to ensure comfortable living.