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Top 10 water parks in Sacramento

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Sacramento is the capital of the state of California, where it is especially hot in summer. All you want to do in the heat when the temperature can reach 100 degrees is to go outside the city and relax near the water. If you do not like a quiet rest by the river, but prefer fun activities in water parks in which all family members can take part, then you will be able to find many offers for relaxing in Sacramento on a hot summer day.

In this article, we will tell you about the best and safest water parks near Sacramento that will appeal to both parents and children.

1. Golfland Sunsplash Waterpark 

This water park is perhaps the best option for children as you will find many attractions suitable even for toddlers here. For example, most parents prefer to go to the wave pool and take a ride on the lazy river with their children. However, parents will also find something to do in this water park. Here, you can get new emotions on all kinds of slides. Many of them have age or weight restrictions. While one of the parents is enjoying extreme descents from the water slides, the other can spend time with their children on the water playground.

In addition, the creators of the Golfland Sunsplash water park thought about adults who want to escape from the terrible heat in the water but have not learned to swim yet. Fortunately, this water park has a shallow pool that is suitable for both children and adults.

Moreover, this water park often hosts events on various topics. You can arrange it in advance if you want to organize your party on the territory of the water park.

2. Swanston Park

One of the hottest days in Sacramento, you will definitely want to cool off and splash a little in the water with your family or friends. In this case, we know which place you should visit. Swanston Park is a free public entertainment center where you can spend the whole day enjoying the cool water that is directed at you from various sprayers.

Swanston Park is mainly known for its large playground where children and adults can run under the jets of water that come from water cannons, buckets, sprays, and fountains. 

However, if you want to swim, then Swanston Park will not be suitable for this purpose. On the main site, the water does not even reach the ankle. At the same time, it is still a great option to cheer up in the heat.

3. Roseville Aquatics Complex

The next water sports center is suitable for those who want to spend time actively by the water. At the Roseville Aquatic Complex, you can take swimming lessons for children, as well as learn recreational swimming techniques that will surely be useful for adults as well. 

If you are going to visit the Roseville Aquatic Complex on the weekend with the whole family, then we will recommend you a pool with access to the beach, water slides, and a children’s playground. Thus, all family members from different generations will find entertainment that they will like! 

Employees of the Roseville Aquatic Complex even organize swimming camps. If your child is bored at home during the summer holidays, at the same time you want them to actively spend time with benefits, then it will be a great idea to take them to the camp.

4. Raging Waters 

This water park is located on the territory of Cal Expo. The water park is quite famous due to its long history. Fans of cooling off and splashing in the water have been able to do it in the water park for 30 years. Despite its operational life, all the attractions in the water park remain relevant. Here, adults can enjoy high-speed water slides such as the Cliff Hanger or the Hurricane Bay. 

In addition, if you want to spend a day of active recreation in this water park with children, then you will find a lot of interesting activities for them. The park has a play area where all parts of the playground are located at a safe depth for children. Moreover, we recommend trying small slides for children weighing less than 100 pounds, a long calm river where you can relax on a swim tube, and a large pool with artificial waves. 

Thus, this pool, which has earned the love and trust of the residents of Sacramento, continues to be one of the leading in the region.

5. Folsom Aquatic Center

If you live in Sacramento, have a big family, and cannot live without water parks, then it will be a great idea to purchase a long-term family subscription to the Folsom Aquatic Center. This place is great for a summer vacation. You do not have to go on a long-term vacation or go to the ocean to take a break from everyday chores and exhausting heat. 

At the Folsom Aquatic Center, you can enjoy a fun time with your loved ones of different ages. There is a unique water obstacle course, the passage of which will attract both children and adults. Young visitors will surely find a large play area with water sprayers and slides entertaining. For adult visitors, there is a three-story high-speed slide and an Olympic-size swimming pool. 

This water park is considered safe for a reason. Professional rescuers and instructors who work here will tell you the rules for using slides and pools and answer all your questions.

6. Pirates Cove Aqua Park

For little adventure lovers, there is a great amusement park called the Pirates Cove Aqua Park. Its distinctive feature is the presence of a large number of trampolines, balancers, and challenge tracks. All these things are located right on the water. Every child will be delighted with the number of different playgrounds and devices for games. 

We are sure that parents will also want to have fun at the Pirates Cove Aqua Park. There is a great beach for adults here. Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to rent a kayak and ride it to spend a day off by the water actively. 

The Pirates Cove Aqua Park is available for children from 6 years old and 48 inches tall. Parents must accompany their children.

7. Sundridge Park

If you are looking for a water park visit which will not cost a fortune for your family, then Sundridge Park will definitely appeal to you! Absolutely all residents of Sacramento, as well as tourists from other states, can visit this water park for free. Its maintenance is sponsored by the municipal Cordova Recreation and Park District. 

Although the park is not too big and does not have a lot of extreme slides and water attractions, it is great for a family vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city. All family members will be pleased to relax under the jets of refreshing water on a hot day.

Please note that Sundridge Park is well-equipped for people with disabilities, which makes it an even more accessible and attractive place to spend leisure time.

8. Wackford Aquatic Complex

The Wackford Aquatic Complex is a water park that is very different from all other amusement parks located near Sacramento. Even if you have already visited many water parks in the state of California, the variety and unusual attractions in this place will definitely surprise you! Children and adults will be delighted with the Double Trouble – a giant trampoline in the middle of the water park and the Typhoon Tower slide that really takes your breath away. 

The Wackford Aquatic Complex is not just a water park with several pools. There is something to do here besides constantly being in the water. When you try all the attractions and activities, go explore the surrounding area.

Here you can spend the whole day: have a picnic after swimming and relax on the grass in the shade of trees or find a place on one of the terraces to hide from the scorching rays of the sun.

9. Legoland Waterpark

The Legoland Water Park is a real dream not only for children but also for adults. This place is a real opportunity to go back to your childhood and have a great time with the whole family. 

There is entertainment for both the youngest (the Duplo Splash Safari) and older adventurers (the Pirate Reef).  Moreover, an amazing Eglor’s Build-A-Boat game will captivate absolutely all family members! As you probably guessed from the name, you have to become real pirates, build your own ship, and sail on it. Doesn’t that sound like your childhood dream? Fortunately, now it can come true in the Legoland Water Park. 

The park is so big and cool that you will probably want to stay for a couple of days. Book a room at the Legoland Hotel in advance.

10. Boomerang Bay

A visit to this water park can be combined with a visit to California’s Great America Park, as the ticket price includes passes to both parks. Here you will be delighted with many exciting attractions and entertainment shows. For instance, the Tasmanian Typhoon and the Didgeridoo Falls will be remembered by you for a long time as attractions that tickle your nerves. 

However, do not think that there are any relaxing water areas that are suitable for children and the elderly in the water park. Here, you can enjoy a calm and long swim on the Castaway Creek lazy river. 

While adults conquer the tops of high water slides, children can spend time on playgrounds where there are small slides, tipping buckets of water, and rope ladders.

A Few Tips

Now you know the top 10 water parks near Sacramento in California. Use this article when you choose where to relax on a hot summer day. 

Do not forget about safety which should be given special attention when visiting amusement parks. Always accompany your children on all rides and playgrounds, or at least keep an eye on them while being nearby. For example, you can find a picnic spot on the grass and watch your children from there. Do not forget that in the open sun, you can overheat and get sunstroke. Be in the shade more often and wear hats. 

On the territory of many water parks, there are lockers that you can rent. Believe us, and they are worth the money because you do not have to carry your things everywhere and keep track of them without the opportunity to really enjoy the rides. 

In any case, the main thing is to get positive emotions while actively spending the day. Therefore, choose any water park from the list and go ahead!

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