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It does not matter if you need a garbage disposal replacement or installation of a new one, 5-Star Plumbing is certainly the right company to opt for. We are specialized in plumbing services and are always ready to protect your home from leaking pipes and other problems that may occur. Whether you need to fix your sink in the kitchen or handle the bathtub fixtures, our technicians are always here to help

Garbage disposal repairs are also a part of our main specialization. Our company introduces a fast and efficient service in Sacramento, California. We are available 24/7 in case your garbage disposal is out of order or it stopped draining. Trained and certified specialists will fix everything you need to meet your expectations fully. You can always benefit from our emergency services.


Many people often underestimate the role of garbage disposal, and only a few can realize its importance when creating comfortable living conditions. Have you ever thought about what you will do if you can’t get rid of food residue, cooking utensils? Will your dishwasher be able to handle all those dishes after a party? The underestimation leads to serious problems in the kitchen.

Every time you throw away huge amounts of debris and food in your garbage disposal, you put your sink and kitchen drain at risk of being clogged. You will hardly find a more frustrating situation than a kitchen sink that cannot drain. We are here to make you forget about all plumbing problems once and for all. We will get your pipes and drains back to normal conditions.

If you try to handle the repair works by yourself, you can follow several easy steps:

  • Find a button on the bottom of your disposer and press it. If it does not help, look inside the drain using a flashlight;
  • You may find some objects that clog the drain;
  • Remove all foreign items and do not forget to switch the power off;
  • Find the hex key jam and turn it back and forth.

We do not recommend fixing or repairing your garbage disposer by yourself. It can lead to injuries and consequences that are even more dangerous. The best bet is to hire professional technicians who will handle the repair and installation. We provide 5-star plumbing services at the most affordable price. Contact us once you’ve noticed the problem. The sooner we repair or replace your disposal, the less repairing services will cost you.

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