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To flatten the curve of your water and electricity bills rise, call 5 Star plumbers in El Dorado Hills, and be safe from troubles for ages.

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Water Heaters

Hot water is a must-have and has long become no privilege but a necessity for any household or business premises.  We install, service, and provide restoration of any kind of plumbing equipment, including, heaters, boilers, tanks, gas heaters, and down to sinks, bowls, and minor features, all at high quality and in no time.

Low water pressure? Contact us! Detected a leakage, the same! Our experienced premier plumbers are there for you to provide top plumbing experience for residents of El Dorado Hills.

Should your water heater works inappropriately, smells bad, and gives out leakages, do not let the small issue shatter the efficiency of the entire household. Call us once you notice anything suspicious. Time is money, anyway. 

EL DORADO HILLS Sewer Cleaning Services

Tired of small and bug issues concerning your piping system?

We can unclog drains, install, and replace pieces of equipment, perform full re-piping, and assist you in keeping your plumbing features safe and sound.

Our pride is in providing services quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Return to the normal life without any leaks and drippings by calling 5 Star today!

El Dorado Hills, CA

El Dorado Hills is a nice place for people who do not appreciate a busy life. It has about 42 thousand inhabitants and situated rather close to Sacramento. Here you can enjoy the contemplation of Sierra Nevada Mountain or rolling hills, and Lake Tahoe is just about a 100-minute car ride away.

Originally the place used to be inhabited by Washoe, Maidu and Miwok Native Americans. Now it is a planned community with all the modern facilities including schools, medical clinics, cinemas, shopping centers, parks, fountains, and a golf course.

The construction of the community started in 1960 by Alan Lindsey and hit stride in the next three decades when people started moving to El Dorado Hills from across the whole state.

El Dorado Hills has excellent schooling, offering education at private, primary, or high schools. Let us take Oak Ridge High School which has gathered a number of high-rated reviews. About 2,5 thousand students are being taught here, showing the best results in mathematics and literature.

If you prefer outdoor activities like walking, doing sports, going for a picnic, walking the kids, or just want some fresh air, Promontory Park is a good option. It has playgrounds, several sporting sights, including a tennis court and naturally the lawns.

In case you are interested in local business, you should visit Dry Diggings Distillery. It produces 30 brands of hard alcohol, among which there are whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka, and some ethnic items.

If you are a believer, no matter what confession, you are welcome at District Church. Here you are going to be exposed to the warm atmosphere and nice worship music.

To do some shopping or to hang out at a food court, cinema or bars, go to El Dorado Hills Town Center.

El Dorado Hills enjoys the full change of seasons, summer being hot and winter being cold. A year temperature here can be from 39 to 94 degrees. Rainy and snowy weather in El Dorado Hills last for about two months a year.

El Dorado Hills is located on the area of 126 square kilometers

By 1990 over two thousand families resided in El Dorado Hills

In 2010 the average cost of a dwelling in El Dorado Hills was about 280 thousand dollars


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