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5 Star Plumbing is a company founded on the principles of quality service and honest interactions with our customers in Citrus Heights. We are a growing company but our philosophy remains the same. We work hard to offer the best plumbing service in the area, and this is backed up by our unbeatable reputation.

At 5 Star Plumbing, we take pride in being the premier choice for all your plumbing needs in Citrus Heights. Our team of certified, skilled, and trustworthy plumbers is dedicated to providing top-notch service. All our plumbing services from drains to entire bathroom refurbishments are designed to help people with their home needs. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a malfunctioning water heater, or a stubborn clog, our prompt response ensures that your plumbing emergencies are handled efficiently.

  2. Regular routine maintenance is essential to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Our experts can inspect your plumbing system, identify potential issues, and keep everything running smoothly.

  3. Planning a bathroom remodel or adding a new fixture? We specialize in installing sinks, faucets, toilets, water heaters, and more.

  4. Transparent Pricing. We believe in honesty. Before we start any work, we provide a detailed estimate. No surprises‚ÄĒjust fair rates.

  5. Our employees undergo rigorous drug testing and background checks. Your safety is our priority.

  6. Our skilled plumbers deliver top-quality workmanship. We stand behind our services.

So, for all your plumbing needs in Citrus Heights, dial (916) 796-1233.


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    Our services
    Plumbing Services We Provide:
    Tankless Water Heater Repair And Installation
    Water Heater Repair And Installation
    Water Line Repair‚Äč
    Sewer Line Repair
    Shower Valve
    Sink Installation
    Water Softener Filter
    Reverse Osmosis
    Sewer Drain Cleaning‚Äč
    Faucet Installation
    Bathtub Installation‚Äč
    Main Shut Off Valve
    Garbage Disposal
    Full House Water Repiping‚Äč
    Full House Sewer Repiping
    Leak Detection And Repair
    Kitchen Sink Installation
    Gas Line Repair Installation‚Äč
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    Tankless Water Heater Repair And Installation

    Save up on bills! Compared to the tank models, they require less water to keep the temperature acceptable and embrace ergonomy. However, any equipment needs supervision, repairs, or replacement. We provide top plumbing service in such areas:

    Installation of Gas Water Heater
    Tankless Water Heater
    Electric Water Heater Maintenance

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    Water Heater Repair And Installation

    Water and electricity bills are continuously on the rise? The odds are that your heater requires replacement. Hence, you will reduce your communal pays and enhance convenience. Call us to hire top professionals

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    Water Line Repair‚Äč

    Should your main water line or underground water line demand repairs, our company provides 24/7 hi-end plumbing services to eliminate such issues fast at a reasonable rate according to your estimate, including:

    design of a custom configuration of piping system
    leakage and clogs monitoring
    video surveillance

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    Sewer Line Repair

    Crucially important to your property, sewer piping should be kept in appropriate condition, continuously monitored, accurately diagnosed, and timely restored. We also provide:

    entire renovation of the sewage piping
    water removing from lower levels
    adjusting the balance and pressure
    residential sewage systems installation

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    Shower Valve

    Avoid disastrous leakages and payments entailed by the shower valve damage and hire our team of pros to have:

    shower/bathtub installed
    water balance adjusted
    tap/shower head fixed
    leakage and clogs monitored

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    Sink Installation

    Increase comfort and diversify the functionality of your home by installing a work-of-art sink. However, keep it leakage-free, drains unclogged, pipes in perfect condition through the assistance of our team of our certified premial plumbers. We use top-class equipment, fix any feature, and do it within one hour.

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    Water Softener Filter

    The water of increased hardness brings about inconveniences like residue in sinks you have to scrub off daily. The installation of a softener and filtration system will help save up on bills, efforts to maintain, and prolong your household equipment’s durability. Contact our team to embrace safety and convenience.

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    Reverse Osmosis

    Individual water purification systems like reverse osmosis are a must for most households and business facilities. They provide water of enhanced taste, free from parasites, and reduced volume of germs. Our professionals will handle any issue with RO to promote your well-being. We deal with RO modules and taps, valves, drain filtring, tubes, and connectors.

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    Sewer Drain Cleaning‚Äč

    A flawlessly working sewer drain framework is essential. The buildup of sewage pipes with organic waste entailing pressure problems and clogs is the most common issue related to sewage drains. Hire trustworthy specialists from our team to get rid of any blockages 24/7.

    plumbing faucet
    Faucet Installation

    Broken faucets add hundreds of dollars to your communal pays. Save up on bills and waste and avoid severe problems in the future by merely hiring our team of plumbers now. We do check-up, repairs, and replace the faulty features, using the top-notch equipment and our proven expertise.

    plumbing bathub ins
    Bathtub Installation‚Äč

    A vital part of any household, a bathroom requires special care and maintenance. The functioning of any feature like faucets, vents, shower, washers, and bathtubs needs careful supervision by educated professionals. Contact us anytime to have your bathtub and lights, plumbing leaks and doors installed, or your toilet entirely replaced efficiently and reasonably.

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    Main Shut Off Valve

    While some home-owners consider shut-off valves easy to repair, it is highly advised to address professionals to avoid major damages and instability. We offer any services related to shut-off valves installation, repair washer replacement, deal with leakages at reasonable rates 24/7.

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    Garbage Disposal

    One of our certified plumbers’ main specializations is garbage disposal restoration, be it out of order or having draining issues. The DIY approach can prove troublesome and even dangerous for health. To safeguard you from any adverse outcomes, we provide advanced and affordable service 24/7.

    Full House Water Repiping‚Äč

    The process of major water repiping in a household may turn out unbearable a task for non-professionals and entail ample costs and struggle. Whether your galvanized piping has worn off, or plastic pipes broke due to high temperature or improper installation, our company provides high-quality relining and bursting, or a full replacement of a piping system.

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    Full House Sewer Repiping

    Rust, breakages, blockages, and extreme temperatures can damage the pipes and drains. As well as the water repiping, the sewer repiping may be problematic an issue for inexperienced householders. Order your sewer pipes entirely replaced by our team of continuously trained plumbers to forget about giant bills, drippings, and leaks.

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    Leak Detection And Repair

    The use of the pipe inspection camera is a new word in the plumbing service. The timely and proper diagnosis is vital in the efficient prevention and handling of sewer malfunctions.

    Try out the new method and rely on our trained and innovative pros for speed, safety, accuracy, and reasonable rates.

    sink repair plumbing
    Kitchen Sink Installation

    For your kitchen, opt for the professional sink installation and keep yourself away from any possible shortcomings, such as countertop damage, caulking issues, piping breakage, set up of improper garbage disposals. Call us and ensure the best result.

    gas line rep
    Gas Line Repair Installation‚Äč

    A gas line is a vital part of a household we use 24/7, so its proper condition should be a focal point for a comfortable life. Therefore, it should be monitored, restored, or replaced by highly-trained plumbers. Whatever the issue or a configuration may be, contact us to take care of your gas line. We provide:

    installation of gas lines in new households
    monitoring and overhaul
    emergency operations


    5 Star Plumbing Reviews

    5 Star Plumbing
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    Mona RamirezMona Ramirez
    01:54 14 May 24
    He was very professional. He was very informative about what he was going to replace to fit the new water heater.
    Frank BFrank B
    22:18 13 May 24
    Peter was friendly and professional. Very smart and knowledgeable technician.
    Jeremy TrimbleJeremy Trimble
    00:12 11 May 24
    Overall, it was a good service. I appreciate that they came out on time, had all of the supplies they needed, and worked quickly/efficiently. Eziz did a really good job.
    Alexander FernandezAlexander Fernandez
    21:52 10 May 24
    I broke a water hose bib on the exterior of my home and needed a plumber right away, as I wasn’t sure which of the 4 water valves, in front of my house, was the water main. The plumber, Ezra arrived within 15-20 minutes of my call to 5 Star Plumbing. The plumber, Ezra was prompt and courteous. He explained the repairs to me prior to beginning and I received a written quote in advance of performing the repairs. I would highly recommend Ezra, in particular. & 5 Star Plumbing
    Olga ZaigralinaOlga Zaigralina
    00:40 10 May 24
    Fast and very professional service. All service details were clear explaned . And service price was very reasonable.
    Andrew NelsonAndrew Nelson
    00:31 09 May 24
    My insurance policy required a smart shutoff valve to be installed. I contacted several companies who were able to quote me a price with little to no difficulty, but these guys were less $ And they demonstrated that they knew what I was asking for and needed to satisfy my insurance requirements beyond a shadow of doubt. All of this, and it was all completed before the end of the same day on which I started the process. Extremely satisfied and happy I went with them.
    23:46 02 May 24
    Excellent fast service. Called after waiting for another plumbing service for 2 days to come out to provide service. Spoke with Leo on the telephone who informed me a plumbing technician could be at my residence within an hour. Approx. 30-40 minutes later, Khalid came out and resolved our leaking shower matter quickly and efficiently! Will definitely use 5 Star Plumbing services again!
    Toné DuarteToné Duarte
    19:23 02 May 24
    Eze from 5-Star Plumbing was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable in making the needed repairs to our bathroom plumbing problem. He even was able to show me in pictures and video what was happening before his repairs. The fact that he was early was a bonus. I would highly recommend 5-Star Plumbing to everyone. Thanks again!
    Mark StinsonMark Stinson
    15:13 19 Apr 24
    Very fast and reliable service! I had a small leak, which I couldn't locate. I called 5 Star Plumbing and they were able to get someone out within 24 hours. The tech, who was very helpful, was able to locate the leak, which turned out to be three new sprinkler control values, which I just had installed a few months ago. I will definitely use them the next time I have a plumbing issue.

    Citrus Heights is a city in Sacramento County situated among Antelope, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, North Highlands, and several major highways and freeways. There are 85 thousand people living in the area of 14 square miles in Citrus Heights.

    For as long as three centuries starting from about 1550s the settlement was located only around the coastline. But 1849 brought the Gold Rush to California and crowds of people flooded the state, which inevitably burst the development of the territory. Since 1950 Citrus Heights had been a part of Sacramento County’s Central Township and was incorporated only in 1997.

    Regarding the transportation system, the closest to Citrus Heights railway station is in Roseville, which is about ten miles away. Sacramento International Airport is situated twenty miles from the city. And across Citrus Heights there is a local public bus transportation system.

    If you are up to shopping or spending a nice time eating out and even watching a movie in a cinema, then you should go to The Citrus Town Center where you can find an organic food market, half-price bookstore, a few dining spots like Black Angus, Wingstop, Round Table Pizza, and the Mexican Taqueria, or you could visit Sunrise Mall with its almost hundred retailers and a movie theater.

    For active leisure, especially with the kids, there is Sunrise Rollerland ‚Äď a roller skating rink not far from Sunrise Mall, or Steve Cook‚Äôs Fireside Lanes ‚Äď a bowling alley where you can spend good time with your family bowling, eating and enjoying the warm atmosphere at modest prices.

    If you are a gambler, go straight to Stones Gambling Hall to play poker. And if you appreciate live music, pool, and nice food, pick The Couch bar or Corner Pocket bar which also has darts and sports broadcasts.

    The original name of the place was Sylvan and it became Citrus Heights in 1910 due to a real estate salesman.

    Citrus Heights has around 310 acres of green area.

    Ladies Auxiliary, one of the first country firewomen organizations, appeared here in 1942.

    Let us consider the weather conditions in the city. Overall, as it is located in California, there is nearly nothing to worry about: the number of sunny days is ample, the proximity of the big water provides high humidity, but the region is pleasant to travel to and move. The summers in Citrus Heights are warm and dry, with almost no rains, but the rest of the year, especially from November to March, is mostly rainy and foggy with the average temperature of 45 degrees in winter. The sun shines here for about 265 days a year.