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  • Our super-plumbers provide exceptional quality of services;
  • Their expertise has been proven; their records are immaculate, their health and backgrounds are screened;
  • The services are done on the same day after we agree on the estimate/rate.

Our plumbing professionals are ready to take up any issue and solve it in no time at top quality and reasonable. We provide indoor and outdoor plumbing repair for homeowners and businesses: maintenance, pipeline renovation, issues detection, installation and renovation of the equipment, consultation on the preventive methods, etc. We work round the clock daily, so you can address your urgent issues, as our specialists are at hand 24/7.

We detect and fix leakages, perform gas and electric plumbing repair, install water heaters and conditioners, clean up the drains and sewers and remodel your bathtubs if you like. Release yourself from the burdening thoughts concerning your plumbing issues and hand them to our gentle and highly-nurtured technical specialists who will deal with the slightest nuances and have your pipes as fixed as they can be. Our services are available across the entire territory of California (including Sacramento county), and residents of Citrus Heights are no exclusion.

Our team of plumbing professionals is fast to arrive and get to work on the spot providing excellent plumbing services in Sacramento, CA. Consult any issue with them and get insightful and relevant advice. Trust us, and we will put your piping in an appropriate condition for your comfort and tranquility.


5 Stars face any leakages and other problems with the piping in the household of business facilities. Among our other concerns is the detection of hidden behind-the-wall leaks, occurring quite often and unseen. Keep your household safe from molds, horrendous smells, and wet spots on the carpeting. Call 5 Star, and our professionals will immediately handle all the issues about repairs, replacement, or maintenance of your equipment.

Change your old piping, and rest assured that your residence is safeguarded for the future. Repipe your home in Citrus Heights, CA, with our reliable and certified plumbing crew. 


A wide spectrum of water-heating services is provided by 5 Star for your comfort and peace of mind. Have a boiler installed, a water heater restored or renovated, save up on bills with a gas heater. We use the top brands’ materials and tools to provide advances and up-to-date plumbing services in Citrus Heights, CA. Get to talk to our managers today to estimate the costs and schedule the start of works. 


Drain cleaning does not sound like an issue if you hand it to our licensed plumbers who are eager to perform top-class works and get your sewer lines quickly cleaned and rid of any stuffing that might affect the efficiency of your entire household or business facility. We unclog drains, get toilets to run again, install kitchen sinks, and do all the sewer lines work at a high-quality and reasonable price.

Give us a call, and the swift and efficient solutions to all your plumbing problems will be found and implemented on the same day.

When You Might Need a Plumber in Citrus Heights, CA

In Citrus Heights, CA, there are several cases when you might need emergency plumbing service. Among the most frequent plumbing system issues you may experience are:

  • Waterline breaks;
  • Sewer line clogging;
  • Water hardness;
  • Faucets’ leakage.

1. Waterline breaks

When your house’s water line breaks, you know you’re in big trouble.

First of all, if your water line project was designed to keep water pipes under your house, and should the water line break, your home is in danger of being flooded. As a result, you may face massive home interior damage.

If you have an exterior water line, its break – depending on how bad it is – may cause damage to the surrounding territory leading to soil erosion and even traffic problems.

Either way, repairing broken water line pipes will take time and money investment. Of course, by no means, you won’t be able to do it yourself. You should get experienced plumbers to fix the pipes.

Waterline breaks are among the most expensive and time-consuming plumbing problems to fix. Let alone, the consequences of such breaks may be devastating. That is why the whole waterline system of your home needs regular checkups. Our experts offer such a service.

Contact our office in Citrus Heights, CA, for more information on the service.

2. Sewer line clogging

Another frequent problem is clogged sewer pipes.

You will know your sewer line is clogged when the water begins to go down the drain much slower than usual. This is a bad thing to notice. It means that you should take action before the sewer line gets clogged completely.

Usually, a homeowner can unclog the sewer line themselves using a snake. This is especially easy when you need to clean a pipe under your kitchen sink. But when it comes to unclogging the main sewer line, a homeowner may experience certain difficulties, and that’s when a team of plumbing experts comes into play.

3. Hard water

“Hard water” is water with a high amount of minerals in it.

While it may not sound too bad, in reality, hard water may cause damage to plumbing equipment. For instance, it may wear faucets and pipes or damage a washing machine’s interior system. Hard water minerals stay inside the pipes and over time may cause clogging and affect proper water flow. A water heater may also get damaged by hard water because the water heater will heat the water inside a tank and the minerals built up inside it. Over time, it will shorten the life of the water heater.

The main danger of the damage that hard water cause is that it’s not something that you notice right away. It builds up gradually, and then before you know it, your faucets leak, water won’t go down the drain, your water heater breakdown or your washing machine suddenly stops and won’t start again.

Experts offer regularly inspecting your home’s sanitary system on hard water presence than dealing with its consequences which may cost you plenty of cash.

4. Faucets’ leakage

Faucets may start to leak for different reasons.

One of them is the aforementioned hard water. Another reason is bad quality materials. Or you have not changed faucets for a long period of time. Should you experience faucets’ leakage that you can’t stop, you must address our plumbers for timely professional service.

Our plumbers will repair or install new faucets in your master bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere in your house.

The Most Frequent Plumbing Job Services in Citrus Heights, CA

Below is the list of the most frequent pumping job types we offer. These types of works are usually not related to serious plumbing issues. But not all owners know how to fix them. Besides, it is better to call for a professional plumber to get the job done the way it should be.

So here is what our technicians usually do when they get a call for high-quality and proficient service:

  • Water heater repair/replacement;
  • Plumbing fixtures installations;
  • Kitchen sink installation/replacement;
  • Overall plumbing system maintenance.

Apart from the aforementioned jobs, our plumbers offer a wide range of services to meet the client’s needs. For more details, go to the service catalog section on our website.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber you happen to experience plumbing problems!

Anyone knows how every modern home is dependant on the perfectly functioning plumbing system. Water heaters, sewer systems, toilets, plumbing fixtures – they are all vital for a home’s comfort and a high standard of living.

Don’t take chances trying to fix the problem yourself. Sometimes, a visible plumbing issue may only be a consequence of a far worse cause that you don’t even know exists. Our strong recommendation is to give us a phone call and schedule a visit from one of our technicians.

The good idea is to perform regular plumbing maintenance of your home, just like you do with your regular health checkups. After all, many plumbing dysfunctions are better to be discovered by a qualified plumber before they turn into a full-blown home disaster.

Contact our experts, and they will answer all your questions about how often you should run your home’s sanitary system maintenance routine and what this service usually includes. You will also be given information about the price of the service.

Need Highly Skilled Plumbers in Citrus Heights, CA? You Know Who to Call

An experienced plumber is your friend. Whatever your problem is, you know that a plumber will fix it.

If you need a professional plumber in Citrus Heights, you know who to call. Our specialists are trained to deal with all sorts of issues, from leaking faucets and a clogged sewer line to broken water heaters and waterline breaks.

However, Citrus Heights, CA, is not the only place where you can receive high-quality service from our plumbers’ team. Check the “Service area” section on our website to see the list of other Sacramento county cities where you can call a plumber from 5-Star.


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    Citrus Heights, CA

    Citrus Heights is a city in Sacramento County situated among Antelope, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, North Highlands, and several major highways and freeways. There are 85 thousand people living in the area of 14 square miles in Citrus Heights.

    For as long as three centuries starting from about 1550s the settlement was located only around the coastline. But 1849 brought the Gold Rush to California and crowds of people flooded the state, which inevitably burst the development of the territory. Since 1950 Citrus Heights had been a part of Sacramento County’s Central Township and was incorporated only in 1997.

    Let us consider the weather conditions in the city. Overall, as it is located in California, there is nearly nothing to worry about: the number of sunny days is ample, the proximity of the big water provides high humidity, but the region is pleasant to travel to and move. The summers in Citrus Heights are warm and dry, with almost no rains, but the rest of the year, especially from November to March, is mostly rainy and foggy with the average temperature of 45 degrees in winter. The sun shines here for about 265 days a year.

    If you are up to shopping or spending a nice time eating out and even watching a movie in a cinema, then you should go to The Citrus Town Center where you can find an organic food market, half-price bookstore, a few dining spots like Black Angus, Wingstop, Round Table Pizza, and the Mexican Taqueria, or you could visit Sunrise Mall with its almost hundred retailers and a movie theater.

    For active leisure, especially with the kids, there is Sunrise Rollerland – a roller skating rink not far from Sunrise Mall, or Steve Cook’s Fireside Lanes – a bowling alley where you can spend good time with your family bowling, eating and enjoying the warm atmosphere at modest prices.

    If you are a gambler, go straight to Stones Gambling Hall to play poker. And if you appreciate live music, pool, and nice food, pick The Couch bar or Corner Pocket bar which also has darts and sports broadcasts.

    The original name of the place was Sylvan and it became Citrus Heights in 1910 due to a real estate salesman.

    Citrus Heights has around 310 acres of green area.

    Ladies Auxiliary, one of the first country firewomen organizations, appeared here in 1942.

    Regarding the transportation system, the closest to Citrus Heights railway station is in Roseville, which is about ten miles away. Sacramento International Airport is situated twenty miles from the city. And across Citrus Heights there is a local public bus transportation system.