Plumbing Industry Environmentally Friendly Plumbing FAQ
11 Jan, 2021

Plumbing Industry Environmentally Friendly Plumbing FAQ

Environmental issues have raised more awareness among people during the past 20 years. Though we can not compare the damage caused by big corporations and damage by ordinary homeowners, we can still try to reduce it at all costs.

Carbon footprint is a serious issue. If this word combination doesn’t sound familiar to you, here is the information — carbon footprint is a shorthand term to describe the best estimate of what we can get from the full impact of climate change on something. It can be anything – an activity, a place, a lifestyle, a company, a country, or even the whole world. Many of our activities contribute to the rapid formation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: for example, burning fossil fuels, mining resources, using vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines, construction, agriculture, manufacturing of various goods, and others.

Industrial and domestic processes that are directly related to the combustion of fossil fuels and have an impact on the environment: the use of a personal gasoline car, frequent air travel, uncontrolled consumption of various resources are considered to be direct (primary) sources of the carbon footprint. Secondary or indirect sources include the products we buy: food, clothing, household goods, etc., since in this case, we take into account the greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere during the production of, for example, plastic packaging, as well as transportation of products to their destination.

Global Awareness

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, on average around the world, more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from power plants, 16%, and 14% – from production processes and transport fuel, 12.5% ​​- from agriculture, a little more than 11% – from the search for fossil fuel, it’s processing, and distribution, more than 10% of emissions come from residential, commercial and other sources, 10% from land use and biomass combustion and just over 3% from waste emissions.

We can not really calculate the exact carbon footprint left from each particular person, but we can do it precisely, at least. For example, the Greenpeace website has a calculator where you can calculate your carbon footprint and understand how you can change the situation.

Most of the confusion surrounding carbon footprints comes down to the distinction between “direct” and “indirect” emissions. The carbon footprint of a plastic toy, for example, includes not only direct emissions from the manufacturing process and transportation of a toy to the store: it also includes a range of indirect emissions, such as those caused primarily by the extraction and refining of oil used to create plastic. And this is only part of all the processes.

Viable Solutions

Fully tracing the entire chain of events that could and could not have happened when creating this toy leads to an infinite number of paths, most of which are infinitely small. In order to focus on the essentials, let’s try to follow the simplest of these paths. But employees in the offices of the plastic factory also use paper clips made of steel. And steel also has small emissions, given the content of the excavator in the iron mine, from where it was originally mined, and so on ad infinitum. The carbon footprint of a plastic toy is so many factors that it is not easy to determine its exact size.

Household carbon footprint is connected to many aspects of everyday life, including the plumbing system, of course.

When the issue with electricity usage and rubbish recycling can be solved quite easily, and you do not really need to rebuild your house for it, the water issue is more complicated. But do not worry. After this article, you will be a pro when it comes to environmentally friendly plumbing! Some of the tips can be used right away, and some of them require more planning and research. Though if you really care about our beautiful planet Earth’s environment, you will succeed in it one way or another.

Step By Step

First of all, you should be very responsible if you decide to go green. If you start following the tips, be ready to continue; otherwise, there is no point in doing that. Coming back to old negative habits is no good. If you live in a family, it might be useful to talk them through it and make sure that they also encouraged the idea of green plumbing. Step by step, every day, you will reduce both your carbon footprint and bills. Yes, sometimes your attempts might feel like a drop in the ocean, but always remember that the ocean itself consists of the drops. You can inspire other people to become green homeowners, and it will be a way different story. We can not change the whole world and get rid of huge corporations in one second, but we can start with ourselves and try to change our everyday lives.

Age of Technology

Though it is hard sometimes to change old habits and your general lifestyle, in our age of technology, we can do it so much faster and easier than it was in the past. Now we do not have to invent things, because there are many options on the market already. The plumbing industry moves forward very fast, and it is a fact that nowadays, plumbing related companies take environmentally-friendly aspects seriously. When it comes to minimizing water consumption, consider checking out the touchless faucets. This technology is widely used in malls, airports, restaurants, universities, and other public places. The water is only running when your hands are under the sensor, so you do not waste water while brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Also, this technology is good for hygiene because you do not have to touch anything, and your hands remain sterile at that point.

There are lots of other options that are similar to touchless faucets. The price range is wide, by the way, so being a green homeowner is not a luxury that it may seem. One of the options is a low flow shower fixture. This feature will help you to lower water usage while showering. When we shower, our water consumption becomes huge. A shower or a bath tube (or even both) is the most important place in your house that you need to think of while remodeling your house into one with a friendly plumbing system.

Abandon the Traditional Water Heater

What is wrong with your old traditional water heater? Yes, it probably served you well for many years and kept your home nice and warm. But if you analyze how it works, you may want to finally change it to the tankless water heater. So basically, traditional water heaters store water inside and preheat it. It works every hour for seven days a week. Ever thought that your electricity bills are too much? Well, this is the cause. Tankless water heaters heat the water only when it is needed. If you research those further, you will see how much money and electricity you can save using tankless water heaters.

You Need a Proper Specialist

If you decided to become a green householder, you should understand that you will need professional help to rebuild your plumbing system. Choose a good company that provides green plumbers. Their specialists are not only professionals in the general technical side but also have the knowledge and specialized equipment to make sure your plumbing system is ecological and saves your money. They are trained to analyze plumbing systems and give you proper advice on how to change it, which features are more suitable to your home, and all that jazz. Good companies also provide special service in case of emergencies, which is very important too, because you never know what can happen and you have to be prepared for it and know that you can ask for the help of professionals.

The choice of a plumber is a serious thing. Your plumbing system must be not only green and environment-friendly and safe for you and your family. The quality of the pipes and the quality of a plumber’s work must be at a very high level. Water has a huge impact on our health and everyday life, so you better do not treat it skin-deep.

Care About Your Pipes

Even if your plumbing system is green and great, you still need to be careful with it. Your toilet is a dangerous thing for your pipes. People usually do not care about what they are flushing in their toilets. Sometimes they think that if the items are small, they won’t cause any trouble, and it is a great mistake, to be honest. Paper and cotton balls build up inside your pipes, and they do not disappear. And if you have a big family with kids, the lack of knowledge might be dangerous. Make sure to talk to your kids about that, because kids love to play and flush different stuff in the toilet. Also, keep a rubbish bean next to your toilet and put used paper towels and wipes there.

Talking about toilets, have you ever heard of the eco ones? Yes, to change your toilet may sound like a pricey deal, but toilets are one of the biggest water wasters in your house, and eco-toilet options are twice less harmful than traditional ones. Eco toilets can help you to save so much water per flush.

Also, a very important aspect of this topic is cleaning the pipes. Even if you care about your pipes, they still need to be cleaned to prevent pollution at least 3 to 5 times a year, in the best scenario. Cleaning supplies for pipes are usually toxic and harmful to the environment. Be ready to do good research or ask your green plumber for advice on which cleaning supplies will be better for your plumbing system and how to choose ecological ones. There will be no trouble to find the right supplies. Just keep in mind this thing.


The carbon footprint, as we have already identified, is an important measure of our overall picture of climate change. The dilemma is that it is almost impossible to deduce it into an exact figure. We are unable to accurately determine the impact of our apples and chocolate bars by comparing them to the impact of all other foods that we could buy instead, considering the way they are grown, transport, storage, and related processes at all these stages. So what should we do in such situations? How do we output metrics with such a huge volume of input data?

One of the most common answers is to give up and measure something simpler, even if it means losing sight of most of what you want to measure. This method is popular among illusionists: by focusing the attention of their audience on something irrelevant, they quietly promote what matters for them and take advantage of their audience. For example, they can talk about the energy efficiency of airports without mentioning the flights themselves.

The same can happen to you when you measure your carbon footprint with some kind of calculator that misdirects your attention while avoiding important questions. The answer and solution to this dilemma are in your development and learning. Take as many things and aspects to your consideration as possible. Do not let any calculator fool you.

Your home is the best place to start changing your carbon footprint. It is your area where you set the rules. It is almost like a small separate state. You can make your own decisions depending only on your thoughts. Not using these opportunities for good might seem egoistic. So if you feel like you can change your lifestyle for the better, then, of course, move forward to it and do not ever stop.

Changing your plumbing system to an environmentally friendly one can be an interesting journey for you and your family. If you follow every piece of advice from this article — soon you will see the improvements. You will waste less water and less money, and this can inspire you to change other aspects of everyday life.

5 Star Plumbing. Accomplishing 2020
05 Jan, 2021

5 Star Plumbing. Accomplishing 2020

Summary: The 5 Star Plumbing Company has maintained and fortified its leading position among the most recognized firms in the field in the Greater Sacramento territory.

The 2020 year has so far left around 24% of enterprises broke, and nearly 40% of businesses will have to shut down shortly, analysts claim. Summing up the adverse year for many people and business entities worldwide, the management and employees of the 5 Star company also celebrate some significant results they all have achieved in 2020. Not only have they kept a sustainable position on the market, but they have also retained their personnel and provided more jobs. While many companies have had to take dismissing and redundancy measures—which has resulted in millions of unemployed— the 5 Star Company’s employees have kept their job positions. Furthermore, more opportunities for qualified professionals have been opened by the company.

Another significant achievement of the 5 Star Plumbing lies in its pricing policy: with the aim of overall optimization, the company has managed to reduce the costs of its services significantly. However, the quality has remained at a top-notch level, reviewers claim. The prices have been maintained as low as possible despite the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The highly qualified professionals are the company’s main asset: they undergo continuous training to enlarge their knowledge on the innovative means of plumbing. To provide security and safety of the services, the 5 Star Plumbing employees are background/medically checked on a regular basis. Besides, to heed the regulations concerning the prevention of the novel coronavirus spread, the professionals of the 5 Star company wear masks and gloves and follow the rules of sanitizing and ventilating during the entire work process. Such steps ensure safety both for the plumbers and the customers.

The year has brought the 5 Star Plumbing company to a new level. At the core of the company’s successes is the professionalism they show in all stages of their servicing: their employees are up-to-date with the latest technologies, and the company offers reasonable prices. The efforts the establishment and employees of the 5 Star Plumbing have taken so far—and are to take—will pave the path to more significant results for the company in the future.

The official page of 5 Star has a lot to offer, too: from the option of online consultation to the engaging blog about the peculiarities of the plumbing industry and the area of the company’s servicing— Sacramento. There is also an FAQ section with insightful answers to the most relevant questions. Visitors on the site can learn about the latest plumbing technologies and trends. You can schedule your consultation with the 5 Star Plumbing online or visit their office at 4616 Roseville Rd #109, North Highlands, CA 95660. Contractors state license number: 1038276.

Sacramento Experiences
23 Nov, 2020

Sacramento Experiences

Sacramento is a city in the heart of California. The comfortable climate with warm winters and long hot summers welcomes tourists and is pleasant for many plants to grow, including even grapes. This creates positive conditions for several wineries, some of which are open for tours and degustations.

As Sacramento stands on two rivers and has numerous parks, it is an excellent place for walking, playing golf, and going in for all kinds of outdoor sports and activities.

Sacramento is a place with a notable history. First, Native American tribes inhabited it. Then, European immigrants settled. The state is most famous for the Gold Rush times when the mining started there, and crowds of adventurers arrived with a desire to become rich. Now you can familiarize yourself with its history by visiting museums and other historic landmarks, which the city has in abundance. Read More

How to Spend a Day in Sacramento
16 Nov, 2020

How to Spend a Day in Sacramento

Sacramento has a tremendous historical and cultural background, which led it

to become the capital of the state.

California begins here, as a famous local saying claims. The first city joined the State of wasCalifornia, Sacramento. Initially, Native Americans inhabited the area for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived here at the edge of the 1900s.

In the middle of the century, it became the place of accumulation of gold miners from all over the country, seduced by the California Gold Rush. It obtained the name New Helvetia in1839. People commonly call it Sactown, Big Tomato, the River City, and the City of Trees. Another exciting fact making Sacramento stand out is the abundance of greenery. As a matter of fact, only Paris in France outnumbers Sacramento in terms of trees in the city. Read More

Places to Visit in Sacramento
09 Nov, 2020

Places to Visit in Sacramento

Some tourists think that Sacramento is a farming town, not a capital of California culture and history. Being the capital of California, Sacramento is a well-developed city where you can relax, learn new things, visit museums, do active sports, explore the history of agriculture, and eat plenty of farm-made products. Visit this city and see for yourself, and we will tell you which places you should visit.

Sacramento Zoo

A visit to the zoo is a great option to spend an unforgettable day with family or friends. The Sacramento Zoo has over 150 animal species and can house more than 500 persons. You can see lions, zebras, alligators, and other reptiles, flamingos and other birds, and several kinds of fish and otters. The zoo regularly hosts “Evening at the Zoo”; you can learn about the animals’ evening routine at this event. Read More

Top 10 Sewer Line Clog Reasons and How to Perform Cleanup
02 Nov, 2020

Top 10 Sewer Line Clog Reasons and How to Perform Cleanup

A sewer line serves to bring wastewater away from your household on the outside into the main municipal line. Disposal of waste and wastewater is a crucial measure carried out by sewer lines. Most of the time, they function without any severe problems, and homeowners don’t pay much attention to their work.

Nevertheless, the flawless performance of a sewer line can be interrupted by various issues, causing severe inconvenience and, at times, harming the property and health of its residents. Back up is one of the most typical troubles occurring with sewer lines due to clogs and blockages. The event is no pleasure at all, and it requires urgent measures taking.

This article aims to reveal the main reasons for issues concerning sewer lines, preventive measures homeowners need to take to safeguard themselves from considerable troubles, and various methods to handle them.  Read More

Visiting Sacramento
26 Oct, 2020

Visiting Sacramento

Sacramento is the capital of the state of California, a large, developed, and hot city. But many tourists mistakenly believe that there is nothing to do here other than farming and walking in the parks. Sacramento is indeed a green city with a lot of green spaces, parks, squares, recreation areas, and farms, but that’s not all. The city also has a large number of museums with unique collections of exhibits, restaurants for all tastes and places for active sports.

California is one of the most popular states for vacation and leisure travel. But most often from the Californian cities, they choose San Francisco, overlooking Sacramento. Thus, many tourists and holidaymakers visit the same places every year, which can make their vacation boring and monotonous. Read More

Italian Restaurants in Sacramento You Need to Visit
19 Oct, 2020

Italian Restaurants in Sacramento You Need to Visit

Italian Restaurants in Sacramento 

Italian restaurants have always been famous for their abundant selection of dishes and unique flavor combinations. Italian restaurants in Sacramento are no exception. Traditional, modern technology and carefully selected ingredients are closely linked here. Italian chefs try to make their meals as healthy as possible by adding lots of vegetables, fiber, and healthy carbs. For pasta preparation, for example, try to use durum wheat flour and add bran. Also, sugar is practically not used in Italian cuisine, except for what is found in vegetables and fruits. Well, in desserts, and main dishes, it is customary to add a lot of nuts and dried fruits saturated with healthy fats and protein. Read More

Top-10 Most Common Plumbing Problems
12 Oct, 2020

Top-10 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Problems with plumbing are inevitable and can arise at the most inappropriate time. While some of them are simple to eradicate, others can entail serious shortcomings and require sophisticated measures. Once you are a knowledgeable homeowner and can fix the issues yourself, it can help save up substantially.

There exists a broad spectrum of plumbing problems. Big and small, they demand attention, fast repairs or renovation, and investment. With time and without proper attendance, some minor issues may turn into real disasters.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of plumbing calamities to raise your awareness of the subject and prepare for them. Now, we list out ten most frequently arising issues and possible ways to solve them. See for yourself if you can fix them alone or need professional assistance. Read More

American Restaurants In Sacramento
05 Oct, 2020

American Restaurants In Sacramento

American cuisine has reflected patterns of various national cooking patterns, from those belonging to Native Americans to Oriental styles, Indian treats, and European traditions.

If you live in Sacramento or are passing through here, you must be interested in where to eat deliciously. There are more than enough such places in the state capital. Today we will tell you about the places where you can eat delicious food and hold an event,  those places that you can visit not only for cooking but also for the atmosphere. Read More