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donald w.
donald w.
12:46 30 Sep 23
Expensive: Plugged kitchen sink: $280.00 estimate on arrival. Its a 20-30 minute job based upon numerous past episodes w same sink. I declined. If a...
Victoria C.
Victoria C.
14:23 16 Sep 23
For my budget, a little pricey for a service call. I found out that anytime a 5Star Tech comes out you are obligated to pay the cost of a service fee...
Bernie G.
Bernie G.
09:40 02 Sep 23
First I had Adam come in an take a look at my house and he made some recommendations. Very professional...Then a week later, after have my fridge...
Michael L.
Michael L.
18:05 12 Aug 23
I had a Kitchen Sink backup on a weekend. Called 5 Star because they take appointments 24/7. I was able to get a same day appointment (only a couple hour...
Joshua N.
Joshua N.
20:29 02 Aug 23
Plumbing problems typically stink to begin with, particularly when they're not yours!My wife's grandma woke up to a flooded garage thanks to her washing...
Amrit S.
Amrit S.
15:24 20 Jul 23
Had a leak underneath the kitchen sink at one of my rental properties. Called 5 star plumbing very late in the day to get repairs done. Eze Om performed...
Richard K.
Richard K.
13:26 18 Jul 23
Eze came and after I explained the situation with the plumbing. He looked over the area questioned and then explained the possible problems. Unfortunately...
Ismael P.
Ismael P.
00:18 18 Jul 23
My kid threw a toy at our toilet and flushed it. I tried a plunger to unclogged it with no avail. I searched via yelp to look for a plummer. I had chosen...
Roberto G.
Roberto G.
12:16 16 Jul 23
5 Star responded quickly and set up the appointment next day. Eze was early to the appointment, diagnosed the problem with our hot water pressure and was...
S B.
S B.
19:23 11 Jul 23
I cannot recommend themI needed a toilet to be fixed...he said he fixed it..nope still leaking I called right after he left, no answer. Told me he wanted...
Patty N.
Patty N.
14:09 07 Jul 23
I called 5 Star on a Saturday because I had a faucet which would not stop running. Someone came that afternoon PPand said he could not stop the leaking...
Austin P.
Austin P.
18:39 16 Jun 23
We discovered Our bathroom floor tile and base board was wet on a Friday at noon. 5 star responded the same day and fixed everything!! Didn't have to go all...
William K.
William K.
12:32 04 Jun 23
We needed a garbage disposal to be replaced. Amir the technician showed up on time and did a remarkable job replacing the disposable. He was very...
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
15:26 30 May 23
I had an issue with my sink not draining . The first company to get back to me within minutes was 5 Star Plumbing. I had Amir show up within 24 hours at the...
Hazel V.
Hazel V.
08:17 30 May 23
Had an issue with our toilet and tub yesterday'! It was also a holiday 🙁 Put in a ticket with our home warranty insurance company. They assigned us a...
Robert I.
Robert I.
13:32 20 May 23
Same day service from Peter. Came on time and showed me how to fix problem. Very professionally done.
Deana D.
Deana D.
15:24 17 May 23
Peter was the best! Great service! Showed up on time. Unclogged drain fast. Would recommend to anyone local to Rocklin
Kate D.
Kate D.
14:49 18 Apr 23
Just had our business serviced by 5 star Plumbing today. They were very quick to respond and was able to send out a service guy right away. Our service guy...
Adriel H.
Adriel H.
20:33 15 Apr 23
Naming the business '5 Star Plumbing' worked well for these hard-working gentlemen, because they have genuinely earned the 5 star title, and every 5 star...
Cheryl W.
Cheryl W.
20:39 26 Mar 23
My under sink leak was handled by Oleg. He was very polite and professional. He replaced the faucet the next day with one I purchased.The original visit...
Jon M.
Jon M.
11:16 12 Mar 23
I had problems with a couple toilets and went back to 5Star, which had previously replaced a different piece for me.They scheduled an appointment within a...
Richard M.
Richard M.
13:47 09 Mar 23
Needed my hot water tank replaced. Had the home warranty company send out their contractor but I was not impressed. I'm so glad I looked around for more...
Joshua ..
Joshua ..
07:59 18 Feb 23
We found water heater(WH) leaking early yesterday morning. I did a simple diagnose and thought we need a replacement of this 20+-yr WH. After a couple...
Terren B.
Terren B.
12:17 04 Feb 23
It's always a rough time when you have to call the plumbing company, that is unless it is five-star plumbing. Best experience I've ever had with a plumbing...
Jessica A.
Jessica A.
13:24 23 Jan 23
We've called on 5 Star several times and each experience has been positive + reasonably priced. Most recently, Eze fixed our water pressure problem quickly...
5 Star Plumbing | Plumbers in Rancho Cordova, CA

Are you a homeowner in Rancho Cordova facing problems with your plumbing system? A surprise clog or leak, combined with low water pressure, can make anyone’s day miserable. That is why you can always rely on us, even if you call us during an emergency.

At our company, we provide all kinds of plumbing services in Rancho Cordova, CA. We’re always investing in the training and development of our experienced specialists. You can rely on us: just check out our Yelp, Google, or Facebook.

Benefits of hiring 5 Star Plumbing

  • You get a lifetime warranty
  • Our specialists are always on time to do a job
  • The price for services will not break you
  • You get the recommendations to avoid plumbing problems in the future
  • You get a free estimate

Bathroom plumbing in Rancho Cordova

5 Star Plumbing provides prompt service no matter how big or small the job may be. We work hard to make sure that your needs are met. We can replace piping, install new fixtures, repair a running toilet, and more. Our licensed Rancho Cordova plumbers are experienced and always deliver high-quality work promptly and within your budget. We’ll take care of your bathroom like it’s our own.

Bathroom plumbing in Rancho Cordova you can rely on:

  • Easy and reliable scheduling
  • FREE Estimates for competitive pricing
  • Protect your investment by working with professionals

Water heater installation in Rancho Cordova

Don’t risk installing a water heater on your own. Call our professionals if you need installation in the best way possible. We have over 10 years’ worth of experience and can tackle any type of situation, so you can always rely on us! We will ensure it’s done correctly, and that you have years of hot water ahead.

The water heater installation in Rancho Cordova is done right

  • Hassle-free same-day service
  • Fast and quality workmanship
  • Invest in professional water heater installation

Kitchen plumbing in Rancho Cordova, CA

Whether you need to replace an aging faucet, repair a leaking sink or fix that pesky dishwasher, our specialists will take care of it. Regardless of the plumbing problem, you’re facing or if there is no plumbing system in your new build, we will be there to take care of the process from the beginning to the end. Our plumbers in Rancho Cordova are qualified and know what they’re doing.

Replace or repair your kitchen’s plumbing with us

  • Accurate and free estimates
  • Quality installation of sinks, faucets, dishwashers, and more
  • Professional home plumbing service

Relocating Your Plumbing in Rancho Cordova

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, you may envision the toilet, sink, or shower in a different spot can. We are professionals in relocating your plumbing system to create your dream bath or kitchen.

If you are in need of a professional plumber, we would like to give you a free quote for the plumbing relocation. We’ll help you every step of the way, from beginning to end. You’ll always receive top-quality service from 5 Star Plumbing.

Relocating your plumbing system expertly

  • Professional & experienced plumbers
  • Fair and honest pricing
  • Reliable workmanship

Tankless water heater services in Rancho Cordova you can count on

When you urgently need to install a tankless water heater in your home, depend on us for reputable work and an excellent price. 5 Star Plumbing has been serving the Rancho Cordova area since 2012 and has earned a reputation of trust among homeowners.

Tankless water heater plumbers in Rancho Cordova you can count on

  • Boned, insured & licensed
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional services

Garbage disposal installation in Rancho Cordova, CA

People who have garbage disposals rely on them heavily to take care of tough jobs, keeping the main drain running smoothly and effortlessly. When your disposal is clogged, it can disrupt the flow of the kitchen. That’s where our Rancho Cordova plumbers come in. When you need repairs or a disposal replacement, trust us to be there for you day or night

Your kitchen sink is one of the most instrumental parts of your home’s plumbing system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to prepare food or do the dishes. So, when your disposal stops working properly or you want to replace it, we can fix that for you. For all of your plumbing needs, give us a call.

Garbage disposal installation with 5 Star Plumbing

  • Fast and convenient garbage disposal Installation
  • Same-day service when you expect it
  • Absolutely FREE estimates and professional service

Toilet repair and replacement services from licensed Rancho Cordova plumbers

A new high-efficiency toilet can save you $2,000 on your water bill over its lifespan. With a quick install completed by your trusted 5 Star plumbing experts, you can start saving money in the nearest future.

Contact us a call and we’ll set up a time to come out and get you a free price quote on your fixture installation. Let us go over your options and find a plan that works for you. If you’re in need of a plumber in Rancho Cordova, we will get the job done right. When you head over to our website right now and request a quote for your toilet, we can take care of all the important stuff – like routing water lines, sealing the new unit, and ensuring your work lasts. Not only that, but you’ll be saving a lot of hassle!

Replace your toilet with a more efficient model

  • Easy & reliable scheduling
  • Absolutely FREE estimates
  • Quality workmanship

Your one-stop for all plumbing services in Rancho Cordova 

You can count on us to fix that plumbing problem you’ve been experiencing. No one is better qualified for repairing your plumbing problems than us. You deserve our professional care and expertise in getting things sorted out.

Benefits of using our plumbing services in Rancho Cordova:

  • We can handle any plumbing issue
  • All work will be performed by licensed, bonded, and certified professionals.
  • We have all kinds of necessary insurance


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    About Rancho Cordova, California

    It is a fairly large but cozy city with a population of 65,000. This is a city in which you can get a lot of impressions and pleasant memories, walking and driving around its picturesque landscapes and enjoying the city life with prolific kinds of entertainment to fit any taste and budget.

    At Rancho Cordova, there are many sports options to keep you busy. Rafting, kayaking, fishing – all this can be done here. Moreover, the city may be of interest to fans of American history.

    Despite the fact that this is a rather large city, the atmosphere of a small, cozy city reigns here.

    Here you can get a quality education because the city has several schools and colleges, as well as a variety of sports clubs. For shopaholics, the city provides a large selection of shopping spots, cafes, and restaurants.

    And most importantly, Rancho Cordova is one of the safest places to live in the United States, statistics prove.

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