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  • Reliable, certified, and innovative professionals are our primary resources.
  • The cost will depend on your estimate only. We do not charge extra.
  • You can be assured that our employees are checked for drugs, and their past and record are trustworthy. 

Doing all the repairs on your call’s day, our 5 Star experienced crew is efficient and leaves no garbage behind.

Residents of Cameron Park have entrusted us with their plumbing issues for several years now, and their reviews convey a pleasant experience. Not only do we work with home-owners, but businesses can also get top-class service at an inviting rate.

We are capable of neatly installing a toilet, swiftly replacing a bathtub; our professional plumbers can handle the full remodeling of your features and restoration of any piece of plumbing equipment.

We utilize materials and tools from the world’s top manufacturers without compromising our services’ availability so that your budget requirements could be perfectly met.

What we Offer to Our Clients

Contact us to receive relevant advice from top-rated premier Sacramento plumbers, calculate your estimate and order the service from 5 Star to keep either your household or business facility in appropriate condition and face piping-related is issues as fast and as professionally as possible.

We provide our high-grade services for all residents of Cameron Park wherever they are located. We work 24/7 for your convenience and quickly accessible in emergencies, which may arise anytime and any day. 


Have your water or electricity bills rising? Your wallpapers went dump and wet? Leakage has put your entire property in danger of deterioration? Contact our plumbers to calm down! They can face plumbing issues in Sacramento, California, of any severity.

The worn-off piping in-built in walls or foundation of your house can be a hard target to detect. All your water supply danger can be exposed to hazards without you even noticing it. Worry not, for our professional licensed technicians are at a one-call distance.

While the concrete foundations serve as a kind of barrier for dripping water in case of a leakage, your interior will suffer in some time if you do not have the problem fixed. You can get your baseboards corrupted, mold generated, wet spots occurring, and your carpeting ruined for good.

Therefore, it is crucial to prevent such outcomes by hiring a team of certified plumbers to have your premises checked and monitored, features repaired of the system entirely restored or replaced.

In some cases, the piping cracks in several places and demands full restoration. It is not exorbitantly costly with our team as it can get with time. Punctuality is key to stay away from such drastic aftereffects.


A water heater, be it a tanked one or a more advanced tankless model, is a must-have for any household or a business facility in the 21 century. At 5 Star, we have options to fit any taste and budget. We also provide you with an opportunity to convert your current gas water heater and electric ones on the same day you contact us. Boilers’ installation and repair are another major of our team. 

As time goes on, water-heating equipment wears off and needs either repairs or replacement. We provide advanced appliances of high efficiency.

The deficiency of hot water can be challenging. The correct servicing of water-heating components is yet another issue. Look out for strange noise, nasty odor, and leakages, even the slightest ones, to prevent serious negative outcomes. Boost up the water pressure and identify any small deviation in the work of your equipment. Have it all done by our efficient and educated team of 5 Star firm? 


Living in Cameron Park, CA, and Experiencing sewer-related problems? Our team is capable of unclogging the uncloggable and repair appliances seemingly beyond repair. Get yourself a modern sink with fancy faucets. Get them quickly and highly-professionally through the agency of our premier licensed plumbers. Clear the pipes off the debris and other byproducts, and make your sewage framework look brand-new, or have it completely renovated!

A no-hassle approach implemented by our professionals is pride-worthy and highly appreciated by the residents of Cameron Park, California. No hesitation, give us a buzz today!


Our plumbing enterprise of Cameron Park, CA, thinks about the quality of our plumbing service, and that is why we are looking for the most qualified people to hire them in our best team of plumbers in Cameron Park. As a result, we have a lot of happy clients who appreciate our plumbing job. According to customer reviews you can find on the most popular online platforms, our Cameron Park plumbing company has a high rating among our old and current clients. Thus, the rating that people give to our services in Google maps is 4.9 out of 5, which is an outstanding result.  Besides, on Yelp, this rating is about 4.5 out of 5, and on Facebook 4.9 out of 5. In general, these reviews are very positive, and people are satisfied with our plumbing pros and our services. You can check these statistics by visiting any of these websites and read all of these comments left by people who faced plumbing issues in their homes. We understand that you want to be sure about our workers’ reliability, so check everything before contacting our technicians’ services. Also, you can find out any important information directly from our specialists by contacting us on the phone or sending an email to our email address.

Besides, our plumbing company has many certificates confirming the quality of our service. Feel free to visit our official website to check the Cameron Park plumber team’s certificates and a current license. In particular, you can find there the Constructors State License Board, BBB accreditation certificate, certificate of liability insurance, and other documents essential documents you might be interested in. Besides, the site contains a lot of other important information and also a FAQs section, where you can find many useful details about our company and read answers to the most frequently asked questions. This is a nice way to find out what distinguishes our plumbing company from other plumbing companies in Cameron Park, CA.

Moreover, we have rich experience in Cameron Park CA plumping service, so our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us via phone call, email, or visit our official site to check everything you might be interested in, and ensure that we have all kinds of necessary insurance and service.


We always strive for development. That is why we hire only those experts who have rich plumbing experience. Besides, all of our plumbers are drug screened and background checked for your safety, and, of course, they all have shown themselves as plumbing service experts and have passed our regular training. We guarantee that our workers are the best and trustworthy plumbers in Cameron Park who can easily handle any plumbing issue you have and provide all plumbing services, including pipe replacement, leak detection, installation of water heaters, air conditioning and HVAC, maintenance installations, sewer lines cleaning, complete renovation of a plumbing system, and any other complex plumbing repair. Besides, you can be sure that we do not leave your area without finishing our job and solving your plumbing problems!

We care about the health and safety of our clients, so each of our Cameron Park plumber observes all protective measures and taking steps to ensure your safety during the Covid-19 period. We regularly sanitize our service trucks, tools, and other equipment; our plumbers disinfect their hands and wear a protective mask. If you worry about the mess in your home after the plumbing job, there is no problem at all! In fact, we clean all the dirt that may remain after the solving of your plumbing needs, and usually, our clients do not need to call cleaning services. Also, you can be sure that plumbers in Cameron Park always put on shoe covers before entering your home. Besides, we do not require your family to leave the house for the duration of our plumbing job.


Our plumbing company in Cameron Park provides different discounts for pensioners over 60 years old and veterans. Note that you were to be a resident of Cameron Park or the surrounding area to receive any type of plumbing repair services such as water heaters repair, installation, pipe replacement, or maintenance in your home with a 10 percent discount. Besides, you can get a special coupon for a 20% discount for any plumbing repair service in Cameron Park, CA area.

To learn more details about the promotions we offer, as well as other special offers and discounts provided by our company, you should visit our website or contact us by phone, and our operators will help you and satisfy your request.


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    Cameron Park, CA

    Cameron Park belongs to El Dorado County, California.

    It is situated in the North California Gold Country a little over a hundred kilometers away from South Lake Tahoe.

    This is a nice place to settle if you appreciate warm and sunny weather and moderate real estate prices. The population here is about 19 thousand people and the average lodging cost in Cameron Park equals 358 thousand dollars, which is 12% lower than throughout the rest of California.

    Cameron Park covers the area of about 30 square kilometers at approximately 400 meters above the sea level. Rain is a rare occasion in summer, it occurs mostly in wintertime.

    Originally the place was inhabited by Nisenan or Maidu Native American tribes. And its modern history did not start until the mid-twentieth century, the time when Larry Cameron acquired five thousand acres of land, initially to start a ranch, and subsequently to layout parks, make a golf course and build a modest airport.

    Later on, the land was sub-divided into separate ranches, single-family houses, blocks of flats, and so on.

    One of Cameron Park’s most intriguing sights is Cameron Park Lake. It is a ten-acre man-made lake offering a wide range of around water facilities, such as playgrounds, tennis courts, boats for rent, and of course a nice sandy beach. The lake is inhabited by waterfowl and turtles along with the fish brought to the lake by Community Services District. The lake also hosts several local annual festivals.

    Another curious thing in Cameron Park is plane hangars for personal airplanes that take their owners to work and back.

    In the middle of the nineteenth century, there was the Skinner Vineyard and Winery on the territory of present-day Cameron Park. The remnants of it can still be seen there, namely a part of the cellar, a small piece of the distillery wall, and the Skinner cemetery with only fragments of several headstones and fences left because of the vandals and the fact that nothing is permanent under the sun.

    Actually, it is not the only pioneer cemetery on the territory of Cameron Park, some others can also be found in the area.

    Cameron Park was famous for its restaurant and amusement complex called Sam’s Town, popular among people traveling to and from Lake Tahoe before it was destroyed in 2002.