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Jon M.
11:16 12 Mar 23
I had problems with a couple toilets and went back to 5Star, which had previously replaced a different piece for me.They scheduled an appointment within a...
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Richard M.
13:47 09 Mar 23
Needed my hot water tank replaced. Had the home warranty company send out their contractor but I was not impressed. I'm so glad I looked around for more...
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Joshua ..
07:59 18 Feb 23
We found water heater(WH) leaking early yesterday morning. I did a simple diagnose and thought we need a replacement of this 20+-yr WH. After a couple...
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Terren B.
12:17 04 Feb 23
It's always a rough time when you have to call the plumbing company, that is unless it is five-star plumbing. Best experience I've ever had with a plumbing...
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Jessica A.
13:24 23 Jan 23
We've called on 5 Star several times and each experience has been positive + reasonably priced. Most recently, Eze fixed our water pressure problem quickly...

Plumber Services in Antelope, CA


  • Professional plumbers licensed and trained.
  • Costs equal your estimate accurately, and we do everything in 1-day
  • Our employees are medically checked daily, and their background is sound. 

Our team of honest and professional technicians is always on guard for your plumbing safety in Antelope, CA. Whatever plumbing issue you may have, be it a clogged drain, leaking pipe or faucet, a bathroom renovation, or a need to replace any plumbing appliance, contact our team and get a plumber at your home the same day.

We carry out all kinds of plumbing maintenance, repair, or installation works in Antelope, CA. These include water heater maintenance, repair, installation; drain or sewer cleaning; total re-piping of a household; bathroom remodeling; bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, and faucet repair and installation; leakage fixing; garbage disposal, and many other services.

Plumbers in Antelope, CA, are absolutely reliable and skilled experts who use the best professional equipment and deal with the best brands producing various plumbing facilities. They are always fully equipped and ready to dash to your area as soon as you call for their assistance.

Our company offers all the possible plumbing services at affordable rates. Our prices are set and approved by the client before we start the job, so there is no need to be concerned about any supplemental payments that may arise throughout our further communication.

Quality Plumbing Services in Antelope, CA

Why call us? If you want fast and affordable salvation of your plumbing problem or issue, if you want to deal with highly professional, skilled, and fully equipped technicians, if you finally got around to remodeling your bathroom and want to discuss the possible options, or if you are considering the replacement of your water heater or any other plumbing appliance, and you want it fast, clean and easy, our experienced and reliable specialists will be glad to quickly appear at your place, discuss all the issues and do the job. Call us today to receive high-quality plumbing service and forget about problems with plumbing in your home.

Pipe leak repair

Spotted water leakage at your place? No need to wait until it turns into a disaster. Call us now!

Leaking water may be really damaging. Without being duly handled, it can ruin a lot on its way. Wet stains on the wallpaper, plaster crumbling from the ceiling, swelling floor, all these things would be fraught with a big and unplanned home renovation. Unless you timely address our specialists.

They will quickly appear at your place, safely determine the leakage source, and surely tackle the problem unless the pipes are worn out. Then they will re-pipe your home.

Water heater

Is no hot water available at your place? Your water heater is out of order, or you need a new one? Do not worry, call us now!

Our technicians will take care of all the existing types of water heaters. They can repair, replace, or give a service to standard, tankless, solar, gas, or electric water heaters, whether commercial or residential. They will give you advice on every type of water heaters, their advantages or disadvantages, provide water heater repairs, and discuss the possible problems in exploitation. Water heater installation is one of the most popular Antelope plumbing services in our company, and that is why it will not take much time for specialists to perform it. Our Antelope plumbers will go to you and solve any issues connected with the water heater and the amount of hot water in your house right after your call.

So, no need to cool off! Our plumbers will bring back your hot water.

Residential Sewage Cleaning

The drain got clogged? The bathtub is full of wastewater? The plunger does not help?

Call our specialists, and they will immediately come and produce drain cleaning before it grows into a catastrophe.

You can only wonder what things can get inside the drain. Hair, grease, and pieces of food are the only obvious ones. If you know that there could be some subjects and substances in toilet or shower sewers, drain cleaning can become a regular procedure in your house. Besides, you will not need to spend a lot of money and time being residents or business entities to get service in Sacramento or Antelope, CA.

Quite often, the clogged drains and sewer lines need professional care. That is why our plumbers are always ready to tackle this problem as quickly as possible, performing the best work and technologies to unclog your drains.

Plumbers in Antelope, CA

Low Prices for High-Quality Services

Plumber Antelope CA provides you plumbing emergency services connected with any type of sanitary equipment and for the lowest prices in Antelope, CA. One phone call can help you eliminate a plumbing problem that was unbearable for you for many years.

There is no reason to endure leakages, unpleasant small, absence of hot water, and other plumbing issues because there is a great opportunity to solve them with the help of our top plumbers in Antelope, CA.

Do you know that your sanitary equipment, water quality, and toilet work can deteriorate over the years? That is why you should check the correctness of their work regularly, and Plumber Antelope CA can help you with this. You can always call us, and our experts will answer you, so you will repair some small defects by yourself. If the problem requires a specialist’s solution, we will send you a plumber who will fix leakages or other problems.

You should not wait for apocalypses in your kitchen or bathroom because it is easier to repair sanitary in advance. However, if you need an urgent faucet repair or maintenance of a toilet or water heaters, our plumbing emergency service is always available for you.

Hire professional plumbers in Antelope

Do not hesitate to call us because Plumber Antelope CA has huge plumbing services and performs any kind of plumbing repairs. Here are the reasons for doing it enlisted below:

  1. If it is difficult for you to find a reliable Antelope plumber among all Antelope plumbing companies, we recommend you request our organization. We have a lot of satisfied customers and no negative reviews because we hire only high-quality plumbers. Every person in Plumber Antelope, CA, has a license confirming their proficiency, background check, and reliable reputation. Experts will come in clean clothes with all necessary instruments and will take shoe covers to keep your house as pure as it was before their visit.
  2. The main reason to get a quality service from plumbers in Antelope, CA, is that you can always be confident in the high level of maintenance and reasonable pricing. We offer you free estimates of any service you need to have and do not add extra payments to your bill.
  3. If you have had an experience of overvalued services from other plumbing companies, you can be sure that this situation will not repeat in Antelope plumbing because we focus on customer satisfaction. A plumber from our company will investigate issues in your equipment, figure out the problem, and inform you about up-front pricing. After that, you can accept or reject our plumbing service based on the given information and be sure that the total cost will not surprise you.
  4. You can represent both businesses or residents — Antelope CA services are available for everyone in Sacramento. You just need to trust equipment in your homes or business, and we will make all that is possible to save your money and provide qualified service. Besides, members of Antelope Plumbing are experts not only in repairing simple facilities but also modern devices. We will adapt our technology of maintenance for your particular project. Our customers from Sacramento are always satisfied with the estimate and plumbing service they received.


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    Antelope, CA

    Antelope is a green and quiet place in the middle of California. Though it is situated pretty close to big cities like vibrant San Francisco with a rich culture and busy life, Antelope is a small and peaceful area with a lot of parks, fresh air and warm weather, which makes it a nice and comfortable place of residence for families and elderly people.

    Ten years ago its population counted 45 thousand people per 7 square miles, but since then it has notably increased, having raised the real estate costs. Now there are about 6,7 people per square mile, mostly white. Approximately 50% have children.

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, the place had less than a thousand inhabitants. They were mainly people, working at the railroad, and some shop owners with their families.

    In 1973 the town was blown down by an explosion of a train that carried bombs.

    Ten years after the accident it was decided that Antelope should become a community, so a great construction started. Now it is a nicely planned community with a practically new residence.

    As Antelope is a place, popular with the families, it has a comfortable and convenient environment for raising children. This is reflected in the number of schools and the quality of education. Among 56 public schools, there are such acknowledged ones as Antelope High School, El Camino Fundamental High School, Center High School, and finally Heritage Peak Charter School, which can boast high levels of education.

    Antelope has two beautiful churches open every day, they are Saint Andrews Episcopal Church and Antelope Road Christian Fellowship Church.

    Being a green city with numerous parks, Antelope serves as an excellent location for playing golf. Its two major golf spots are Greens Golf Course and Lawrence Links Golf Course. Besides golf, various outdoor physical activities that can be practiced in the parks are popular among the residents. They include walking, jogging, aerobics, yoga, etc. A big and beautiful Antelope Community Park, also called the Park of Dreams, perfectly matches these demands, as well as Northbrook Park which can be difficult to find because of its location.

    Teetotum Park and Pokelma Park, for instance, have tennis and volleyball courts. In Lone Oak Park baseball and soccer fields can be found. And in Firestone Park, there is a multipurpose field along with basketball and baseball courts.