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Leaking faucets can lead to hundreds of dollars dripped away. Do not be overwhelmed when you get enormous bills for the water in case of dripping kitchen or bathroom faucets. They can result in more than 200 gallons wasted monthly! The statistics looks daunting, doesn’t it? We offer the best solution to your financial problems. Our team will easily replace bathroom faucets or install kitchen faucets in case of necessity.

Cut down on waste and hire professional plumbers at the most reasonable price. We will detect all leaking faucets that can result in bigger problems in future unless they are fixed or replaced on time. We have all necessary equipment to deliver full-scale services on a 24-hour basis. 


Here are some signs that you urgently need a plumber to have your faucets replaced or fixed:

  • the spout is dripping or leaking; 
  • the faucet handle is dripping or leaking;
  • you hear strange sounds made by faucet;
  • you need to pull harder to turn the faucet handle.

If you notice any of those mentioned above, it is high time for a bathtub faucet replacement. Our plumbers can:

  • replace kitchen faucet;
  • replace shower faucet;
  • replace bathtub faucet.

We offer a broad range of services. Every customer can afford them despite the budget. Some homeowners underestimate the importance of a high-quality installation and replacement process and try to change the faucets by themselves. The slightest mistake can lead to inevitable consequences.

The best bet is to hire professional technicians with a good reputation. Our team has proved to be a great option all around Sacramento, California. We are a well-established company in the borough. Our experts use specialized equipment, drain cameras to detect the source of the problem, and advanced equipment to deal with the installation process.


We have tremendous experience in the plumbing industry. Our experts know for sure when it is time to replace your faucets. The service includes the following steps:

  • Replacement or initial installation of the new faucet.
  • The WDS connection.
  • Water supply lines initial installation or replacement.
  • Shut-off valves, gasket and cartridge replacement or initial installation.
  • We are testing to ensure 100% proper water line performance.
  • We remove every defected faucet and other plumbing fixtures.

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