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Best Ice & Roller Skating Spots in Sacramento

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The state of California is often associated with beaches, water parks, and amusement parks. However, what if you want something more unusual? In this case, we are pleased to offer you a list of the best places for skating and roller skating. These activities are an excellent alternative for those who are tired of beach holidays. 

Keep reading our article to find out where it is best to go skating or roller skating.

1. Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink

The Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink is perhaps the most famous and one of the oldest ice rinks in Sacramento. Fortunately, despite the pandemic, the skating rink welcomes visitors again this year. This skating rink is located in the most central and lively district of the city, so you do not have to drive to it for a long time. Moreover, there are many cafes and interesting places in this area that you can visit. 

The Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink is suitable both for those who skate professionally and for those who have never skated before. Special events are often organized here, including the ones suitable for children. However, due to this, the opening hours of the skating rink may change, so do not forget to check the schedule on the website in advance. 

In addition, remember that this is an outdoor skating rink, so you need to dress warmly enough and be sure to bring warm socks with you. 

This is quite a popular place, so if you want to get to the skating rink faster and not waste time waiting, we will advise you to make a group booking for the whole family or a group of friends.

2. The Rink

The Rink is the most popular and coolest place for roller skating. You can come rollerblading with friends or family and enjoy an incendiary playlist and colorful lights that create an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

One of the best special offers is a children’s birthday party package. The price starts from $105. For this sum, you get the rent of a private room for the duration of the celebration, food, preparation and cleaning of the room, decoration of the room, and the necessary paper supplies. Such a celebration can be organized if you are going to invite at least 10 guests.

In addition, there is an arcade center, which makes this place great for a weekend or a children’s party.

3. Skatetown Ice Arena 

The Skate town Ice Arena hosts a wide variety of training sessions and activities for visitors of all ages. We recommend that you try: 

Ordinary ice skating. This type of visit is suitable for skaters who are over 18 years old, do not need additional instruction, and just want to enjoy ice skating with family members or friends; 

Freestyle sessions. These skating sessions are organized specifically for advanced figure skaters who have been practicing for more than a year. Here skaters can practice complex movements and jumps without interfering with visitors who are just learning to ice skate; 

Practical sessions. Skating sessions are often organized at the rink for those who are engaged in figure skating with coaches during private lessons. Thus, skaters who take figure skating lessons at the Skatetown Ice Arena get the privilege of practical sessions.

The Skatetown Ice Arena features an amazing organization of skating sessions for the whole family. You can enjoy a laser show and great music while skating. Moreover, you can offer your favorite songs if you want them to be played. 

Please note that pre-online registration for all skating sessions is mandatory! In addition, you can organize your own event here to please yourself or your children.

4. Roller King Skating And Blading

This roller skating center is positioned as a center created to maintain the activity and health of residents and guests of Sacramento. Created back in 1977, this center is one of the most popular places for public events in Sacramento. Not only birthday parties or corporate parties are common. In addition, physical education classes and even dance sessions are sometimes held here! 

By visiting the Roller King website, you can learn how to organize a birthday party. The most popular option will cost you $229. By paying this amount, you will not only be able to rent roller skates and ride but also enjoy pizza, ice cream, and unlimited drinks included in the price! 

Moreover, roller skating lessons are constantly held here. For example, every Friday, anyone can learn speed skating, and on Saturdays, a master class is held for beginners of all ages. You pay for the lesson and for renting roller skates.

Be aware that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Roller King Center is not available for public visits; private parties are held on these days. A more detailed schedule can be found on the website.

5. Bayside Ice Rink 

Bayside Church organizes its own ice rink every year in the run-up to Christmas so that all residents of Sacramento can feel the spirit of Christmas and spend time with their loved ones. 

The most popular service of this skating rink is a regular skating session lasting one hour. You can also hold your own festive event here. If you want to invite a lot of relatives and friends to the rink, then we will recommend the Luxury Lodge Package. This is a service that includes not only visiting the skating rink and renting skates for ten people but also renting a lodge in which there is a fire to keep warm and make excellent s’mores. 

What is more, there is a light show that will definitely delight children and even adults. It is absolutely free and is held every day from 5:30 pm. 

There is a cafe near the skating rink where you can order hot drinks such as cocoa to warm up and have a snack.

Thus, there are actually a lot of different ice and roller skating places in Sacramento. Now you know the best places to spend an unusual and active weekend or an unforgettable party! Register online and buy tickets right now so that the next weekend will be incredibly great! Please yourself and your loved ones.

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