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Top-11 Haunted Places in Sacramento

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Sacramento happens to be one of the oldest cities in California state, with its history going back to 1850!

Because of such a long time of existence, this town has survived dozens of crises and wars, especially around the time of its foundation.

For the reasons described above, Sacramento is not the usual city with ghosts only in cemeteries; you can actually find a lot of haunted locations in this city that you would not even think of them as the ones being haunted, such as a Burger King cafeteria.

So now, let us talk about the top of the most interesting haunted locations that you can visit when traveling through Sacramento!

1. Old Tunnels: the Scariest one

Many people do not know that the current Sacramento was built above an old one, as high floods did not let the people of Sacramento stay in the previous version of this town.

Because of that, there are many tunnels located underground, which seem to be the scariest and most haunted locations in all of the town. Even a TV investigation took place by a TV show in these tunnels.

5 Star Plumbing | Top-11 Haunted Places in Sacramento

Here is what people had declared seeing or hearing there:

  • Sights of whole-bodied ghosts
  • Screaming sounds of people killed in there
  • Shades of human figures on the walls

Even the homeless people of Sacramento try to live far away from this place. And if you would like to go on an excursion in the tunnels, you can actually do that! 

There is a whole city tour of the most interesting haunted locations in Sacramento, old tunnels included. To be able to take it, please reach Sacramento History Museum.

2. Burger King’s Cafeteria: the Most Unusual one

The Burger King cafeteria located on Florin Road is one of the most visited places by people who are in need of a quick snack in the middle of the night, but by the end of their meal, they always understand that they got a little bit more from this place than they had expected.

The citizens think that this location is haunted due to the following story: one time, a man with a gun came to this restaurant and attacked and killed the manager before shooting himself. After that, it always seemed to the guests of the cafeteria like the battle had never ended, as the sounds of shooting with the shouting of people never stopped.

3. 50th Highway Exit From W Street: the Most Mysterious one

This place is considered to be haunted for a particular reason: there was a woman who was attempting to catch a car on this exit in the 1970s, but in return, she was killed.

The police had not been able to find out about the murderer, and for that reason, locals think that she cannot rest her spirit and continues to hitchhike on this road.

There were quite a lot of people who stopped at her hitchhiking request on this road, but they then understood that she was not real.

4. Paradise Beach: the Unexpected one

Despite the attractive name of this beach, local people never visit it and try to make other people also avoid it.

You may ask why, and we will tell you — many of the previous tourists of Paradise Beach have declared seeing a ghost of a sank man wandering from the water and going along the coastline and then returning back to the depth of the water reservoir.

It is believed that this man died in these waters by being drowned by someone else, which is why he doesn’t like it when other people try to visit the beach.

5. The Houses of the Sufferers from the Hands of ‘The Vampire of Sacramento’: the Bloodiest one

The story of these haunted locations is connected with a murderer Richard Chase, who was called by the locals as ‘ Vampire of Sacramento’. 

This man killed 6 people in their own houses in the 70s and got such an alias because he consumed the blood of his targets and ate their skin. All of this had happened within one month and, of course, drove the citizens of Sacramento crazy.

The new owners of these houses report that their living places are being haunted, as they hear constant replays of these events even now.

6. A Music Shop: the Strangest one

Located in a K Street Mall, there is a store of old records that are also considered to be haunted, and this time, by a woman clothed in a Victorian kind of style.

Witnesses say that she usually prefers to remain inside the cellar area of the shop, but there were a few times when she went up to the store to scare some of the noisiest clients.

No one knows why this lady prefers to stay in this store and why she is annoyed by loud people, but it is as it is.

7. Iceland Skating Rink: the Coldest one

In this skating rink, you can often hear spooky sounds of someone walking around the rink at night. 

Citizens of Sacramento believe that this place is haunted by the founder of this ice-skating rink Kerth, and they think that he still walks around the rink and verifies that everything is working fine and is capable of serving the guests on the next day.

8. Public Library of California: the Most Cultural one

Visitors together with workers of the library confirmed multiple times that they have seen a ghost of a man flying over the shelves of the library, browsing through books, and scaring anyone who dared to distract him.

The employees also said that they constantly hear the sounds of someone taking the books from the shelves and returning them back, even when no one else was in the library.

Some people think that this man is haunting the library because it is located above one of the old tunnels that link the town and the library to the Capitol.

9. Leland Stanford Mansion: the Most Sentimental one

This house is considered to be haunted by the son of Stanford, called Leland Junior. The Stanfords loved their only child very much, as it was very hard for the family of Stanfords to conceive one.

When Leland Junior was born, the family dedicated all of their time to him, and in fact, went on the journey with him to Europe, which was supposed to be a way of saying goodbye as the son would soon enter college. However, Leland Junior passed away because of Typhoid Fever that he has caught in Europe.

This event broke the souls and hearts of the family, and they would mourn for him all day long. It is at this time that Leland Junior’s spirit first visited his father and told him to dedicate all that love that he had for him to other Californian children. 

And this is exactly what Lelan Senior did: he bought the area in the city of Palo Alto that his son once really loved to visit and established a university there, naming it after his son.

10. Delta King Hotel: with the Most Loyal Ghost

In this location, you may hear some unusual sounds or see unexpected silhouettes, which are considered to be done by a male phantom that was a commander of a ship there but never departed from the place even after his own death.

The workers of Delta King Riverboat Hotel say that they have seen the chief on the balcony and watching the plays or hearing strange footstep sounds when there is absolutely no one walking on the deck.

11. Cemetery of Sacramento: the Classic one

Despite the fact that we have promised you to tell us about the most interesting and unusual places that are haunted, we could not forget about the classics — cemeteries. And according to the locals, there are a few interesting things that you can see here.

For example, you can see a little girl that plays near to her gravestone, a couple that dresses completely in black (imagine seeing them in the night, spooky right?), and a ghost of a pitbull that watches the visitors beyond the gates of the cemetery.

This is all that we can tell you about when it comes to Sacramento, and with this quite big list of places, we think that ghost-lovers will not get bored in this city!

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