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  • Super Plumbing Service of Exceptional Quality from 5 Star in Folsom.
  • Best plumbers with expertise, licensed and respectable.
  • Cost estimation of the work required first, then we proceed.
  • Substance abuse examination and personal record checks for technicians for your safety.

Do you still doubt that plumbing experts and affordable price tags are compatible together? The truth is, both exist, and both are just at your service in Folsom, CA.

No plumbing job is unbearable for 5 Star’s expert plumbers. We can deal with any issue. The company provides exterior and interior plumbing services. It covers all work range we do, such as maintenance, installation, or complete pipeline renovation. Call us on any critical water case in your house as our technicians within reach for 24 hours no matter what your Folsom CA location is.

5 Star offers competent specialists to cope with any plumbing issue; nothing we can’t handle! Our services include leak detection, gas, and electric plumbing, drainage cleaning, water heater installation and service, bathroom remodel, etc. Don’t stuff up your head with all Sacramento plumbing nuances, as our technicians are professional and licensed.


Our plumbers are 100% experts with all the necessary accreditation certificates and a large professional background dealing with any water system and familiar with all brands. Our plumbers in Folsom, CA, have over 10 and more years of experience working in the plumbing business. All are licensed, bonded, and insured, which means whatever your plumbing issues are – from the common sewer line or drain clogs in the pipes to more complex problems like total pipe repairing – they will be fixed. Besides, our plumber team is capable of performing the most complex plumbing jobs like system remodeling and reroute jobs. All our plumbers pass the drug screening and background checks before heeding the clients’ call for your additional safety and comfort.

When working at your home or apartment, our technicians always wear protective shoe covers, lay all the equipment on special drop cloths, do the final cleaning after the work is done, and follow the general protocol. Besides, our plumbers are already equipped with all the necessary tools, materials, and gear to provide high-quality and secure service.

Moreover, our company is known to gain top positions in search engine results, and you can find the actual ratings and fair customers’ reviews on each of our plumbers on our official site, on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Our company supports our customers’ open feedback and has a great number of satisfied reviews and plumbers’ ratings in FolsomCA 95630 and nearby areas.

Regarding the current situation with our troubling times and the COVID-19, each plumber going to the call is obliged to follow the additional multi-step COVID-19 technician safety protocol.


All the types of service we provide, with the exception of drain cleaning and water jet blasting, are covered by a 1-year artistry warranty unless otherwise specified in the agreement with the client. Our work is based on a full client satisfaction guarantee starting from the design we provide to the utensils we use. The drain cleaning is guaranteed for a month, and the Hydro-jet is guaranteed for 90 days or approximately 3 months. Keep in mind that certain peculiarities regarding the warranty for drain cleaning and water blasting do not apply if there are roots or damage in the sewer line. All equipment and materials supplied by 5 Star Plumbing are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The consumer is therefore accountable for providing the manufacturer’s warranty documents. Still, the warranty provided by our company can be considered void if the work or device performed or supplied by us has been misused, neglected or repaired, altered, or tampered with by anyone other than 5 Star Plumbing. We are not accountable for the materials you provide by yourself and do not guarantee their suitability, nor are we responsible for any subsequent damage or malfunction.


Our company is based in Sacramento, California. However, if you do not know exactly whether your location is within our service area, we recommend calling our office at (916) 796-1233, and one of our staff members will provide the necessary information on this issue. Call us regardless of the time of day, and we would gladly answer our customers’ questions.


Another factor that leaves our customers fully satisfied is the lifetime warranty provided by our plumbers’ verified license services with no upfront payments required.

The technicians arrive quickly for inspection and give immediate advice. By scheduling an appointment with our plumbers, you get a thorough estimate upfront on short notice. The company estimates your water situation and examines the current and potential plumbing system problems. Only after that, you learn about the estimated project price – the approximate sum of the constituent costs and time needed before we start. Our clients never get a price tag before the site is seen and carefully examined. Therefore, you can trust our prompt service and performance. 

We provide a 10% non-cumulative discount for senior clients (with an exception of certain special offers). There is also a special 10% discount stipulated for veterans.

Among the accessible customers’ options provided by our company’s services, there are several payment methods, including credit cards, cash, and checks.

The basic starting price for a service call is $ 149 at the current discounted rate, and several minor repairs are already included in the cost of calling our service center.



Regardless of whether you represent an enterprise, part of business owners collective, or a California resident, our services are available for everyone here, and there are just two simple steps to fix your current plumbing issue. First, make a phone call to arrange the appointment with the help of our staff members, set the best date and time for a plumber to come and get the fully reliable service depending on what your plumbing problem is – our plumbing company is at your disposal 7 days a week 24 hours a day.


5 Star deals with any leak issues in the water supplying systems in Folsom, CA. Any pipe leakage in the concrete foundation of your house is our concern. The pipes can be damaged for many reasons; anyway, it affects your household negatively, increasing your bills for water supply, and later, your home demands complete renovation. Call 5 Star for our technicians to advise you immediately. They have the necessary equipment to locate the problem and do their maintenance job. Also, you may need a pipe replacement, whether it is old enough or damaged. Trust 5 Star’s professionals this tedious procedure and repipe your home.


The company provides a great choice of water heaters to fit any demands for hot water consumption and paying abilities. We work with gas, electric water heaters, tankless water heaters, and boilers. We offer all services concerning repairing, installation, replacing. If you need a building permit in Folsom, CA, the 5 Star can handle that too. The technicians can assist you with any solution, even supply additional items within the fast service option. Call 5 Star to find a suitable financing plan.

A rightly functioning water heater is a must-have in any household. Be it gas, electrical, a tanked, or a tankless one, we can handle installation, replacement, and full service for your water heater, and you will be grateful that we saved you from the hot water outage and risen electricity bills.


Drain cleaning is another service that 5 Star can do for you. In most cases, it’s enough to clean with liquid products. However, the issue might be harder than you think. In this case, call 5 Star. Our professionals assist you in this routine. Clogged floor drains, toilet stoppages, kitchen sink, etc. – give all of these to our team that helps to clean all the debris from your premises. 5 Star in Folsom ensures the vast range of palpable and affordable services. And it guarantees that any type of drain cleaning is within the scope of our specialists. Call us now!


Whether you face the more complex issues like the urgent need to remove or repair one or several pipes in your kitchen, basement, or bathroom, 5-Star Plumbing can get the things done quickly and smoothly, as well, by applying the most advanced technologies and utensils. Sewer pipes are often prone to crack or burst, and the estimated expenses to fix this problem are apparently higher compared to smaller plumbing chores. Our company carries out all sorts of repair work, including pipe bursting, relining, the replacement of various types of pipes, and many more tasks.


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    Folsom, CA

    Folsom belongs to Sacramento County, California. People easily recognize its place owing to the same-name Lake and Folsom Prison. The city is of moderate political views. It is renowned for its excellent educational programs and schools.

    Folsom can boast its great history. The name of the city came from a real person Joseph Libbey Folsom who settled down in his rancho in a town populated by gold miners. His railway to Sacramento advanced the city, bringing prosperity to it. In 1980, that railway was abandoned, but in 2005 it was resumed again.

    In Folsom summers are hot, and winters are cold. However, the weather pampers residents with sunny days, mostly (267). The temperature spans 39°F to 95°F.

    The population is different in Folsom. The ethnic proportion in unequal – the majority is Whites, then Asians, Hispanics, and Latinos, African Americans, followed by Native Americans in the minority. People prefer to spend time home with families, though young people are more prone to activities in the city.

    You can find three high schools and four middle schools, and one Folsom Lake College. And all of them provide excellent education of high standards.

    • Spider Jorgensen — baseball player.
    • Aspen Ladd — UFC fighter.
    • Brennan Poole — a NASCAR driver.

    You’ll be pleased to find a lot of entertainment places. For active leisure time, you’re welcome to Folsom Lake with facilities for fishing, boating, picnicking, and bicycling topped by a camp zone for 60 sites. For history, insights don’t forget to drop into the Prison Museum and then Sutter Street, which preserves the atmosphere of the past with places for shopping and dining. The Zoo is the right place if you want to see coyotes, bears, tigers, etc. And the Harris Center offers different shows, performances, and events.

    The city produces quite a favorable impression thanks to its friendly and supportive atmosphere, safety, and neatness. Retired people find it perfect for living as well as those who are tired of hectic megapolises. Various amenities give a feeling of living in the city, though Folsom lacks job opportunities. Folsom is known as the Best For Living, Best for Raising a Family Unit, Best for Young Adults to Pursue a Career in California.