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donald w.
donald w.
12:46 30 Sep 23
Expensive: Plugged kitchen sink: $280.00 estimate on arrival. Its a 20-30 minute job based upon numerous past episodes w same sink. I declined. If a...
Victoria C.
Victoria C.
14:23 16 Sep 23
For my budget, a little pricey for a service call. I found out that anytime a 5Star Tech comes out you are obligated to pay the cost of a service fee...
Bernie G.
Bernie G.
09:40 02 Sep 23
First I had Adam come in an take a look at my house and he made some recommendations. Very professional...Then a week later, after have my fridge...
Michael L.
Michael L.
18:05 12 Aug 23
I had a Kitchen Sink backup on a weekend. Called 5 Star because they take appointments 24/7. I was able to get a same day appointment (only a couple hour...
Joshua N.
Joshua N.
20:29 02 Aug 23
Plumbing problems typically stink to begin with, particularly when they're not yours!My wife's grandma woke up to a flooded garage thanks to her washing...
Amrit S.
Amrit S.
15:24 20 Jul 23
Had a leak underneath the kitchen sink at one of my rental properties. Called 5 star plumbing very late in the day to get repairs done. Eze Om performed...
Richard K.
Richard K.
13:26 18 Jul 23
Eze came and after I explained the situation with the plumbing. He looked over the area questioned and then explained the possible problems. Unfortunately...
Ismael P.
Ismael P.
00:18 18 Jul 23
My kid threw a toy at our toilet and flushed it. I tried a plunger to unclogged it with no avail. I searched via yelp to look for a plummer. I had chosen...
Roberto G.
Roberto G.
12:16 16 Jul 23
5 Star responded quickly and set up the appointment next day. Eze was early to the appointment, diagnosed the problem with our hot water pressure and was...
S B.
S B.
19:23 11 Jul 23
I cannot recommend themI needed a toilet to be fixed...he said he fixed it..nope still leaking I called right after he left, no answer. Told me he wanted...
Patty N.
Patty N.
14:09 07 Jul 23
I called 5 Star on a Saturday because I had a faucet which would not stop running. Someone came that afternoon PPand said he could not stop the leaking...
Austin P.
Austin P.
18:39 16 Jun 23
We discovered Our bathroom floor tile and base board was wet on a Friday at noon. 5 star responded the same day and fixed everything!! Didn't have to go all...
William K.
William K.
12:32 04 Jun 23
We needed a garbage disposal to be replaced. Amir the technician showed up on time and did a remarkable job replacing the disposable. He was very...
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
15:26 30 May 23
I had an issue with my sink not draining . The first company to get back to me within minutes was 5 Star Plumbing. I had Amir show up within 24 hours at the...
Hazel V.
Hazel V.
08:17 30 May 23
Had an issue with our toilet and tub yesterday'! It was also a holiday 🙁 Put in a ticket with our home warranty insurance company. They assigned us a...
Robert I.
Robert I.
13:32 20 May 23
Same day service from Peter. Came on time and showed me how to fix problem. Very professionally done.
Deana D.
Deana D.
15:24 17 May 23
Peter was the best! Great service! Showed up on time. Unclogged drain fast. Would recommend to anyone local to Rocklin
Kate D.
Kate D.
14:49 18 Apr 23
Just had our business serviced by 5 star Plumbing today. They were very quick to respond and was able to send out a service guy right away. Our service guy...
Adriel H.
Adriel H.
20:33 15 Apr 23
Naming the business '5 Star Plumbing' worked well for these hard-working gentlemen, because they have genuinely earned the 5 star title, and every 5 star...
Cheryl W.
Cheryl W.
20:39 26 Mar 23
My under sink leak was handled by Oleg. He was very polite and professional. He replaced the faucet the next day with one I purchased.The original visit...
Jon M.
Jon M.
11:16 12 Mar 23
I had problems with a couple toilets and went back to 5Star, which had previously replaced a different piece for me.They scheduled an appointment within a...
Richard M.
Richard M.
13:47 09 Mar 23
Needed my hot water tank replaced. Had the home warranty company send out their contractor but I was not impressed. I'm so glad I looked around for more...
Joshua ..
Joshua ..
07:59 18 Feb 23
We found water heater(WH) leaking early yesterday morning. I did a simple diagnose and thought we need a replacement of this 20+-yr WH. After a couple...
Terren B.
Terren B.
12:17 04 Feb 23
It's always a rough time when you have to call the plumbing company, that is unless it is five-star plumbing. Best experience I've ever had with a plumbing...
Jessica A.
Jessica A.
13:24 23 Jan 23
We've called on 5 Star several times and each experience has been positive + reasonably priced. Most recently, Eze fixed our water pressure problem quickly...
5 Star Plumbing | Plumber in Orangevale, CA


  • Certificated, trustworthy, experienced, reliable plumbers.
  • The price is in direct correlation with your estimate.
  • To keep you and your dears safe, our plumbers are drug-checked and background screened.

When you face different types of plumbing issues, it’s better to call the best Orangevale plumbers who can solve your problem in a short time. We guarantee that a plumber who will come into your home can easily handle different projects, including the issues with drain cleaning in the kitchen sink, tank water heaters, and pipe leak repairs, and many other problems our customers may face with. Besides,  we provide full Electrical and HVAC services at the same high level of quality. In fact, you can get all the work done on the day of the application. And the quality will be outstanding.

You can rely on our plumbers with all kinds of services, whether it is the installation of a bath, toilet, sink, or a complete replacement of the water supply system. We have the best plumbers in Orangevale, CA, with rich experience who uses the latest tools and materials to solve your plumbing issues. We can replace, repair, drain, or provide you with a new water heater of any type (gas, electric, conventional, tankless). You can contact us if you have any plumbing problems. We can identify and quickly repair leaks. If you have problems with the sewerage, call our plumbers. They will clear your sewers and quickly put your plumbing in order.

You will find out the price before the start of work, and it remains fixed until the end of the work. Therefore, you know exactly what and how much you will need to pay.

Each of our employees is tested for criminal history, drug or alcohol addiction. This is for your safety. After all, you must be sure who you are letting into your house.

Our warehouse on wheels and round-the-clock service ensures high mobility, availability, and speed of our service. We understand that a problem with a plumbing system can happen at any time of the day and in any part of the world. And the experience and professionalism of our plumbers allow us to complete most of the work on the same day. This will allow you to return to your normal course of life as quickly as possible.

Our team of specially trained Sacramento plumbers will come to you anywhere in Vineyard to diagnose and fix any problems. You can always count on fast and quality service at an affordable price.


Home leakages are widespread issues. However small they can be, the results can be dangerous in the long run and can affect the entire household’s efficiency. If you notice a wet spot on the ceiling, floor, or walls – call us immediately. We will help you fix this problem.

Most often, pipes are laid under walls or a concrete foundation, so it is not possible to notice a leak immediately. And to identify the exact place where the pipe has leaked is not an easy task. At first, the concrete foundation and walls act as a temporary barrier between water and your interior. But once the water starts seeping into rooms, it can cause serious damage to your property and health. Water can ruin wallpaper and carpets and cause dampness and mildew, which are very damaging to your health.

Our Orangevale plumbers can pinpoint the exact location of a leak using advanced equipment. And it will not be difficult for them to eliminate the leak in your plumbing system in the shortest possible time.

Also, we can make a full or segment repipe in your house depending on your desires. The time needed to implement this project varies depending on your pipes’ conditions, the size of your house, and the number of people making repairs. Sometimes it can take days, so be prepared for this scenario. However, you and your family don’t need to leave the house during work, so the is no need to worry about it. Your plumber can tell you how long your repiping will take when the water is shut off and other details after acquiring details about your home.

Repiping has many advantages for the homeowner, as the pipes’ quality affects the quality of the tap water in your house. If your pipes are covered with rust, it will negatively affect the taste and characteristics of the water you consume. Even though such repairs may take several days, the new pipes will significantly improve your life quality and serve you for many years. Besides, we provide a guarantee for most of our services, including piping.

Call us now to know the price!


Hot water is needed in every home, but sometimes problems arise with water heaters. The hot water pressure can become too weak, the hot water charge can build up, and leaks can occur. We work with all water heaters, including gas, electric, tankless, and tank water heaters. You can contact us to install, dry, or repair water heaters.

Over time, any water heaters have to be replaced with new ones. Our experts can deconstruct and drain your old water heater and install a new water heater. And you can choose a new water heater for any needs with us, and we work with the best sanitary brands. 


If the water is slowly leaving the bath, shower, sink, or you smell an unpleasant smell from the pipes – call us! It looks like your drain is clogged.

Pipes are clogged with food debris, hair, grease, and other debris. Our plumbers will help you to get rid of blockages in the sewer or drains at any time of the day. To solve the tiresome problems with sewers and ensure peace and tranquillity in your home, call us today! Our crew of premier plumbers will embark on the work immediately and do it fast and at an affordable price! Sewer cleaning may seem easy a task to perform; however, it is much safer to entrust it to our pros.


Orangevale, CA, is one of the most comfortable, calmest, and safest places in Sacramento. If you want to provide yourself and your family members with comfort and safety, then perhaps you should consider moving to Orangevale. This place has a huge number of beautiful parks, gardens, and greenery in general. When you are in Orangevale, you feel that you are as close to nature and its beauty as possible because wherever you look, there will be tall spreading trees and gardens with a variety of fragrant flowers.

This city is quite small, everyone knows each other, which means that it will be difficult for criminals to get into your house and rob you. That is because your neighbors will quickly notice that something is happening and someone is trying to break into your door. Thanks to this, Orangevale city is well-known for its safety and tranquility. However, don’t think that a quiet city means a boring city, not at all! In Orangevale, you will always find a way to have fun and entertain yourself, as there are a large number of cozy cafes, restaurants, parks, and fascinating forests where you can walk with friends and enjoy wild nature.


If you decide to visit Orangevale or even move here, you should know the most popular local places where you can have some eat during business hours. Our first recommendation is Panera Bread. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of delicious and fresh dishes and drinks at an affordable price. Besides, if you prefer traditional American cuisine, then be sure to check out Denny’s, which is located in the very heart of Orangevale city. This place is open around the clock so that you can visit it any time, and there is also the possibility of delivery. And last but not least is Kolben Kabob Restaurant, which is suitable for organizing a party, a date with your loved ones or just for having a nice evening with good and delicious food. This place has a unique and cozy atmosphere, so you should definitely visit it when you are in Orangevale. What is more, they have their own website where you can find out what dishes they have on the menu. This is convenient if you want to plan your dinner in advance.


The company was founded in Orangevale, ca, by two amazing people Peter and Oleg. You should know more about them before contacting our company just to be more informed about the technicians and service. Now let me tell you some words about these guys.

Since he was a little boy, Peter was a very talented child who loved to work with his own hands, and from the age of adolescence, he began to earn money, combining work with high school studies and trying himself in various jobs and activities. So, after leaving school, Peter knew for sure that he would like to devote himself to working in the plumbing business, and he had enough skills and passion for being hired by some of the best and most successful plumbing companies.

Oleg was born and raised outside the United States, where he had a successful family plumbing business. Therefore, after moving to the United States, he immediately began to actively show himself in the plumbing business, applying the experience gained in practice and supplementing it with newly gained knowledge. Thus, he has received extensive experience in the plumbing sphere and knows how to quickly and effectively solve any plumbing issue.


Our plumbing service organization with the team of plumbers in Orangevale is well-known and appreciated by the clients for its high quality and best team of reliable plumbers in Orangevale ever. According to customer reviews, our Orangevale plumbing company has a high rating that you can find on various online platforms. So, the rating of our services in Google maps is 4.9 out of 5, on Yelp, it is about 4.5 out of 5, and on Facebook 4.9 out of 5. Do not hesitate to visit any of these sites to read these reviews of real people who also faced some plumbing issues and have used our technicians’ services.

Make this little research to find out impressions about Orangevale’s service people and experts have. By the way, most of these reviews are positive, so maybe to read them is what you need to make sure that our company is reliable and professional.


We hire only those who have plumbing experience and who have established themselves as good specialists in the provision of plumbing service and have passed our background checks and regular training. Our main goal is to make our customers trust us in solving their plumbing problems, and this is why we want to make sure that our plumbers are the best plumbers in Orangevale, CA. We care about our customers and our reputation, so our plumbers observe all security measures and taking steps to ensure your safety during the Covid-19 period. We are thoroughly sanitizing our service trucks and tools, and you can be sure that a plumber who comes to your home will put on shoe covers before entering your home.

You should also visit our website to check the certificates Orangevale plumbers have and make sure that we have a current license. On the front page, choose a ‘certificates” section to find the BBB accreditation certificate, certificate of liability insurance, Constructors State License Board, and other documents confirming our professional qualities.

So, our job and main goal are to fix any type of plumbing problems in your home and consequently to improve to quality of your life in general. Each member of the Orangevale ca team of plumbers is qualified enough to provide you with the highest level of service and a friendly attitude. We are confident in the quality of our work and give each client a one-year warranty for all types of services that our company provides, excluding drain cleaning and hydro-jet. Both drain cleaning and Hydro-jet have a 30 and 90 days warranty, respectively. The Warranty will become invalid if our plumbers’ work is repaired or modified by other plumbing companies. We don’t bear any responsibility or guarantee suitability, materials supplied by you and will accept no liability for any consequential damage or fault.

In addition, we’ve been on the market for over 10 years, and we are and are licensed, bonded, and insured. In particular, we have all kinds of necessary insurance that you may be interested in.

Moreover, if you worry about the possible mess a plumber can leave at the end of the job, we want to calm you down. We will remove all the construction waste and other mess caused by our work. Thus, usually, our customers don’t need to hire a cleaning company.


Our plumbing company provides discounts for certain groups of individuals and free estimates. So, pensioners over 60 years old, military people, or veterans who are residents of Orangevale can get any type of plumbing repair service in your home with a 10 percent discount. Please note that this discount is not combined with other discounts and offers of our plumbing company. In order to get Senior Citizens Discounts or Military&Veteran Discounts, you need to give us a phone call before your scheduled plumbing job and get a validation code.

Besides, you can get a special coupon for a 20% discount for any plumbing repair service. For getting this coupon, you must be an Orangevale resident as well, and you also should remember to call our firm’s office in advance to get a validation code that may be required. In order to learn more about the promotions, as well as other special offers and discounts provided by our company, you should visit our website or contact us by phone, and we help you. So, there is one point we want you to remember – investing in the future of your plumbing system is essential, and if you can get it with a discount, you are lucky!


We are located in Sacramento, so we serve all nearby areas, including:

  • Antelope
  • Arden-Arcade
  • Auburn
  • Cameron Park
  • Citrus Heights
  • Davis
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Elk Grove
  • Fair Oaks
  • Folsom
  • Gold River
  • Granite Bay
  • La Riviera

If you are not sure whether your home is located within our Orangevale plumbers’ service area, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will help you to identify it.


Our 5 Star plumbing company office is located at 4616 Roseville Rd, North Highlands, CA 95660, US. The office is located near McClellan park, and it will take you about 18-20 minutes to get from Orangevale to our office by car. You can also call us at (916) 796 1233 or by sending an email to our email address info@f5-starplumbing.com to find out the details or to ask for help and advice regarding the plumbing service and repairs. Using this phone number, you can also contact our seven days a week and 27 hours a day emergency service, so don’t hesitate to call us if you still have any questions.


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    About Orangevale, California

    This is one of the most comfortable cities in California. The city offers you comfort and safety. Moving to Orangevale means a happy family life for generations to come. It is an ideal city with many parks, flower gardens, and squares. Local residents say that this is one of the quietest cities. The vegetation and nature in the city are beautiful, oak trees grow everywhere.

     There is literally no crime in the city because it is impossible to walk without being noticed by the neighbors. Everyone in the city knows each other, there are several schools. A wide range of entertainment for every taste: from cafes and restaurants to walks in the oak forest and flower gardens.

    At a local fast food restaurant, you can grab a bite to eat during business hours. Panera Bread is a popular place in the city to eat fresh and delicious food. You can choose exactly what you like because the menu is very extensive. It serves soups, salads, and sandwiches. Normal-sized portions and reasonable prices.

    Denny’s is located almost in the very center of the city. Here you can eat at any time of the day because the establishment is open around the clock. Serves breakfast, lunch, lunch, and dinner. Prepare traditional American cuisine. A very important feature of this establishment is that they have delivery.

    At Kolben Kabob Restaurant, you can organize a private party, book a table, or simply eat in the afternoon. Persian cuisine is served here. Beautiful interior, polite staff, and delicious food are the main advantages of this place. The current menu is available on the restaurant’s website, which is very convenient.