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Top-10 Reasons to Avoid DIY Plumbing

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In the majority of cases, hiring a professional plumber and entrusting your plumbing system to them is way better than trying to do everything by yourself. Even though it sounds obvious, many people still prefer performing plumbing repairs without having special knowledge. As a result, they often get a worse situation and have to pay twice more for plumbing service in order to solve the problem.

For some people, the main reason for denying plumbing services is the high costs of work. However, in many cases, it is just a misleading factor since if you periodically check and take care of your plumbing system, serious injuries will not have a chance to appear, so you will not have to pay for any extensive project.

Major Pros of Hiring Plumbing Masters

In any case, it is important to know what are the advantages of calling for a professional when having problems with your indoor or outdoor plumbing systems.

  1. Complex Diagnostic

There is little chance a YouTube tutorial will tell you what the exact root of the problem with your plumbing system is. There may be numerous reasons why your tap is running or the toilet is clogged, depending on some niceties of your pipeline. Unlike making self-reports, inviting a plumber will provide you with detailed information about what should be repaired and what can be changed in order to make the water flow faster.

Moreover, you can not even know about some leakages. However, a plumber will definitely see and repair them immediately. You can also call for a diagnostic if everything is okay and you just want to make sure there is nothing to break down in the nearest months. Do not hesitate to do such check-ups if you want to avoid greater problems.

  1. Availability of Plumbing Tools

Probably the biggest advantage of hiring a professional plumber instead of DIY repairs is that you do not have to acquire all the needed equipment. Be sure that for repairing the blockage, it is not enough to have only a plunger. There is a big opportunity that the root of the problem is in the cracked pipe or invalid suction. Therefore, you will also need faucet keys, wrenches, and maybe even a pipe cutter. 

Luckily, all these things are available in the plumber’s toolkit. There is no doubt that you will spend much more money on purchasing the necessary tools than on hiring a plumber. Moreover, you will also save more money on calling for the help of a professional.

  1. Emergency Service

No matter what can happen with your plumbing system, it is always not a pleasant thing to deal with. Moreover, it may be very hard to understand what happened and time is always a running factor. If you do not want all your property to sink in dirty water, you should not try to repair the broken tube by yourself as the time is not on your side at all.

The only solution in such cases is to call your local branch of reliable plumbing service to tell them you need help immediately. In the vast majority of cases, the plumber comes within 15 minutes, so you will have enough time to tidy the area where the damage happened so that the service provider will not meet any obstacles. 

  1. Great Variety of Services

Fortunately or not, we live in a capitalistic competitive society where you have the ability to choose what you prefer more from a great range of available services. In California, you can find services responsible for installing indoor and outdoor plumbing systems, special teams for urgent repair, those specified on leakages or blockages, and so on.

Therefore, you can choose a service depending on your specific case or try cooperating with several companies to find the one perfect for you. You can be sure you will find exactly what you need and for the fitting price.

  1. Convenience 

Even thinking of solving the plumbing problems makes many of us feel nervous, exhausted, and awkward, doesn’t it? Just imagine you will have to spend half of the day finding out what the problem is and watching videos on how to repair it, and another half on doing the work. And there is no guarantee the result will be one hundred percent perfect. 

If these thoughts made you feel uncomfortable, hiring a plumber is a great option for you. You will not have to do anything while the called professional will do all the work for you for a fair price and in a timely manner. In many cases, all the needed procedures are done within one or two hours, so you will not have to spend all day thinking about the tubes in your house’s walls. 

  1. Your Personal Safety

Except for the common convenience of hiring plumbing personnel, it is also much safer to avoid doing such work by yourself. Even though it does not usually seem to be as dangerous as performing works with electricity, for instance, plumbing can become a highly traumatic experience for a common man. 

Dealing with boiling hot water in the tubes, sharp blades of pipe cutters, heavy wrenches, and numerous bolts and fixations can harm you if you are not doing things wisely and confidently. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with all that business since all of these dangers mean nothing for a plumber with efficient protection. 

  1. Warrant Your Home

Again, problems with plumbing result not only in leakages or blockages but also in severe damage to the house construction and furniture or may even cause fire when contact with electricity. Therefore, you have to entrust the annual consultations to professionals. If you hire the service once, they are likely to visit you each year to make a general check-up.

Moreover, some plumbing service companies also have renovation services presented. Therefore, they can help you not only with repairing tubes and hoses but also with recovering an injury caused by a water flow wall.

  1. Saving Money

You could already understand that paying for the service is more money-saving than paying for the tools, injuries, and further repairs. Undoubtedly, some problems can be solved by your own self, especially if you are a craftsman or have already dealt with repairing plumbing systems. However, talking about common people, it is highly recommended not to risk and entrust the process to the licensed plumber.

So, in order not to cause more damage to an already broken plumbing system and waste loads on further repair, always hire a reliable plumbing service.

  1. Getting an Advice

Luckily, when the plumber is done with their work, they usually give many advice to the homeowners on how to prevent further occuring problems. If they have seen some disturbances that are not allowed with your system, they will show you what is better to do instead. 

  1. Professional Performance

When calling for the craftsmen’s help, you must be sure you are going to get the best service. That is why many companies apply plumber’s licenses, membership in national associations, and customers’ feedback to their websites so that new clients could estimate the level of trust in the service. 

By hiring 5 Star Plumbing you are guaranteed to get a free consultation and the work done fastly and by a professional master. To submit an application for repair or check-up, leave your address and contact information in the special form on our website.

Some Tips on How to Avoid Plumbing Issues

Here are some useful tips you should employ to your daily routine in order to prevent causing damage to your plumbing system:

  • Do not rely on drain cleaners when your sink your shower get clogged;
  • avoid letting drain come into your sink, even if it seems to be tiny or wet enough;
  • do not flush foreign objects, even toilet paper may cause a blockage;
  • do not throw the potato skins to the garbage disposal as it may lead to a severe damage of the system;
  • remember to follow the rules of temperature ranges, so do not pour boiling water right into the sink, better turn on cold water and then pour the hot liquid;
  • do not leave water hoses outside in winter;
  • remember to make check-ups each 6 months in order to indicate damage in early stages.


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