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How to choose the right plumbing materials and fixtures

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Choosing the house of your dreams is a very important event in every person’s life. In this case, all the components of your home must be in perfect condition and look amazing. But sometimes, it also happens that you have found the house of your dreams, and it is exactly as you imagined it. But then you see a terrible bathroom or kitchen that spoils all your impression of the house, and you get upset. But this is not the time to give up! Replacing the plumbing in your future kitchen or bathroom can be an exciting activity for your whole family, and it will return the house to the former look that you wanted.

Many people just go to the nearest hardware store and buy everything that is cheap: a faucet, a sink, and so on. But this is the wrong approach. The majority of homeowners do not notice how much plumbing affects the appearance of the whole house and how it can please the eye. And if you have already caught fire with the idea of changing something in your bathroom, then here are a couple of tips for you on how to choose the best plumbing materials.

Where to Start?

The choice of plumbing for your bath and kitchen begins with the development of a shopping plan that represents how you see the appearance of your rooms. To begin with, plumbing consists of several elements: a bathtub, sinks, washbasins, showers, and toilets. In general, there are a lot of things that are worth paying attention to.

Here is an example of a plan that you can use:

  1. Determining your possible budget;
  2. When choosing to plumb, evaluate your budget first;
  3. Determine in what style and from what materials you want to see your plumbing and furniture;
  4. Choose several good options and make sure of your choice;
  5. Make sure that the assembly is of high quality and that the equipment is working properly;
  6. Buy the necessary parts.

Style and Materials

Everything can be more or less clear with the distribution of the budget, but it is not so smooth when it comes to the choice of materials and style. The style will greatly influence your perception of the house and the mood in general. Now the market does not offer many directions, and mainly it is a modern or traditional style.

The first one offers smoother lines, restrained and pleasant colors, nickel finishes, and ideas that come from minimalism. On the other hand, traditionalism assumes expensively decorated furniture, detailing, and bronze or even gold trim. Choose your direction, and it will help you narrow down the choice.

Another good way to decide on a choice is to walk through a couple of construction stores with showcases, where you can look at a couple of options with your own eyes, test a few and ask a consultant questions that you are concerned about. Employees will help you choose a design, and engineers will help install all the equipment in your home.

We advise you not to forget about the important point of mixing plumbing with the decor of your rooms. Let’s say your house can be attributed to a more modern style, and then a very bad decision would be to buy equipment with gold inserts and lush patterns. Focus on what is in the room: the color of the walls, the design of the furniture, or the patterns on the wallpaper.


The functionality of your faucet or bathroom is much more important than the style or material. And the choice of this parameter probably takes more of your time since the abundance of options in this matter is frightening. Should you buy a crane with a huge number of modes? Or a bath combined with a Jacuzzi? This choice might be crucial and, therefore, is worth paying attention to.

You should think about all the factors. If you have small children, it may be worth buying a temperature-controlled faucet to protect them. Perhaps you need savings and should look at energy efficiency? If you combine style and functionality, you can find the perfect option suitable for your family and your room.

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The Main Devices and Their Additions

In this section, we will show the main plumbing fixtures and important points that you should pay attention to.

1. Toilets

When choosing a toilet, you should pay attention to its height and understand which is more comfortable for you. For example, higher ones are more convenient than the standard 14-15 inches but less convenient for your children. There are a huge number of smart toilets with great functionality. And the range of colors and shapes only complicates the task of choosing. Toilet accessories include a toilet lever, an additional lid of the bidet, a brush, and so on.

2. Showers

It would seem that it could be easier than choosing and buying a showerhead or a shower stall, but it also needs a special approach. If you want more functionality, we advise you to pay attention to the bath combined with a showerhead. Perhaps you want to get more pleasure from the shower, and then you can buy a shower with a massage jet or a bathroom with a Jacuzzi to relax properly. For a full range of sensations, you can buy a shower with two nozzles so that you can enjoy a shower with someone else. Among the additions, you can note a shower rod to hold the showerhead, bracket drains, a hose, wall holders, and soap dishes. A lot of things for modeling the bathroom.

3. Sinks

The sink is the most necessary thing in the bathroom, and it is the place where we start our day and where we end it. Perhaps you do not need huge sinks with strong water pressure, and then you should look at more cute and neat sinks. Of course, you can buy an ordinary sink, but a bathroom table with a built-in washbasin will be much more convenient and prettier to look at. You can also choose a different shape, traditional oval, square, or round. From the add-ons, you can buy a soap dish, a sink plug, and other small things for hygiene accessories.

4. Faucets

In our century, even faucets are becoming much more functional; now they have lighting, sensors appear in them, and they are integrated directly into the wall, so why should you abandon new technologies? We recommend choosing mixers with ceramic discs because they erase deposits and increase their service life, which means fewer repair costs. From the add-ons, you can buy a night light for the faucet.

We advise you not to miss your opportunity to buy such small details as additions. However, they can also hit your budget hard, so we also advise you to include them in your expenses.

Now that you have read some recommendations for arranging a bath and buying plumbing, we hope that your bathroom and kitchen will look like the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams. And you will not make any mistakes in installing and choosing the equipment you need.


Remember that expensive does not mean the best. Any manufacturer has both expensive options and more budget options for every taste. We advise you to proceed from your budget and the quality of the equipment itself.

In addition, it is not necessary to keep one style of decoration throughout the room. You can keep one style in groups, for example, a bath and shower in brass or nickel tones and a toilet in chrome; the main thing is that it all does not look like a pile of different colors.

Be aware of the most common mistakes when installing equipment, such as disproportionality or equipment being unsuitable to the older one. Many people buy plumbing equipment without checking whether they are compatible or not. Be sure to check this moment! Otherwise, then you will solve the problem with a leaky faucet or a mismatch between the faucet and the sink.



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