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Top Coffee Shops in Sacramento

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Coffee represents a special drink having a rich history dating back to ancient times. The drink of the Gods is the most famous metaphoric name for coffee. Other well-known poetic names for it are liquid gold and nectar of cheerfulness. Whatever people call it, coffee is undoubtedly synonymous with energy, vitality, and good spirit. It is tasty, fragrant, and helps us to increase our cheerfulness and improve our mood for the whole day.

It is enough to taste the real coffee with a pleasant slight bitter taste and fragrant smoke, and it will be almost impossible to stop. Everyone who once tried a cup of the high-quality blend will become one day a coffee appreciator. 

Fortunately, Sacramento, which is located in Northern California, is famous for its numerous coffee shops and coffee houses, which are located all over the County and are always ready to offer all their demanding customers a wide choice of selected varieties of the amazing ancient drink. Both the coffee amateurs and the most sophisticated coffee gourmets will be able to select the best coffee shop that will definitely satisfy their needs for top-notch and tasty sorts of coffee and offer some special blend that will suit everyone. 

Sacramento can also boast an impressive amount of roasters and restaurants where good and highest-quality coffee is always served.

The Best Spots to Drink Coffee in Sac

This review will get you acquainted with the most prominent Sacramento Coffee Shops, where you will always be able to drink a cup of the magic energizing drink or buy it packaged for your home coffee time.

  1. Camellia Coffee Roasters

Having started as a wholesale roaster, Camelia Coffee Roasters managed to open its first roastery and a coffee shop in 2018. Since then, any interested person can taste the best selected and exclusive coffee blends by visiting this place. You can drink a cup of coffee inside the homelike cafe or buy a pack of some fragrant sort of this hot drink to enjoy at home every day. Various coffee blends from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia are always available.

Visiting Camelia’s cozy coffeehouse, you can enjoy its friendly and warm atmosphere. The polite and experienced personnel will always provide every guest with the best quality service for him or her to feel happy for the whole day long. If you are not a coffee expert so far don’t worry. Camelia’s skilled baristas will give you a piece of advice and help you with your choice of special blend that will undoubtedly satisfy your taste. Alongside numerous sorts of coffee, Camelia Coffee Roasters’ menu will offer you tasty croissants, sandwiches, and other snacks. 

Start your day with Camelia Coffee Roasters, and spend it full of energy, optimism, and a good mood!

  1. Insight Coffee Roasters

Insight Coffee Roasters is always glad to receive its demanding guests offering them the best coffee blends which can satisfy any exquisite taste. Every sophisticated coffee gourmet will be able to select his or her special kind from the wide variety this coffeehouse can offer. 

Being simultaneously a coffee shop and a cafe, Insight Coffee Roasters allows all its visitors both to enjoy the best coffee tastes inside the roomy bright patio and buy a package of their favorite coffee blend to prepare the amazing drink at home.

The choice of coffee blends at the Insight Coffee Roasters is impressive. You are offered Organic Southside Blend, Organic Colombia Tolima, as well as numerous varieties from Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, and many others.

Alongside coffee, you can also buy delicious and healthy Insight Energy Bars and granola to make your breakfast tastier and healthier. Of course, the coffee shop can also offer numerous high-quality gadgets, appliances, and consumables for purchase that will enable you to prepare tasty and fragrant coffee at home anytime (for example, grinders, special kettles, coffee filters, brewers, etc).

Let yourself enjoy drinking the best coffee by visiting Insight Coffee Roasters!

  1. Temple Coffee Roasters

This temple of coffee is rightfully considered one of the most famous coffee shops in the Sacramento region. Being a wholesale coffee company Temple Coffee is proud that its representatives traveled a lot to select the best coffee blends for its demanding sophisticated customers who are aware of what excellent coffee represents itself. Among the blends offered by Temple coffee shop, you can find a variety from almost every country dealing with the production of coffee. Honduras, Rwanda, Peru, Guatemala, and other countries offer the best coffee flavors for you whereas Temple Coffee Roaster delivers the best of them right to your cup.

Alongside exceptional coffee sorts, you can also enjoy the best tea varieties among which are black, green, oolong, white, tisane as well as some special tea blends having exquisite unforgettable taste and fragrance. Of course, all the coffee and tea varieties and blends are available for purchase in packages for you to bring a piece of cheerfulness and a good mood to your home.

Definitely, by visiting Temple Coffee Roaster’s homelike coffee shop you can get a dose of energy, optimism, and good spirits for the whole day.

  1. Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co. is an unusual coffee company that serves a wide variety of coffee blends from almost all the coffee-famous countries. In our cafes and coffee shops, you can find this magnificent ancient drink of any origin. It should be noted that Old Soul Co. roasts coffee all by itself and thereby guarantees its demanding guests only the top-notch quality no matter what variety of a drink you select.

Old Soul Co. offers its visitors not only the best quality coffee but also numerous sorts of tea as well as delicious bakery products which in combination with outstanding hot drinks will increase your mood for the entire day.

The special atmosphere of this special place is warm, homelike, and cozy. Having spent your evening with Old Soul Co. you will be able to relax and think over the things that you dealt with during your day whereas starting your morning by visiting this coffee shop you can be sure to spend the whole day in good spirits and full of energy. Our shop is always at your service providing you with a variety of packaged coffee the taste of which can make your every morning at home cheerful and optimistic.

Subscribe to the company’s special programs and get access to numerous discounts and special offers as well as an opportunity to use exclusive offerings available only for those clients who have subscriptions.  

  1. Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Chocolate Fish coffee retailer and simultaneously a coffee shop with an original and unusual name is one of the most well-known places in Sacramento where you can buy a high-quality drink. This interesting and attention-grabbing name originated from a special confection having the shape of a fish and made of chocolate widespread in New Zealand and is usually given to a person to whom you would like to say “thank you”.

Having won numerous awards established in the coffee industry Chocolate Fish pays special attention to the quality of coffee it purchases and roasts. Within more than 10 years of its operation, this family-owned business has built an excellent partnership with the best worldwide coffee wholesalers thus allowing its demanding coffee adorers to taste only exquisite and top-notch coffee blends. 

The friendly and polite personnel of Chocolate Fish coffee house will always be glad to receive its guests and offer a cup or two of specially roasted coffee inside the bright and cozy interior and of course, recommend something unusual and tasty to take home to enjoy every day. Both, coffee adorers and those who can not still call themselves coffee experts can take pleasure in visiting Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters.  

Visit Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters and let it help you to become a real coffee connoisseur!

  1. Milka Coffee Roasters

Milka Coffee Roasters is distinguished among other coffee shops by its outstanding and unusual homelike atmosphere. It does not look like the usual and standard coffeehouse we have got accustomed to seeing. Visiting this place you will find yourself in a traditional house where the skilled and friendly barista serves a cup of fragrant and tasty coffee for you.

Being a family business and named after the great grandmother, Milka Coffee shop has gained popularity among Sacramento dwellers for its unique atmosphere and special approach to its every guest. Whether you are a coffee expert or just started to be interested in the rich and incredible world of coffee in any case you will gain positive emotions as a result of visiting this hospitable and cozy place.

The personnel and the owners’ main mission is to tell their visitors everything about the amazing and ancient drink, to share unique knowledge that they brought from numerous corners of the world, and of course to teach people about the impressive coffee culture.

  1. Naked Lounge

Naked Lounge represents a pleasant coffeehouse where you can have a cup of tasty and fragrant coffee, have some snacks and listen to good music. 

The company is represented in Sacramento by three conveniently located coffeehouses such as Naked Midtown, Tupelo Coffeehouse, and Naked Coffee Roasting and Caffee. Choose one of them and enjoy your breakfast or lunchtime!

Having finished your meals you can visit the shop and choose one of the marvelous top-notch varieties of coffee that Naked Lounge offers. The experienced personnel will always provide you with a precise consultation concerning the coffee sorts and blends and will definitely recommend you the best variety that will ideally fit your taste. Alongside excellent fragrant coffee, you can also choose presents and original branded souvenirs and accessories for you and your relatives such as t-shirts, cups, tumblers, as well as coffee makers and filters so you could cook wonderful coffee at home and enjoy it every day.

Visit one of the Naked coffee shops and gain energy, good spirits, and new outstanding impressions!

  1. Tiferet Coffee House

Tiferet represents a cozy coffeehouse with a friendly, warm, and unforgettable atmosphere. In spite of its moderate size and sometimes even the lack of places it attracts numerous guests who once visited this hearty place and since then return there again and again. 

Tiferet is always glad to offer its loyal and new visitors a variety of excellent top-notch coffee varieties and blends as well as tasty and freshly cooked sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. Tiferet Coffee House also has something delicious and special for your children, for instance, children’s hot chocolate or children’s vanilla steamer (steamed milk with vanilla syrup). 

Having grabbed a bite to eat you can enjoy shopping in this amazing place. Tiferet Coffee Shop can offer you a wide range of goods including of course numerous coffee blends, best quality flavorful tea, branded tank tops, tumblers with straw, handcrafted soap bars, and exclusive coffee cups. 

Tiferet Coffee House’s friendly personnel are always looking forward to seeing you!

Sacramento Coffee Shops Summary

 As far as you can see it is not a problem to find a place in Sacramento and its outskirts to indulge yourself with a cup or even two of excellent hot drinks and have some tasty snacks. Whatever above-mentioned place you decide to choose you will undoubtedly be satisfied with your visit and will be likely to return there again to plunge into the world of the most outstanding and popular drink.

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