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Best Music Spots In Sacramento

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Sacramento County is one of the most luxurious and beautiful places in California. If you’ve never been to this County before, you should start planning your visit to Sacramento right now!

Most tourists adore this County for its beauty, incredible sights, and fantastic musical events. Indeed, Sacramento is home to many music groups and communities that organize many different music concerts. In the evenings, all over Sacramento County, people arrange live music performances. Fans of pop, indie rock, and jazz music visit music clubs and halls to enjoy the incredible atmosphere and get a lot of positive emotions. If you ever go to music concerts in Sacramento, these moments will remain in your memory forever. It is impossible to forget these music concerts because music always lives in the heart.

This brief overview provides information about the best musical performances and concerts that you can see in Sacramento. If you don’t know where to go with friends or family in the evening and where to watch exciting live music performances, check out this review of the best music spots.

Top Spots To Listen To Live Music In Sacramento

Sacramento County is a fantastic place for active recreation and getting unforgettable emotions. You can come to the area with your family and attend local music concerts. You will not regret it, as this place will not leave you indifferent to everything that happens here. Below is a list of the best places where you can listen to classical or modern music in Sacramento.

  1. Ace of Spades

If you want to come to Sacramento, you need to visit Ace of Spades! It is one of the best places in Sacramento where you can enjoy live music and get an unforgettable experience. Do you want to listen to indie rock or pop music? Invite your friends to this place, drink delicious cocktails and enjoy an incredible show.

By the way, Ace of Spades is ready to show you the best musical performances, as they have the most talented musicians. If you come to Sacramento in the spring, you can visit the popular Heavy Fest Local Music Showcase, which takes place every year. Do not miss the opportunity to become a part of such a grand event, where you can enjoy music and meet people.

  1. Old Ironsides

Old Ironsides is another fantastic music spot, located at the intersection of 10th and S streets in Sacramento! Haven’t you heard of such a bar before?

Surprisingly, this family business appeared back in 1934. Today, Old Ironsides is one of the best tourist places where musicians play popular jazz and pop songs. Besides, at Old Ironsides, you can taste delicious snacks and drink alcoholic beverages. If you want to have fun, Old Ironsides is for you!

  1. Wells Fargo Pavilion

The most popular music concert arena in Sacramento is Wells Fargo Pavilion. This pavilion designed for more than 2000 seats opened in 2003. If you look at this area from the outside, you will see that the performance area resembles a round theatre with a 32-foot diameter stage.

Honestly, Wells Fargo Pavilion has a rich history! This music arena was the result of a cooperative effort of the Sacramento County, California Musical Theatre, Sacramento Theatre Company, and the business community. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and visit this spot in Sacramento with your loved ones.

  1. Colonial Theatre

If you love theatres and are ready to see great live performances every day, the Colonial Theatre is perfect for you! Firstly, it is a beautiful place that will impress you with its luxury. Secondly, it is a classic auditorium, accommodating up to 600 people. Although the Colonial Theatre is small, musicians and artists arrange unforgettable performances and shows every month.

You can attend the following events at the Colonial Theatre:

  • Music concerts
  • Amateur and professional boxing
  • Film screenings
  • Theatrical performances

Keep in mind that the Colonial Theatre does not work around the clock. Opening hours vary depending on the event.

  1. Blue Lamp

As already noted, anyone who has ever visited Sacramento (California) will fall in love with this area from the first few minutes. The best live music venue in Sacramento is the Blue Lamp. This spot has a high rating and a lot of positive reviews from happy customers.

As a rule, you can often meet popular local music groups here and listen to underground concerts. We advise you to come to Blue Lamp in advance to get the best seats. If you want to have a great time in a big company, drink cocktails and chat about music, be sure to visit Blue Lamp.

  1. ARCO Arena

ARCO Arena is the most frequently visited venue in Sacramento, California. People often come to ARCO Arena to have fun and participate in various sports and music events. Just imagine, about 200 events a year take place in ARCO Arena! 

For instance, among the most popular events in ARCO Arena are the following:

  • NBA and WNBA games
  • Disney on Ice 
  • Rodeos
  • Monster truck 
  • Musical concerts by world-famous singers 

Many of the world’s most famous singers performed at the ARCO Arena: Rolling Stones, Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Paul McCartney! Listening to the songs of your favorite artists is a dream of many people, and you can realize this dream by visiting ARCO Arena.

This arena can accommodate up to 17 320 people for sporting events! This place is filled with noise, an incredible atmosphere, and fantastic scale. Find out in advance the opening hours of ARCO Arena, as the opening hours vary depending on the specific event.

  1. Shady Lady Saloon

Do you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 1920s? If you are a fan of blues, jazz, or country music, Shady Lady is perfect for an unforgettable evening! At Shady Lady, you can order signature cocktails made from homemade ingredients and several delicious dishes.

It is worth noting that musical groups usually perform daily from 9 pm to midnight at Shady Lady. Therefore, you can book a table in advance and have a great time with friends.

  1. Crawdad’s River Cantina

The rating of the top music venues in Sacramento also includes Crawdad’s River Cantina! This place attracts people’s attention due to its beauty and cozy courtyard. Anyone who wants to have a delicious dinner and listen to live music performances can relax in Crawdad’s River Cantina outdoors.

By the way, you can also order drinks and various dishes. Musical artists regularly perform at Crawdad’s River Cantina: The Cheeseballs, Wonder Bread 5, and Pop Fiction. If you want to organize the coolest birthday or other celebration, Crawdad’s River Cantina staff is ready to help you with this! You will not regret that you decided to celebrate the event in this place!

  1. Shine Sacramento

Shine Sacramento spot is on the list of the best places to spend holidays and parties in Sacramento. It is a welcoming place to celebrate events, including exhibitions and music concerts. Visitors can enjoy live performances and taste local drinks and dishes.

Shine Sacramento, located in downtown’s historic Mansion Flats neighborhood, is considered the quietest family cafe, art gallery, and music arena.

For instance, on Thursdays, local music groups play jazz jam. Guests can bring their musical instruments! Music shows include everything your heart desires: rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, and pop. As a rule, people share their vision of poetry and music on Wednesdays. Choose any day and come to Shine Sacramento to enjoy live music and listen to the songs of famous musical groups!

  1. Harlow’s Spot

For those who love to go to clubs and listen to modern music, the doors of the postmodern evening club Harlow’s are always open. Chefs prepare Mediterranean and Californian cuisine, and local musical groups play musical instruments. You can dance here, relax with your significant other or have a good time.

As a rule, the musical direction depends on the theme of a particular evening. You can hear reggae, jazz, pop, and rock. By the way, for an impressive atmosphere, go upstairs to the Momo Lounge. Harlow’s has several party rooms with leather sofas and exclusive VIP areas. If you want to remember a trip to Sacramento forever, visit Harlow’s!


Thus, Sacramento County is a wonderful place where everyone can find something to suit them. There are tons of different music bars and arenas in Sacramento where musical groups play their songs every evening. Spend an evening with family or friends at one of the best music venues in Sacramento. Get unforgettable emotions and an incredible experience of communicating with new people and enjoying your favorite tunes!

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