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Peter grew up as a bright child, demonstrating his passion and talent in working with his hands since his early years. In high school, Peter combined work with education. All this gave its result, and after finishing school, Peter knew for sure that he would be working in the plumbing business. Peter worked in some of the most outstanding companies. In each of them, he achieved excellent results.


Oleg came to the U.S. with his family. Since his first days here, Oleg worked in the plumbing business, but he is far from a newbie in this kind of work. Before moving here, Oleg had a successful family plumbing business. He combined the skills that he already had with the newly acquired skills. This allowed him to see a current problem through a bigger perspective and to solve it more effectively.

These guys have a vast experience, and they know how to solve any problem quickly and qualitatively.
  • We value every customer, fulfilling our orders with the maximum profesionalism.
  • We treat your home with respect and every item in your house as our own.
  • We do not profit on the problems of our clients, our prices remain the same regardless of whether it was an emergency call or not.
  • We are conscientious to our customers and do not charge fees if we couldn’t solve the problem or if the problem was not related to plumbing.
  • You can be 100% sure that by choosing us, you’ve chosen a team of professionals, and
    we will not turn away from you in a difficult time.
  • Only after choosing our company you can truly understand what a quality service we
    provide and how impeccable we are to what we do.
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