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Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento

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In California, one cannot live without a car; however, the locals love to walk. Some of the best hiking trails near Sacramento —and some of these natural walks have become an integral part of California culture.

For you, we have collected the best hiking paths in hiking trails near Sacramentotrails that range from easy to challenging.

If you’re hesitant about going hiking, or if you don’t know the health benefits of a hike for your body and mind—we’ll help!


1. Darrington Trail, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

5 Star Plumbing | Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento

The trail is suitable for hikes near Sacramento and bikers alike, but be prepared for a rigorous hike. The route has steep edges with fall-off points throughout the path.

The trail is 8.5 miles long and gains 700 feet of elevation over its entire course, passing through hilly terrain. Hikers can hike to Folsom Lake State Recreation Area in about 45 minutes and enjoy lush wildlife along the route. The ancient blue oaks—500 years old or more—make for a spectacular sight!

In this area, you can meet many different kinds of animals and birds. Gray foxes, black-tailed deer, coyotes and raccoons are all found in these mountains—and many other species visit here during different seasons as well. Gulls and waterfowl fly here to spend the winter; great egrets begin arriving when grasses no longer hide fish from their view; cormorants with triplicate crests (a rarity among modern birds) return year after year.

When you hike this trail in the summer, be sure to bring along plenty of drinking water.

As you travel along the historic highway, take time to enjoy the breathtaking views of the American River Valley.


2. The Quarry Trail, Auburn State Recreation Area

This walk is fairly easy and enjoyable for all ages, even children in strollers. In addition, it provides interesting historical information about the limestone caves that have been used as a source of cement since Roman times.

Although they are no longer used, tourists can climb into the mines or follow in the footsteps of those who once transported minerals along this route. This hiking trail is just a 30-minute drive from the state capital, and parking costs $ 10 in a paid lot.


3. Western States Trail

This historical trail, which was once used by gold miners setting off from Nevada to California (as well as earlier indigenous peoples), is now home to one of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world.

The journey begins in Salt Lake City and crosses the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Sacramento. In order to prepare for the Western States Endurance Run, you need to start running ultramarathons regularly and increase your weekly mileage from 20 miles a week up toward 100.

5 Star Plumbing | Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento

Setting a goal is an essential part of reaching any target. Although the trail is best suited to runners and athletes, you will still find it enjoyable if you are not a runner or athlete yourself.


4. South Fork American River Trail

The routes take you through the canyons, hills and forests of California’s nature-lovers’ paradise. On your journey you’ll get to know a fifth part of the state’s flora! The routes are designed this way in order not to interfere or harm the plants, yet remain comfortable for tourists. The 25-mile trail stretches from Coloma to Sacramento and includes sections that are challenging, moderate, and easy.


5. River Walk Trail

The trail is a favorite among nature lovers. It winds through the Cosumnes River Preserve, home to over 250 species of birds and wildlife.The trail is easygoing and full of wildlife, making it a great place for families to best hike. The trip takes about an hour by car if you go directly, but the traffic will probably slow it down a bit.

5 Star Plumbing | Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento

6.  Auburn State Recreational 

This trail is suitable for hikes near Sacramento, but those who are new to the sport should have some training before attempting it. The views of the Auburn State Recreational Area are spectacular, and well worth it. The trail runs past the Auburn Dam and provides breathtaking views of California wildlife.

Lake Clementine Trail is a short easy hike that offers inexperienced climbers an opportunity to try some of the more challenging parts of Auburn Confluence.


7.  Blue Heron Trail

5 Star Plumbing | Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento

Hike along a trail that is suitable for travelers with wheelchairs or strollers. It’s only one mile long, so you won’t get tired—but you will have time to enjoy nature and the view of the migration site where such birds as cranes, hawks and shorebirds can be spotted.

The Elk Grave wetlands have received protected area status and make an interesting trail for adults as well as children.


8.  Jedediah Smith Memorial trail 

The route offers different best hiking trails for hikers of varying skill levels: beginners can enjoy a hike that will be both challenging and rewarding, while experienced trekkers can push themselves by tackling the trail with its steepest inclines.

The American River Trail is a 32-mile hiking trail that runs through several picturesque parks and the American River Parkway. This trail is one of the most favorite among tourists for its stunning views.


9.  Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park 

If you are an experienced hiker and have one hour to drive from Sacramento, this trail is made for you. The total distance of the best hiking trails is more than 12 miles through breathtaking woodland along the majestic South Fork of the American River.

There are several best hiking trails that can be taken, depending on the weather and season. One trail winds through a forest; another is hilly with plenty of sunshine. The east of Cronan Ranch trail is one mile long, but the breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountains make it worth exploring.


10. Sacramento Recreational River 

5 Star Plumbing | Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento

The Sacramento River offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. There are numerous trails along the river, and a picnic by the water is always nice.

Along the way, you’ll hear birds singing and see deer prancing. If you’re lucky, eagles will swoop by for a closer look! The Sacramento River is an excellent place to take your special someone on a romantic lunch or family outing.


11. Independence Trail In South Yuba 

The mining history of the region made it possible for trail planners to incorporate wooden flumes in their design—flumes that were originally used by gold miners. People who use wheelchairs can now travel across this historic route as well.

The invention of the helicopter has made it possible for even those who would otherwise be unable to hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon to enjoy its beauty. The park is about a 1.5-hour drive north of Sacramento, while the trail itself covers 20 miles along the American River from Auburn to Coloma.


12. Rubicon Trail 

This trail is located near Lake Tahoe, which makes the two-hour drive worthwhile. And you will not be disappointed with what you find when you get there! If you are too tired to drive home after a long day of vacationing, you can spend the night at a lakeside resort or campsite.

Rubicon Trail is the first trail closed by officials due to damage from recent floods. It connects two parks—D.L. Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay State Park, and is 4 miles long; however if you would like to extend your hiking experience there are other trails available as well

The path passes at a low altitude, allowing you to take in spectacular views worth sharing with your friends on social media.


13. Mount Diablo Summit 

If you’re interested in taking a hike, check out the Pacific Coast Trail. It will take two hours to reach from Sacramento, but it’s well worth the effort.

If you’re not properly prepared for hiking Mt. Diablo, you can drive to the Summit Visitor Center and hike only one mile on Mary Bowerman Interpretive Trail before reaching the summit of this mountain.

5 Star Plumbing | Top-14 Hiking Trails in Sacramento
If you are confident in your abilities, head for the longer trail that stretches 8 miles long. During your journey, you will encounter various landscapes and breathtaking views. To reach the top of Eagle Peak, you will follow a fire road and then take the Eagle Peak Trail. The elevation is over 3,000 feet; be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Mount Diablo is a sacred site for many American Indian tribes. According to Native American mythology, the entire world was created at its summit.


14. Gold Discovery Loop 

This trail runs through Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, 45 miles from Sacramento. The place is historically significant because in 1848, James Marshall discovered gold here while building a sawmill.

This event had a lasting impact on the lives of all citizens, not just in politics but also in art and culture. The trail is suitable for travelers with children. Both adults and kids will find it interesting.

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