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Top 10 Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Sacramento

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Just imagine a fantastic evening with friends, family, or your soulmate under the stars in Sacramento! It is an excellent opportunity to spend a quiet evening or a stunning picnic with your loved ones, watching the beauty of a crimson sunset. 

If you want to escape from the noise and daily routine, you should consider the best places to stay in Sacramento! Sacramento is a town of charming parks and gardens, stunning attractions, and areas for entertainment. And sometimes it is free! You can spend time with friends by renting bicycles. There are many different bike routes in Sacramento, driving along which you can see all the sights.

You will not regret it if you spend a couple of days relaxing and watching the sunset in one of the Sacramento parks. It will allow you to relieve stress and fatigue, restore your strength and energy, relax physically and mentally. Besides, if you have children, they will also unwind outdoors and fill these evenings for a lifetime.

This review provides information about the best areas for spending time with loved ones and meeting the most colorful sunset in Sacramento. Honestly, Sacramento surprises tourists and locals with its beauty and even inspires creativity! Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and go for a walk through the most fabulous places in Sacramento.

The Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Sacramento

If you want to spend an evening outdoors and see a beautiful sunset, go for a walk to the best places in Sacramento. A quiet evening will allow you to relax, think about important decisions and get a lot of warm emotions.

1. El Dorado Hills Town Center

If you live in El Dorado Hills or plan to visit this town, be sure to walk around the center! There is almost everything in this town to relax and see the most incredible places. The Town center, located 20 miles east of Sacramento, is the best place in El Dorado Hills.

5 Star Plumbing | Top 10 Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Sacramento

You can visit the following places in the town center:

  • Souvenir and national shops;
  • The best restaurants and cafes;
  • Popular local dealers;
  • Spas and cinemas;
  • Public amphitheater.

Moreover, it is a great place to go shopping locally and have lunch at a restaurant. There is a stunning sunset view, so do not miss this opportunity! Invite your friends or soulmate to take a walk around the town center and enjoy unforgettable emotions.

2. William Land Park

Do you love walking in parks and looking for a picnic spot? If you are a lover of quiet family evenings, have a picnic with your family in the famous Land Park! This park, located in Sacramento, is a great area to relax. By the way, near Land Park, you can see the local zoo, Fairytale Town, Funderland, and the William Land golf course spot. Here everyone can find something to their liking.

This place will seem fabulous for many tourists, and it really is! You can organize the best party in Land Park by inviting friends and relatives, or walk along the pond and feed the ducks and geese. Overall, if you want to relax with all your heart, visit the Land Park any day.

3. Folsom Beals Point 

Another beautiful place to relax in Sacramento County is Folsom Lake and Beals Point. Have you never heard of such a place? Beal’s Point is part of Folsom Lake, and here you can have fun to the fullest! 

For instance, you can organize a camping trip with friends and have an unforgettable picnic in nature. Just imagine what an incredible view there is: sun glare, a bright pink sunset, and the sound of water. Your evening rest by the lake under the stars will be incredible! Most tourists prefer to visit this place to spend a rendezvous or family evening. 

What can you see in Beals Point?

  • Beautiful starry sky;
  • Huge picnic space equipped with barbecues;
  • Local beach by the lake;
  • Tall trees and flowers;
  • Rental equipment shack;
  • Popular bars.

You can rent any equipment: rowboats, jet skis, canoes, rowing boats, and sailing boards. Choose whatever your heart desires. After such an active recreation, you can arrange a quiet evening or play volleyball or tennis. Beals Point is the best variant for an unforgettable vacation, so take advantage of this opportunity as soon as you arrive in Folsom. Keep in mind that the entrance to Beals Point is paid (about ten dollars).

4. UC Davis Arboretum

How about a trip to Davis? This city will leave a lot of impressions and incredible emotions. UC Davis Arboretum is an area that everyone should visit and enjoy its beauties. First of all, you don’t have to pay for admission, and the UC Davis Arboretum is open every day. Arriving at this place, you will relieve tension and get rid of stress. You will completely restore your energy! 

Don’t waste your time, but rather spend it usefully with your family or friends. Tourists often visit this place, as it inspires and impresses with huge trees and fragrant flowers.

5. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

Have you ever visited wildlife areas? If you have not been to Yolo Causeway before, you should pay attention to this area. People come here to see the incredible lilac sunset and enjoy the sounds of wildlife. Everything you see in Yolo Causeway will forever remain in your memory!

5 Star Plumbing | Top 10 Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Sacramento

It is an ideal area for quiet walks and family evenings. Take a camera with you and take some pictures as a keepsake. This place will not disappoint you. On the contrary, Yolo Causeway will help you put your thoughts in order and feel at peace.

6. The Hill On Sierra College Blvd

What else is worth visiting in Sacramento County is the top of the hill on Sierra College Blvd. It is one of the most fantastic and best places to spend time with your loved ones.

Before you get to the top of the hill, you will see a small parking area and several local shops. There is a breathtaking view of the hillside with large boulders and trees scattered around. Tourists distinguish the top of the hill on Sierra College Blvd among other places in Sacramento, as you can see fantastic sights here. If you come here in the spring, you will see spacious green fields and enjoy the silent wind on the hillside. It’s worth it! This place is perfect for sunset and romance under the starry sky.

7. Mather Regional Park

It is also worth noting Mather Regional Park, which is among the top ten places in Sacramento. This park is located next to the Air Force base, and you can visit it any day. You can see an incredible sunset or sunrise, as well as enjoy the view of the mountains and the light blue sky. By the way, you can get to this park by car without problems, as there is always free parking here.

Arrange a week-long vacation and invite your friends to relax in this park. You will enjoy the fantastic mountain views and a peaceful place where you can relax mentally!

8. Capitol Park

If you want to see beautiful monuments and flowering trees, you can visit Capitol park. This place is truly fascinating, as giant sequoias (the largest and heaviest trees in the world) grow in this area.

Capital Park is an ideal place for fans of hiking and solitude. Most people come to this park to see flowers and feed the squirrels in spring or summer. Besides, you can see several memorials dedicated to specific events.

9. Joe’s Crab Shack

People who love seafood and delicious snacks can visit a popular restaurant in Sacramento called Joe’s Crab Shack. It is the best place where everyone can enjoy shrimp, squid, or mussels and enjoy the warm atmosphere with their loved ones. The chefs are ready to satisfy any of your food preferences.

Joe’s Crab Shack has a high rating among other local restaurants and cafes. If you book a table for the evening, you will see a beautiful fiery sunset and how the sun disappears behind the horizon. Be sure to visit this restaurant to taste the most delicious seafood!

10. Scott’s Seafood On The River

This list of the top ten places in Sacramento also includes a cozy restaurant called Scott’s Seafood on The River. This restaurant is known for the tastiest dishes and drinks, as the chefs cook at the highest level! People love this place because they can have dinner outdoors and enjoy the most beautiful scenery in the summer. When the sun goes below the horizon, the sky is filled with colors, and a fiery sunset envelops the whole sky.


All things considered, if you decide to relax in Sacramento and have a quality time there, take the opportunity and visit the best places in this area. Travel with friends or family, broaden your horizons, and immerse yourself in the world of incredible landscapes! Such fantastic cafes and parks will help you relax and relieve stress and tension. These areas are great for family holidays, romantic evenings, and walks!

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