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Best Places for Stargazing in Sacramento

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People’s interest in star-watching is something that has been known for a long time. Ages ago, our ancestors were observing the night sky to look for some signs from the gods above or predict the weather. Nowadays, we rarely use stars for such purposes, but the habit of looking up and admiring the beauty of the heavenly canvas stayed with us. 

Sacramento’s weather is the best for stargazing  ─ hot nights and clear sky create perfect conditions for the activity. But where to go when looking for a good spot to settle down for the night? Choosing a rooftop might be an option, but the reflection of city lights in the sky might obstruct the perfect experience. 

Here are some good options for choosing a place in Sacramento where you can have the best time stargazing. Whether you intend to stay in the city with all the amenities at hand or to get out to nature sight with its peaceful atmosphere, you will find something to your liking on the list.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Monumental buildings placed at the riverbank are the best place for stargazing if you want to be surrounded by an impressive historical atmosphere. Even though The Park is quite close to the city, the sky there is wide open so that nothing can ruin your experience. There is a lot of places to put your blanket down, so take your friends and spend the fascinating night together.

Somes Bar in Siskiyou County

If you want to get away from a noisy city, this is the perfect place for you. The sky is dark, and the stars look even brighter. There is even a possibility to experience a real-life cowboy routine. If you choose to stay at Marble Mountain Range, you will have not only a perfect stargazing night but also an exciting day full of horse-riding, fishing, and rafting down the Klamath River. 

The Community Observatory in Upper Bidwell Park

The place is perfect for those who want to take a look at the stars a bit closer: The Observatory offers free admission on the weekend, and it is handicap-accessible. Modern technologies are open to the public, so you can observe the sky in high quality. The land around the building is also great for laying down and stargazing in the traditional way.

Death Valley National Park

5 Star Plumbing | Best Places for Stargazing in Sacramento

Day trips to this place might not seem the best option, as the temperature reaches extremely high rates sometimes. But visiting Death Valley at night is one of the best decisions one could ever make. Its worldwide famous pitch-black sky with stars shining like myriads of diamonds is one of the best places on the planet for stargazing.

Beals Point, Folsom Lake State Recreational Area

Spending some time away from the city on the shore of the lake sounds like a good weekend experience for a family or a group of friends. Open sky, places to set up a camp or to rent a room for staying, the lake, which is open for swimming ─ all of this can make the stargazing even more memorable and fascinating. 

University of California, Davis

Wide-spreading grass fields of the campus are a great option if you want to have a night picnic and enjoy the starfall. Surrounded by college buildings, you can dive into the atmosphere of the old academia, while still having everything you need nearby. Laying on the blanket and enjoying a clear sky full of shining stars are guaranteed to bring you a great experience at this place.

Alcatraz Island

Fans of mystery and good landscapes can agree that this is one of the best places for stargazing. The notorious history of the prison located on the island attracts people from all over the country. While being there, one might also enjoy the clear-black night sky. The place also offers a great variety of tours, including the ones on the ferry, where you can enjoy the infamous look of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

Chico Community Observatory

You can visit the place for free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Do not miss the opportunity to stargaze like a professional by using telescopes and other equipment that will help you to see the sky in full view.

Julian in San Diego’s County

If you want to dedicate your whole weekend to stargazing, you can stay at the astronomy-themed hotel owned by Michael Leigh. All the rooms are decorated in space-like style, and there is a rooftop observatory equipped with professional telescopes. Surrounded by the vibe of astronomy, one will certainly remember such a stargazing experience. 

Ancil Hoffman Park

Bordered by the American River from both sides and being close to the city, the park is the perfect place to stay for a night and enjoy the stars. There are plenty of places to park yourself and have a little getaway from the city. Peaceful nature surroundings and clear night sky create the pleasantest experience of stargazing.

Paso Robles

Nature is the best creator of art, for sure. But appreciating the beauty made by human beings can be a great way to spend your free time as well. Paso Robles’ Field of a Light at Sensorio offers its visitors an impressive installation of almost 60,000 stemmed globes. The place’s magnificent atmosphere is complemented by live music, delicious food, and homemade wine from local sellers. 

Foresthill Bridge

One of the country’s highest bridges became a beloved tourist destination. You can enjoy the stars above the American River right from the bridge, or choose a comfortable spot on a riverbank. There are plenty of hiking trails and biking routes as well. Have a great stargazing trip and a memorable time in a historical place, where multiple movies were filmed. 

Wherever you choose to go, you will have a great time watching the stars. Just remember to pre-check any rules concerning social distancing, mask requirements, or vaccination card, and then your trip will be the best. Have a great time stargazing!

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