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Our experienced team at 5-Star Plumbing & Sewer are certified to work on any kind of Auburn garbage disposal installation job, no matter what type or brand it is. Not only do we offer the best in Auburn garbage disposal installation services, but we also offer a range of other services including:

  • repairing
  • replacing existing units
  • regular maintenance a
  • cleaning jobs.

If you’re looking for quality service combined with knowledgeable and experienced technicians, then contact us at Seattle Plumbing & Sewer for all your Auburn garbage disposal installation needs!

How to keep your garbage disposal safe

It’s common for home and office owners not to realize that certain food items, such as bones and high fiber waste, can have potentially damaging effects to your garbage disposals. Unfortunately, sending these items down the drain often leads to repairs more frequently than originally anticipated. To keep your garbage disposal in good condition and reduce the need for repairs, avoid putting:

  • bones,
  • fruit pits,
  • fibrous foods like celery or potatoes,
  • any type of oil or lard in the unit.

Practicing proper disposal techniques is not only important for your wallets’ sake – it also keeps your sink free from potential clogging issues, and prevents foul odors from building up over time.

Garbage Disposal installation in Auburn

When it comes to garbage disposal installation services, we are trusted by many Auburn residents. A broken or leaking garbage disposal can be quite a problem, as it can lead to a range of issues including flooding or contamination. Therefore, it is important to have your disposal system inspected right away if you notice any signs of wear and tear such as:

  • leaks
  • strange noises
  • frequent clogging.

If the issue has progressed too far and it is no longer repairable, we can help you with the replacement process. Our experienced team will provide you with options on which system best fits the needs of your kitchen and promptly carry out the installation process. Additionally, our consultants will be more than happy to provide an estimate on new garbage disposal installation cost if required.

With so many companies providing garbage disposal services in Auburn, it might be hard to determine which one is the best fit. When making this choice, we recommend considering the title of experience,

skill level

equipment quality.

We excel in all these aspects: our team is highly skilled and experienced, using only the best quality tools and materials to guarantee a job well done. Plus, our rates are the most affordable you will find for the same quality of services. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the best deal you can get from professional garbage disposers in Auburn, consider comparing our prices with other companies before choosing us as your go-to service provider.


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    Auburn, CA

    Auburn is the capital of Placer County in California, with a population of approximately 13 thousand people and a total area of 19 square kilometers. It is situated about 50 miles away from the crest of the Sierra Nevada and 10 miles away from the Central Valley.

    The Auburn climate performs dry and hot summers and chilly winters, which is beneficial for wine grapes growing. That is why there are over 20 wineries in and around the city.

    Auburn has a railway station serving several trains a day and a one square kilometer general aviation airport five kilometers away from the city.

    The first people to live on the territory of present-day Auburn are considered to have been Martis people, and the first permanent residents were Nisenan of the Maidu tribe.

    Later history tells us about a company of Frenchmen, who were heading towards Colona in search of gold, but accidentally found it on the territory of today’s Auburn in 1848, thus having decided to stay at the place for a while. Pretty soon it became a mining camp and in a couple of years, its population reached 1,500 people. In 1865 the place got a railway connection.

    The Bernhard Museum Complex will tell you more about the history of the place. In 1851 ‘Traveler’s Rest’, the main building of the complex was constructed as a hotel for gold miners and other travelers, but seven years later it turned into a home. In 1874 a winery was started there and several more buildings appeared for business purposes.

    Now the exposition of the museum is a home, furnished with the objects of Victorian time, a winery, and a carriage barn with different kinds of wagons.

    At the Placer County Museum, you can see some Native American artifacts and authentic gold mining gear.

    At The Old Town of Auburn, you can find the restored buildings dating back to the Gold Rush times. They include the Post Office and the fire station.

    If you are a sports person, you should pay attention to Auburn State Recreation Area. Various outdoor sports can be found here: hiking, camping, boating, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, mountain biking, motorcycle riding, and so on.

    Other sporting options in Auburn include all kinds of endurance events. Actually, the city calls itself the ‘Endurance Capital of the World’.

    Trying locally produced wine can also be a good idea.


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