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  • Our plumbers are certified, regularly updated, and trustworthy
  • Their records are checked, and they are medically screened customary
  • We do not charge beyond your particular estimate

Expertise and up-to-date technology at the service of our top-rated Loomis, CA experts, ensure the best solution to any plumbing issue in your residence and business facility. Contact us today and get the work started and, maybe, even all done today!

Our business operates on the territory of Loomis, CA, as well as across the State of California. Our Loomis, CA plumbers are nurtured and continuously take up qualification-boosting courses to work with materials, instruments, and equipment of top-class producers.

Plumbing problems, as well as any other household issues, can occur unexpectedly and catch you by surprise. Prevent negative jack-in-a-boxes with our company’s services, and, should an emergency happen, we are there for your assistance 24/7. In contrast to our super-professional customer services, the rates we offer are universally affordable.

Exterminate leakages of piping and sinks, blockages of sewers, fix any issue with your water heaters, and, if it is the case, fully replace a segment or the entire piping framework of your household. Have it done for you by licensed technicians, and sleep soundly, leaving all the problems-driven thoughts behind.

The world’s most famous brands produce equipment and tools that we implement in our performances so that you could be assured of the quality of the customer services provided by 5 Star.

Order a sink or a bathtub replaced, toilet bowl unclogged, eliminate any leaks, big or small, install the necessary features, and dismantle the weathered ones with the specially trained masters from our company. They regularly undergo a broad spectrum of training of our Sacramento plumbing team. Their criminal records are carefully assessed, and their addictions are avoided to provide you with a reliable and highly professional service and peace of mind.

Contact us today to figure the cost of your particular pipe jobs, as we negotiate all the detail before we proceed to work, so overcharges are made impossible. Get your piping issues solved right away! Hit us today!


However common residential leaks can be, you should not underestimate the probable outcomes they entail. While most of the piping framework is conventionally hidden behind the concrete walls or built into the foundation, the cracked and dripping pipes are not easy to detect and repair. Finding the source of leakage can become an outdated task once the water starts getting through the walls and down the ceiling, leading to the deterioration of the house’s entire construction, let alone wallpapers, carpeting, electrical wiring, etc. All in all, it is highly suggested that such small catastrophes should be prevented to keep your nerves and your budget safe.

Our Loomis, CA professionals will detect the epicenter of the growing leakage plumbing issue in no time and find the most suitable solution using high-tech equipment.

To know the rates for your particular case, contact us today! 


Hot water going out of control can bring about various problems, turning one’s life into a disastrous challenge?

  • Timely replace your outdated water heater, or get it fixed, and you will see a positive trend in your communal pays.
  • 5 Star offers kitchen sink installation, plumbing repairs, and renovation of any water heaters, be they electric, gas, traditional ones with tanks, and tankless models.
  • Contact us to have top brands’ equipment installed to ensure the high quality, swiftness of our job, not to mention the affordable rates we offer.


Sewers’ blockages can become the reason for terrible smells and water stagnation. Such things as food pieces, hair clots, grease, and other rubbish are the main factors of sewers’ blockages.

Hire our licensed professionals to get rid of sewers malfunctioning as quickly as it is possible, and even today! We function 24/7, and our operators are always there whether you are having an emergency or feel the need of having your sewers examined and cleaned with no risks by a highly qualified team of plumbers from 5 Star company who use top-notch cameras to snake the sewers and detect clogs and blockages beyond the reach of amateurs.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We understand perfectly well that problems with the plumbing system can arise at any time and for anyone, and very few people would like to overpay for repairs. Sometimes it happens that the simplest plumbing problems can lead to much more expensive projects to renovate your residence.

For example, if you leak pipes that are hidden in the foundation of your residence, you may not notice the problem right away. Even a small leak over time can cause quite serious damage to the base of the house. The concrete can erode, causing the entire frame of the house to collapse.

Also, leaks can cause mold if there is constant moisture in the place of the leak. Mold is a rather dangerous one, which is extremely difficult and very expensive to get rid of. However, mold in your home can cause serious health problems for you and the rest of the household.

Therefore, you should trust pipe professionals in their field for several other reasons, namely our plumbing business.

Below we provide a list of reasons why you should contact us:

  • We are always in touch. You can service call our service center or write a written request. At any time of the day, even on weekends, we will answer you as soon as possible. We understand perfectly well that at any time, you may have questions, and something may go wrong, so we try to do our best to make you have a positive impression of working with us.
  • We have reliable plumbers in Loomis. Our Loomis, CA plumbers, go through numerous background checks before they start working. We care about the quality of our job, so our Loomis plumbers are constantly trained and master new technologies. Thus, only professional plumbers in Loomis CA act with our staff. This is one of our main advantages.
  • We care about your safety. We check every plumber for drug addiction, alcohol problems, prison sentences, and other problems with the law. Since the plumber comes to your home, we understand that safety is paramount.
  • We comply with COVID 19 prevention measures. We regularly disinfect all of our equipment. Our plumbers in Loomis wear masks when they come to your home. We also take care of the cleanliness of your home, so our plumbers in Loomis, CA, put on shoe covers before entering your home. Safety is our top priority.
  • Good reviews. On many sites, you can find positive and honest reviews about our job. We have many years of plumbing experience in plumbing service, and this experience is confirmed by the fact that our customers are satisfied with our job.
  • We serve around the clock. You can call technicians at any time of the day, any day of the week, and we will definitely come to your aid as soon as possible. We understand that plumbing issues can arise at any time, and sometimes urgent help is needed. Therefore, our services are available to you around the clock. You can be convinced of the experience of our plumber by calling him at any time of the day.
  • We will come to any place. We have special machines equipped with all the necessary equipment to solve urgent plumbing issues. This means that we will help you wherever you are. You can call one of our plumbers anywhere in the city.
  • We are ready to carry out projects of any complexity, as well as drain cleaning services, install plumbing system equipment like water heater installation. Our Loomis plumbers are regularly trained, and we use both modern and proven methods of working with plumbing. This helps us to achieve a high-quality job.
  • Here you can buy sanitary equipment from trusted manufacturers. We work only with trusted equipment suppliers. Each product on our website has a warranty period. And any product that you can buy on our website, we can install.
  • A clear payment system. Since we know that plumbing service can sometimes be expensive, we understand that you don’t want to overpay. Therefore, even at the planning stage of the project, we calculate the cost of the project. You can call our specialist free of charge to assess the plumbing repair, installation of the water heater, replacement of the sink, sewer lines or drain cleaning service or any other job. Thus, you always know what exactly you have to pay for and how much money you will spend on plumbing services. This pricing policy also helps us avoid fraud by Loomis plumbers. Since you know in advance how much you will need to pay, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Simple Ways To Avoid Serious Plumbing Problems

Some problems can lead to quite serious and costly repairs. We will tell you what causes the most common problems with plumbing most often and what preventive measures to use to reduce the risks.

The reasons why there may be problems with plumbing and water supply:

  • Improper installation of equipment. Improper installation of equipment can lead to a variety of plumbing, water supply, and drainage problems. It is important to go to professionals and choose quality equipment to avoid problems. You can always call our experienced plumber to help you with this problem.
  • Weather. A sudden change in air temperature can negatively affect plumbing and water supply. If your pipes are buried in the ground, the water in them can freeze in winter. You can call our plumber to check if your pipes are in order.
  • Improper use of plumbing equipment. This is one of the most common causes of plumbing and water supply problems. Moreover, such problems can be avoided very simply. It is important to use plumbing fixtures that fit your needs. For example, you need water heaters with a large tank if several people live in your house. This will prevent your water heater from overheating and failing.

Ways to avoid some plumbing issues:

  • Monitor the condition of your plumbing. This will help you avoid major problems like mold or washed-out foundations. You can phone call our plumber to check for you. Sometimes it’s better to get expert advice than count on luck. Our plumber will help you identify even the smallest problems, such as hidden leaks in the walls. We use state-of-the-art equipment that makes leak detection a simple task.
  • Clean pipes and drains regularly. Drain cleaning is a pretty important preventative measure that will help you keep your plumbing in good condition. The drains often contain small debris such as leaves, which leads to serious blockages. It is also worth monitoring the condition of the pipes because they can also clog. You can phone call our plumber to help you get rid of a blockage of any complexity.

Working With Business Owners And Corporate Clients

We have experience working with business owners, which means that we are trusted not only by their homes but also by their businesses.

Our priority is to make the quality of service equally high for both businesses and private clients.

You can phone call us and find out everything about working with corporate clients. We will be happy to share with you our experience in this area. Our company can guarantee you a high level of responsibility for each of our employees.


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    Loomis, CA

    What everybody is fond of concerning the city of Loomis is its most beloved dry summer. This and not only makes Loomis an enticing spot for travelers from around the entire country and people who seek a pleasant place to move. Among the cons is the growing real-estate pricing, as well as the average cost of living. Those who have dreamt about a warm and cosy place to live can find what they look for in Loomis, CA.

    The city is under the jurisdiction of Placer County, and measures around 7.27 square miles. It has been renamed several times in its history which started back in 1861 when the post office department was established. You will appreciate the climate here with its summers dry and winters naturally cold and humid.

    The locals enjoy their living in Loomis with its comfort and well-developed infrastructure and public transport system. Those who cannot imagine life without shopping will appreciate its variety of malls and stores in close proximity to the city center.

    Residents report a feeling of unity and supportiveness of their neighbors, which is a great advantage.

    Farming can be enjoyed there granted by the perfect climatic conditions. Agricultural activities are really favored by Loomis’s locals living in ranches and farms.

    The city provides great opportunities in the field of education: public schools, colleges, universities abound there.

    If you are a club-goer or practice active leisure like hiking, swimming, fishing, or skiing in winter, Loomis is the right place, with the Lake Tahoe a sparkling pearl of the region. Come to spend your holidays or stay for long, Loomis invites.