• Certificated, proven, experienced, reliable plumbers.
  • You know the exact price before we start because we charge you for the job.
  • For your safety and peace of mind, our plumbers are drug-screened, and their background is checked.

5 Star Plumbers are experienced to get most repairs done the same day.

We are trusted by Woodland homeowners and Businesses to solve plumbing problems.  You can always count on first-class service and quality work, whether installing a toilet, a new faucet, remodeling a bathroom, or repairing plumbing.  You can find out the cost and get immediate advice.

We work with leading sanitary ware manufacturers.  Woodland California can always count on quality installation, durability, and availability of our services.

You can turn to 5 Star for residential or commercial plumbing, as our certified and trained plumbers provide the first-class service at a reasonable cost.  Experts in their field, they are continuously trained to work with all brands.  And the warehouse “on wheels” provides access to any part of Woodland, CA, and the ability to perform the company on the same day.  5 Star is a 24/7 service because we understand that problems can arise at any time of the day.

Pipe leak repair WOODLAND

If your water bill goes up, you hear water running in your walls, or notice a hotspot on the floor you may have a leak, which our plumbers will help to deal with.

The wearing off of pipes located under the concrete foundation of a building leads to leaks in the water supply system.

 The concrete foundation acts as a temporary barrier between your interior and the leak.  As soon as water begins to seep through the concrete foundation and rise to the surface, it can cause various damage: deformation of the baseboards, wet spots, mold, discoloration of carpets.  Therefore, the sooner you take action to eliminate the leak, the better.

It is essential to contact a trusted plumbing company in Sacramento area with the most modern leak detection equipment as soon as possible.  You can assume that you have found it.  Call 5 Star now.  With the help of advanced electronic systems and tools for leak detection, we will find and fix leaks promptly as soon as possible.

5 Star’s qualified plumbers undergo training to operate the leak detection equipment.  We can quickly locate the leak and repair it, usually on the same day.

Sometimes the pipes under the concrete foundation wear out in several places and cannot be repaired.  In such cases, the 5 Star team can install a new pipeline.  You can count on us to get the job done as quickly as possible and at an affordable price.

Water heaters

You may need hot water for a variety of reasons, but 5 Star always has a solution.  We install, service, and repair all brands of residential and commercial water heaters.  Moreover, you can convert gas water heaters and electric water heaters from Bradford White, State, Rheem, and A.O Smith with us.  In addition to water heaters, we install, maintain, and repair boilers.

Over time, any water heaters must be replaced.  Our experienced plumbers, remove your old tank and replace it with a new high-efficiency gas water heater or electric water heater.

If you do not have hot water, the water needs to be drained, your water heater is making strange noises, or the water heater is leaking, contact us, we will fix it.

Low hot water pressure? Our experienced plumbers can identify and solve your low water pressure problem.

No job is too big or too small for 5 Star’s expert plumbers.

WOODLAND sewer cleaning SERVICE

Residential sewer problems?

 Our team can help you quickly deal with clogged toilets, clogged drain, sink, or sink preparation area.  Our experienced plumbers will help you get rid of grease and debris from your drain lines.  We will do our best to make your residential sewer work like new.

To get rid of the nasty issues with sewers and gain tranquillity at your place, contact our team! Our premier plumbers will complete the work in no time and do it professionally at a competitive price! Sewer is no easy task to perform efficiently, so it is always safer to entrust it to our certified masters.

We at 5 Star pride ourselves on providing hassle-free services.  This allows you to return to your normal course of life in no time.

Woodland, California

Woodland is a cozy town to the northwest of Sacramento with everything you need for a comfortable living.  The city has a friendly atmosphere; it is developed and safe enough for the whole family.  Woodland, CA, has a good selection of cafes, restaurants, shops, and parks.

What’s more, Woodland is located near the state capital, Sacramento.  This means you can get the best from living in a big capital city and living in calm Woodland.

Woodland has several must-see museums.  For example, the Reiff’s Gas Station Museum presents a unique collection of vintage cars, assembled by car enthusiast Mark Reiff.  This is a museum which will be equally interesting for both adults and children.

You can visit the Heidrick Ag History Center and see ancient farming tools.  Woodland is located in one of the most fertile lands in the US, so its history, like the present, is closely connected with agriculture, farming, and cultivation of various crops.  You can see ancient tractors, harvesters, horse-drawn tools, and many other exciting tools for tillage and agriculture in this cultural center.  Come to Heidrick Ag History Center for fascinating facts about agriculture in California in particular and the United States in general.

In addition to museums, you can visit the theater.  Watch a performance at the Woodland Opera House Theater.  The Woodland Opera House Theater has an extensive repertoire: from classics like the  Hunchback Of Notre Dame to contemporary musicals and shows for children based on well-known cartoons and fairy tales.

Active rest can be added to the cultural program.  For example, you can practice water sports in Velocity Island Park.  Going to the water park is the perfect family activity and a great way to hide from the heat on a summer day in California.  In Velocity Island Park, you can enjoy varied refreshing and fun water activities: from wakeboarding and paddleboarding to trying your skills and strength on the enormous inflatable obstacle course.  When engaging in extreme water sports, you must not forget about safety.  A safe and comfortable visit is the main priority of the owners of the water park.  Besides extreme entertainment, you can relax on the beach or have a snack at one of the local cafes.


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