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Best Breweries in Sacramento Area

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Sacramento County is a fascinating place to visit. We recommend that you do not limit your visit to California to Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are many attractions in Sacramento that are worth visiting. In addition, Sacramento has an excellent climate that makes visiting the county comfortable. 

Recently, the tourism industry has been developing rapidly in Sacramento. Residents of other states and countries visit the district every year. Moreover, locals often visit neighboring cities during weekends. Since cafes and restaurants are popular, this area is developing while being replenished with new companies. One of the most popular industries in Sacramento is brewing.

So, where should I taste the best brew in Sac?

Keep reading this article to check our list of the best local breweries in Sacramento. Believe us; you should definitely try the local beer, which is of high quality and exceptional taste.

1. Jackrabbit Brewing Co.

This company was formed by four beer lovers who decided to create their own quality product. Beer production is based on a five-barrel system that was invented by this particular team. You will not find this approach anywhere else. By the way, you can rent a safe room for your own event. It could be a party or a movie night. Moreover, the brewery offers a unique testing program for five different beers, which is conducted by an expert specifically for you and your friends. This is a great pastime for all beer lovers!

2. Device Brewing Company

The company is engaged in the production of craft beer such as, for example, porters and ales. The brewery was opened in 2013 by connoisseurs of craft beer. The founder of the company, Ken Anthony, has always been interested in brewing and created a modern production that quickly became famous in Sacramento. Among the advantages of this local company, visitors note excellent service, high professionalism of all employees, and a friendly atmosphere in the pub. Moreover, the quality of the beer does not leave anyone disappointed!

3. Bike Dog Brewing Company

This unusual name of the brewery appeared due to the fact that it was organized by four people who decided to collect all their favorite things in one name. Now a drawing with a dog and a bicycle is emblazoned on the brewery’s branded mugs. This is a small company that does not produce beer in huge batches. By buying beer from this company, you can be sure that it was brewed shortly before. This is a brewery with three barrels where unusual beer flavors are often produced. If you are tired of the same type of craft beer and looking for something unusual, we will definitely advise the Bike Dog company.

4. Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse

Do you want to go to the pub for a hearty lunch? Is it important for you to have not only high-quality craft beer but also delicious food? Then you will undoubtedly like this place. Urban Roots restaurant is famous for its amazing cuisine! There was a rumor all over Sacramento about the incredibly delicious meat that is smoked here. Here are a few dishes that are definitely worth trying: smoked ribs, brisket, and burgers. You may be surprised, but many vegetarian dishes are also cooked here! Every visitor will remain well-fed and satisfied, regardless of their diet and food preferences. The menu is perfectly balanced, all dishes and types of beer complement each other perfectly.

5. Loomis Basin Brewing Company

If you come to Loomis as a tourist or live there, then we will certainly recommend you to visit the Loomis Basin brewery. It is an extremely popular brewery among the locals. This place attracts many with its cozy backyard. There are many tables that are illuminated by lights. This place is ideal for meetings with friends on warm summer evenings. In addition to the typical craft beers, you can try unusual seasonal beers in this brewery.

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6. Track 7 Brewing Company

Track 7 is a brewery beer made on which is found in various stores of the district. This is an extremely popular beer that Sacramento residents often buy. We advise you to visit the brewery at least once to see where and how one of the best brands of beer in Sacramento is produced. By the way, the brewery is located close to the railway tracks, which explains the story of its name. Do not miss the opportunity to try both year-round and seasonal beer from Track 7!

7. New Glory Craft Brewery

This brewery is experimental. According to the plan of its founder, who is of French origin, they focus on the production of seasonal beer. Julien is not interested in producing the same beer on a regular basis. He draws inspiration from experiments and the constant search for the best combinations. Therefore, it is worth visiting this brewery to try a wide variety of seasonal drinks. You can pick up a couple of bottles of beer at the pickup point or arrange delivery. In addition, on the brewery’s website, there is an opportunity to book a place in the eatery opened by the founder of the brewery. By the way, you can often come across a food van from this taproom at various events in Sacramento.

8. Alaro Craft Brewery

Alaro is one of the most famous and oldest breweries in Sacramento. It seems that all the locals know about it. The brewery has been operating for 30 years. During this time, it has become a favorite place for locals. Alaro beer producers have already found the perfect recipe for their branded craft beer, so now they strictly adhere to the technology that has been developed and improved over the years to achieve the best result. 

Only the best and freshest ingredients are used for the production of beer. Some beers produced at this brewery have already been recognized by experts as the best and have been awarded. Visit the brewery and restaurant to taste ale, pilsner, steel, and classic beer of excellent quality. Visitors are usually satisfied with both the quality of service and the taste of various dishes.

9. SacYard Community Tap House

This is a cozy bar where a family atmosphere reigns. The bar is open on the site of a converted garage. In bad weather, you can spend the evening inside. Here, you will find not only delicious food and beer but also performances by local musicians or broadcasts of matches. The Backyard Community pub is known as a cafe where you can always find fresh farm produce. 

The cafe also has a home delivery service. Regular visitors note that the brewery has a wide variety of craft beer, so everyone will find something to their liking. In addition, the brewery is surrounded by a well-equipped courtyard. This is a great place to meet friends or spend time with family. There are a lot of seats; there are even fire pits. A separate place is dedicated to outdoor games. There’s no place better for a weekend in Sacramento than the SacYard Community Brewery!

10. Moksa Brewing

This company positions itself as the youngest pub in Rocklin. The production started working only in 2018, but in just a few years, it has already gained great popularity and the love of local residents. The owners of the bar welcome children and animals to their cafe, so large groups often gather here to spend time with the whole family. The brewery produces 24 beers. You can read the descriptions of each variety on the company’s website in advance. The pub regularly hosts various events such as game nights. The schedule of special events is also presented on the brewery’s website. Moreover, if you attend any city outdoor event, then you may find a food truck with food and beer from Moksa.

Therefore, there are actually a large variety of amazing breweries in Sacramento. Our shortlist is not exhaustive: we have selected the ten best breweries, but there are many other pubs with their own beer of excellent quality in the area. Do not miss the opportunity to taste local beers from various producers when visiting Sacramento. Arrange a real food tour for yourself!

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