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Top Outdoor Activities in Sacramento

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Being the capital of California, Sacramento delights its citizens with sunny weather 230 days per year. That is why guests of the city and its residents spend a lot of time outdoors. There are various outdoor activities in Sacramento so you can always find a place for you and your family to enjoy warm days out of your home.

This review will introduce you more to the topic of outdoor activities in Sacramento and will allow you to find the best location to spend summer days according to your purposes.

1. American River Bicycle Trail

If you are a fan of active pastimes, this trail is the best choice for you. Even though the path is mostly occupied by bicycles, you can find a place for running or walking there as well. Sacramento citizens adore this place for its high-quality surface, which is suitable for bicycle riding, roller skating, and jogging. Moreover, the path goes along the Sacramento River, which makes the way full of picturesque views.

2. McKinley Park

McKinley Park, in contrast to the previous location, is the perfect place for family walking and picnicking. Going there, you can unite with nature because this place can be called the greenest one in Sacramento. Also, there is a rose garden that will become your favorite one if you are a lover of plants. Do not hesitate to take children with you for a walk in this park because there are well-equipped playgrounds where children can find activities for themselves.

3. Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Sacramento is mostly a historical city because it was the center of all events happening in the period of the Gold Rush. For this reason, you cannot skip historical museums during your trip to Sacramento. However, it is more preferable for everyone to spend the day outside of museums during sunny days.

Old Sacramento State Historical Park is a great possibility to explore the history of California’s development outside. The park is a small example of the streets and buildings of that time in Sacramento. The way they are built makes all guests feel that they traveled through the history of California.

4. Sacramento Zoo

Another suitable place to spend the day outside with family is a zoo. Sacramento zoo is quite a small area with a variety of animals located in the park. It means that you can find a place for a picnic here as well as investigate different kinds of animals. Moreover, there are several cafes and shops in the zoo so you can find a place to rest and have a snack after the walk in the park.


5. William Land Park

William Land Park is an oasis in Sacramento because it is one of the main green areas in the city. It is a place full of plants and trees where you can look at blooming flowers, observe ducks in the pond, or do sport on one of the lawns. The park is spacious enough so you can keep social distance even on Friday evening. Besides, there are some spots with tables to have a rest and eat something while walking in nature.

6. River Excursions

The Sacramento River is a great alternative to the ocean if you want to spend some time next to the water. There are a lot of companies that organize boat trips on the Sacramento River. Choose one of them to see the center of Sacramento from the water. Especially wonderful scenery you can see in the evening when Sacramento is full of lights and night activities.

If you want to have a sports activity on the river, you can rent kayaks and go on a day kayaking voyage. It is a cool opportunity to feel unification with nature and receive energy from doing sport outside.

7. Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink

Traveling to Sacramento with your partner, you can find a romantic atmosphere on the ice rink in the center of Sacramento. The only limitation is its working schedule because it is open for visitors only from November to January. If you are in Sacramento during these months, practice your ice skating skills and enjoy an evening with your friends in this place.

8. Apple Hill

Apple Hill is a place where you can see the process of growing fruits for production and understand how complicated this process is. Visit Apple Hill to try special kinds of fruits that you will never find in groceries. This place is well-organized for visitors, so you can join one of the excursions or walk across the ranch by yourself.

9. American River Rafting

If you want to try an extreme activity, rivers in California allow you to do it with rafting. There are special agencies where specialists prepare you for this activity, explain all the safety measures, provide equipment, and show you the best locations for rafting on the river. The paths differ in their complicatedness, so you can find the most suitable route for you with the help of guides. Get a lot of positive emotions and explore the impressive landscapes of California with rafting.

10. Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

The golf complex on Haggin Oaks is not the most affordable place to spend a day outdoors, but the quality of service there will satisfy you. There are plenty of grounds for golfing as well as places to rest after play. You can stay in restaurants or have a snack during the golfing here to refresh yourself and continue the activity. This golf complex supplies guests with all tools they need for golfing so you can try yourself in a new outdoor activity even if you do not have any equipment.

11. Fairytale Town

This is a fun park for families and especially children which is full of beautiful and exciting attractions. Add new emotions to your trip to Sacramento if you are bored of historical museums and exhibitions. Children will love this place for its decorations and surroundings as there are places for interactive communication with animals. Of course, there are souvenir shops where you can buy a gift for your child after the wonderful day in the fun park.

To Sum Up

Sacramento is not only a city of luxury life or historical heritage — it is a place where you can find any activity you want within walking distance. You can combine both types of pastime and take pleasure doing outdoor activities. Landscapes of California allow guests to get rid of routine life in the city and spend a sunny day outside.

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