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Very well into 2022 for 5 Star

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We have all seen how a huge amount of companies closed their doors to the customers or became bankrupt in the previous two years, which definitely created a complicated economic situation for the owners of businesses. And because of that, we could not be happier that 5 Star not only managed to survive such hard times but also kept developing itself despite all of the hardships in its way. 

In comparison with many other companies throughout the world, 5 Star kept its workers in their places and even managed to increase their quantity during the last two years. What is more, 5 Star took care not only of their employees but of the clients as well: the company did not raise its prices as many other firms did. 

And although they had every right to do so, with the crazy inflation and worldwide economic crisis, 5 Star managed to provide their clients with the same quality of work for the same prices, which not only brought some of the old clients back but also drew the attention of the new ones.

What is more, we cannot allow ourselves not to mention the employees of the company themselves: these guys always go through a background check of their previous working place as well as of their professional skills before they are even allowed to start working, and then, they are always learning and improving their skills during their occupational time at 5 Star company. In addition, as 5 Star is always upgrading its appliances, the employees also get a chance to learn new techniques and fasten their working process.

The working motto of the company has always been to keep their clients and employees safe and satisfied, which is why the workers of 5 Star are going through all of the previously mentioned measures: the more they know and learn, the safer is everybody.

Aside from annual medical check-ups of the employees, additional measures of safety are also used by every person hired by 5 Star: the pandemic is still surrounding us, and the company cannot ignore this fact when working with their customers. Due to that, you can always be sure that the workers will wear masks and gloves and keep up with sanitizing measures.

As for the plans in 2022, the company hopes to improve their services even more, so that the quality of work, the conditions for employees, their skills and appliances would only be better. As for the prices, you can rest assured that the services of 5 Star will be available to you just as they were before.

When visiting the website of company, you can send an application to receive a free quote, look through all of the services provided by 5 Star and customers’ reviews, and get yourself a free consultation for your plumbing concerns. What is more, the workers of the company were kind enough to leave some useful tips of the website, so that you might be able to answer some of your questions by yourself.

As for the consultations, there are three ways for you to receive one: online, via a phone call to the company, and by visiting our office that is located at 4616 Roseville Rd #109, North Highlands, CA 95660. General contractors’ state license number is 1038276.

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