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Top Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures in Sacramento

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When you build or renovate your home, it is essential to ensure that only quality materials are used throughout. You want to live in a solid warm house. You can save money on paint or furniture, but plumbing fittings and fixtures should be of high quality because they ensure the operation of all plumbing, water supply, and drainage systems.

It is important for people to remember that they need to pay attention not only to the appearance of the faucet or any internal device but also to monitor the strength and safety of plumbing fittings and pipes.

In the case of using low-quality materials, leaks cannot be avoided. In turn, leaks can lead to even more serious consequences, such as crackling concrete or weakening of the foundation.

Therefore, a high-quality plumbing system is based on your home’s features, just like the foundation and walls.

We advise our readers to periodically inspect plumbing fittings and fixtures in your home. After all, a house is a living organism. Like you, a house needs a periodic examination by a doctor, only in the case of a house, this doctor will be a Sacramento plumbing team – 5 Star Plumbing.

By fixing problems early, you can avoid more serious consequences in the future. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-quality materials.


Every person who wants to install only high-quality plumbing equipment in his home will think about which companies he can trust in this matter. We have compiled a list of companies that answer all quality issues and are the best in their field. Products from these firms can be easily purchased in Sacramento.

1.   GROHE

If you are looking for a quality shower, then feel free to contact Grohe. They also manufacture thermostatic shower mixes, faucets for cooking, and other quality stuff.


This company is well known on both sides of the ocean. In their products, they use only innovative technologies, which have made the company one of the world’s best for over 100 years.


A distinctive feature of all the company’s products is that all their products are convenient in real life, they do not have a design for the sake of design, but at the same time, they meet the trends of modern fashion and style. The company produces high-quality and nice toilets, bathrooms, sinks. And for over 100 years, it has remained one of the leaders in this field.

4.   MOEN

The company specializes in faucets that are recognized throughout North America. Their faucets are not only stunningly reliable but also look very beautiful and appropriate.

5.   TOTO

A good company for those who, in addition to quality and beauty, think about the amount of water consumed, and would like to save it. Toto manufactures products for the bathroom and kitchen, as well as the famous Double Cyclone toilets.

5 Star Plumbing | Top Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures in Sacramento


Perhaps you are familiar with the name of this company because of its 100-year life, and it has become quite famous for its high quality and excellent service. The company produces water heaters, water filtration systems. You can also purchase waste disposal from them.


We advise you to look out for the small fountains and pumps produced by this plumbing producer.

The company produces pumps for every occasion, including condensate pumps, pond and garden pumps, sump, and other related stuff.

If water periodically accumulates in your basement, then you need a sump pump. The sewage pump also comes in handy when you are installing a sump system; it is pumping excess water down the drain. Condensate pumps help to reject condensate from ventilation and heating systems.

All pumps meet high quality, strength, and durability requirements.


The company produces excellent systems for the disposal of household and food waste. Their disposal systems’ distinguishing feature is that they can be easily installed in almost all sinks, from the pleasant bonuses, a long warranty, and corrosion resistance.


Pay attention to this company when searching for bath drains, sinks, drain valves, and quality faucets. Gerber has been working in its field since 1932, and during this time, has gained recognition from users of their products.


We advise you to contact this company for innovative toilets, faucets for kitchens and bathrooms, and their own VibrAcoustic bath line.


The company manufactures award-winning showers and bathtubs. The company has an impeccable reputation and is the world leader in the production of showers, shower doors, shower bases. Their design is not only pleasing but also meets the most advanced requirements for innovation and intelligent design.


The company offers a line of innovative pumps and pumping products such as wastewater pumps, drain pumps, sump pumps, pump accessories. You can also buy a pre-assembled wastewater equipment package from Liberty Pumps.


The company, with more than 130 years of history, has a wide range of products. They manufacture various faucets, bathtubs, toilets, bathroom sinks, escutcheons, aerators, plumbing accessories, and other items.

An important distinction of the company is that they target different customers. Here you can choose products for any budget, and you can choose something modern or timeless classics.

All American Standard plumbing supplies and fixtures are built to last for many years.

The company offers products not only for homes but also for commercial premises.

All of their toilets are constructed in two parts, which is very convenient if something breaks, you can easily buy spares or replace only one part of the toilet while saving money.

5 Star Plumbing | Top Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures in Sacramento


Until 2007, the company specialized in showers, taps, and showerheads. Then they decided to expand their range of products, but we still recommend going to them for these things.

The company pays special attention to these products. For example, they have developed a scald-proof shower valve and are careful to ensure the safety and reliability of their plumbing fixtures.

When you buy a Symmons product, rest assured that it is made to the highest quality standards, is practical, and will last you years.


The company has been developing since 1929, and since then has made it a rule to release at least a few new products every year.

They offer quality shower bases, bathtubs, toilets, lavatory sinks, and more. The company’s products are chosen not only by homeowners but also by industry professionals.


The company is well known for its faucets. More than a hundred years ago, the founder of the company created a garden faucet. Since then, Pfister has consistently received awards for its inventions in faucet manufacturing.

They continually improve the market by coming up with innovations such as lead filtration or underground faucet bars to provide more space for the sink.

The company does not forget about modern design. Their products are beautiful and elegant. The range is so wide that you will most likely need the help of an experienced consultant who will select a faucet based on your needs and capabilities.

17. NUVO H2O

The company manufactures water softeners. This is a relatively new product, and the company started its activities in 2009.

They offer water softeners, dishwasher packets, and dishwasher cartridges.

The great advantages of the company’s products are their environmental friendliness and a lifetime warranty. If something does not suit you, Nuvo H2O is ready to return your money. Using water softeners, you extend the life of your plumbing equipment.

The company grows annually and enters the international market.


Father and son founded the company more than a hundred years ago, and since then, the family business has grown into a global company.

The company manufactures faucets, sinks, water coolers, drinking fountains, parts, and different accessories.

Recently, the company entered the water filtration market.

The company’s most popular product is its drinking fountains, which can save you gallons of water in your office or home.


The company manufactures kitchen waste disposal plants, water dispensers, and parts for these items.

Waste King appliances make your kitchen even more useful. The products will serve you for many years without requiring replacement.

When choosing garbage disposals, we advise you to pay attention to parameters such as noise level, continuous or batch feed, and horsepower.

If you want to reduce the noise level, then it is better to choose a more expensive model, they make less noise.

The difference between the batch feed garbage disposal and continuous ones is that in the first case, you need to load the waste into the hopper before turning it on. This is useful if you do not want to accidentally recycle something that is not intended for this. But such utilizers are also more expensive.

Finally, choose a higher power if you have a lot of trash. For home cooking, you can choose a device with a smaller indicator.


The company also produces high-quality hot water dispensers and food waste disposers.

The company is the pioneer of waste disposal in kitchen sinks and a leader in this field.

The company invests a lot of money annually in its research and obtaining patents, which allows it to be the first in the innovation of food waste disposers.

The company offers a whole line of disposals so that every customer can find something to suit their needs, and experienced sellers will help make the right choice.

5 Star Plumbing | Top Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures in Sacramento


When buying plumbing equipment, you need to pay attention to several parameters besides quality:

  • correct sizes;
  • use of suitable materials;
  • reasonable prices.


It will be very disappointing to buy high-quality equipment, choosing which you will spend some time on, and then to come home and find that the accessories simply do not fit, or, on the contrary, they are bigger than you need. To prevent this, always find out the size that you need. If this is some kind of small spare part, then you can simply take it with you to the store and ask the consultant to choose the same one for you or to correlate the size yourself.


Plumbing fixtures and fittings are mainly made from materials such as steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper, or chlorinated PVC. It is best to choose brass-coated fittings made from the same material as the plumbing system in your home.


There is a huge variety of plumbing equipment stores now, both online and offline. And the prices in them can vary, somewhere you will overpay for an intrusive service, and somewhere for a beautiful store design. We advise you to do a little research and compare prices, especially if you plan to buy global items or buy in large quantities. Do not ignore local hardware stores. Often their assortment and prices can pleasantly surprise you. Follow promotions and discounts.


As of now, you have discovered a lot of profitable information concerning the best supplies and fixtures for plumbing in Sacramento. We hope that the info will be of great use to our readers. Reread the article to solidify your knowledge. Try to handle some simple plumbing jobs by yourself, but it would be more effective to hire a team of professionals if you don’t want to miss some important things and cause damage to your property.

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