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Top Places for Kids Birthday Parties

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A child’s birthday is a special day and you want it to remain in the memory for life. It is not easy to come up with something special for your child every year, but we are here to help you.

We’ll share some of the top spots in Sacramento where you can throw a kid’s party. See our list below to get some of the best party ideas.

Bowling parties

Let’s start with the classics. Bowling is fun for both adults and children. Party guests will have something to do with energy, and parents will have the opportunity to connect to the fun.

  1. Capital Bowl

Capital Bowl offers special party packages that have everything you need. You will receive a dedicated party room, beverages and pizza, and, of course, a lot of bowling. The location is situated in West Sacramento.

  1. Pins N’Strikes

This place offers three options for kid’s party packages at once. All of them include not only bowling but also pizza and arcade play. You can choose one of the private rooms and entrust your celebration to a party host. Pins N’Strikes is situated in Elk Grove.

  1. AMF Land Park Lanes

Here you will find not only bowling but also other entertainment such as billiards and arcades. Choose the best of three options and enjoy the fun.

Swim Parties

Almost all children love water and water adventures. Spend your party in one of the swim centers of Sacramento.

  1. The Mike Shellito Indoor Pool and Roseville Aquatic Center

Swim parties at this center last two hours. One hour children will swim under the supervision of experienced lifeguards, and the second hour is dedicated to the celebration with a host. You can invite up to 50 guests to such a party.

  1. The Wackford Aquatic Complex

A great option for hot weather. The package includes a guest entrance and a private room where you can celebrate away from strangers. And, of course, the party will be hosted by the party host.

  1. Raging Waters

Imagine what it would be like to celebrate your birthday in the largest water park! It is a pity that we are not children, although…

Here you will find 20 water slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river. Choose a package for a perfect birthday.

Science Parties

Science can be exciting. You can combine education with pleasure at a science party, where children will have good fun and learn something new.

  1. Powerhouse Science Center

Choose a theme for the party and one of the three packages offered. Children can work together on a variety of hands-on science stations.

  1. Mad Science of Sacramento

The delight of this center is that you can decide to spend the party at their location, or in some other one, for instance, at home.

Birthday party packages are made in such a way that it will be interesting for children of all ages. Nobody gets bored at this interactive party.

  1. The Science Wizard

The Science Wizard hosts birthdays or other parties at your location. You will be offered 6 different themes that you can combine with other unusual experiments.

Enchanted Parties

Suitable for those who dream of magic and want something more intricate for their birthday. Immerse yourself in a real fairy tale and have a truly magical day!

  1. Fairytale Town

A place that is inspired by children’s stories and poems. Here magic comes to life and takes you to a distant world.

Choose from 5 available themes and 25 playsets. The meeting with farm animals will be a special experience.

  1. The Fairy Godmother

This option is available for holding at your location. Imagine the joy of your child when their favorite fairy-tale heroes come to visit them! Choose one of four birthday options and wait for the magic to knock on your door.

  1. Funderland Amusement Park

This amusement park is located in William Land Park. Here you can spend your child’s birthday without any worries. Just choose from three party packages. These include ride tickets, a reserved area for a party, and a t-shirt for a birthday boy or girl. You can also choose a set that includes decorations, drinks, and food.

Party Animals

What could be cuter than children? Only children with furry animals. You can get a charge of positive emotions and get to know the animals better in these locations.

  1. Amazing Animal World

Here you can not only meet in a stunning collection of birds, reptiles, and insects but also learn how to treat them responsibly. Children will be taught how to value and respect the animal world in all its forms.

  1. Pony Ranch

Pony Ranch will deliver animals straight to your party. They have been on the market for over 30 years and know how to please children without harming animals. The birthday kid and guests will be shown how to behave with animals and, of course, will get perfect entertainment.

  1. Nature’s Critters

It is another option for interacting with animals at your child’s birthday party. Nature’s Critters is a mobile venue, and you can choose from 7 available themes for your kid’s party.

Children will have the opportunity to meet 5-6 animals of their choice. Imagine the delight of your child embracing their favorite animal. And of course, you will get memorable photos.

Sports Parties

If your children are active and energetic, they will love the sports event. There are many variations, and we will only tell you about a few of them. But you can definitely be sure that they are all amazing!

  1. Rocknasium

It is a climbing gym that invites you to celebrate a children’s birthday right here. Climbing zones, special equipment, and staff will be available to your guests. Children will be able to take part in challenges and games. You will also be provided with a party table. You can either bring food and drinks with you or order something directly from the center.

  1. Olympus Sports Coliseum

This sports center offers two birthday scenarios, and you can also choose the sports field where the party will take place. There are different options:

  • Multi-use sports court
  • Indoor soccer
  • Infield
  • Batting cages

The Coliseum allows you to bring your own food and drinks and will prepare a reserved table for you.

  1. Urban Air Adventure Park

This park has won various awards as the best park for children or trampoline park. And it is deserved! This indoor playground will appeal to children of all ages and will surprise them with more and more adventures.

Martial Arts Parties

This is a fairly new trend in children’s birthdays. Such parties will not only be dynamic but also introduce children to a different culture.

  1. Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts

You can choose from 8 locations throughout Sacramento. Throw a party here in honor of your child’s birthday, and you will get a charge of positive emotions. Party packages offer different games, activities, as well as supervision and setup.

  1. Robinson’s Taekwondo

Perfect location for kids age 5-12. The party will include an exciting lesson and adventure on the obstacle course. And if you bring a cake with you, it will be cut with a samurai sword.

Art Parties

Dedicate your child’s next birthday to art and creativity.

  1. Just for Fun Art

Head here to create masterpieces right in the studio. The site will provide you with all the materials, as well as a separate area where you can set a festive table.

  1. Art Beast! Children Studio

Here you can not only do craft but also have great fun on the playgrounds. There will be art halls and unique studios for your use.

  1. Art Box Children’s Studio

They believe that the most important thing is not the result but the fun process itself. Kids will love exploring the corners of their imaginations while having a great time. The birthday kid will be given a special gift, and parents can decorate the hall themselves and bring food and drinks.

To Sum Up

To make the perfect party for your child’s birthday, you first need to listen to your kid’s wishes. Usually, children say directly what they want (haha, at least this is not difficult).

But seriously, if your child is usually quiet and prefers calm entertainment, they are unlikely to enjoy a day at the sports center. But an art studio or communication with animals will definitely be to their taste.

The same thing works the other way around. If energy splashes over the edge, scientific experiments will not be a very tempting proposition, but a day in a water park is just that.

Invite good friends, cook delicious treats, and this day will be the best day of the year. Both for you and your kid.

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