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Top Most Demanded Plumbing Techniques of 2021

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In this article, we will cover the most common plumbing features that will be trending during the whole of 2021. If you are a professional plumber and struggling with what brand new ideas to offer to your clients or if you are planning some remodeling works in your bathroom this year, keep reading and find out more about the most demanded plumbing techniques of 2021.

What Are the Trends for 2021?

Generally, most trends that are taking place in 2021 are connected to the convenience of using the bathroom and toilet. As a plumber, you should keep in mind that nowadays customers already have everything they need (comfortable bath and toilet, good-looking interior, and impressive design of furniture). Therefore, they are looking forward to bringing new ideas to plumbing equipment.

Let us talk about some prevailing trends. The first thing to keep in mind is that many people want to contribute to saving the environment. They are aiming at being eco-friendly. That is why they care about how much water they waste. Moreover, how much we will pay by the end of the month depends on the amount of water we use. The majority of homeowners are willing to save some money. Luckily, new technologies can solve this problem. For example, a homeowner can purchase leak detectors to avoid the problem of losing water for no reason.

Nowadays, it is extremely popular to combine modern technologies and essential plumbing features. People want not only to have a shower but listen to music. They want to feel more comfortable and confident in their own house. That is why many homeowners are willing to pay more for some brand new technologies, especially if they solve some common problems. For instance, many people wake up late at night to go to the toilet. The worst thing is to turn on the light that seems too bright. Developers working in the plumbing industry have come up with a perfect solution. They have designed a toilet with lights that turn on automatically when you are reaching it.

The List of Popular Plumbing Techniques of 2021

We have compiled a list of ideas for you. Check it out to make your bathroom or toilet look modern or to help your clients come up with some brilliant ideas.

Make sure to follow the following recommendations to stay tuned and not lose clients. In 2021, it is crucial to have some outstanding ideas to offer for your clients.

1. Feature for Recirculation of Hot Water

If you are interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle, you will surely like the first trend we will cover. Have you ever thought about how much hot water we are using every day? The problem is that while being in the pipes, hot water can become cool again. As a result, more water is used.

On the contrary, thanks to the new technologies, hot water can circulate through the pipes. Therefore, you will always have access to it without wasting additional water and energy for warming it. This feature might be extremely useful at night when the flow of hot water may be reduced, and you have to wait for the water to heat up before taking a shower.

2. Detectors of the Leakage

Have you ever faced the problem of leakage in your house? You probably know how unexpected and dangerous it can be. It is very hard to notice a potential place of leakage in advance. Usually, the problem occurs when you are absolutely not ready for it. Water that is going from the pipes can damage your furniture and flooring. As a result, you will have to pay for changing pipes and renovation of the whole room.

How to prevent these situations? You can install leak detectors in your house. Choose a place in your house where some old pipes are located or an area in which you have already noticed a hole. As soon as the water starts to go out from the pipe, you will be notified about it. You will have enough time to arrive home, solve the problem by yourself or call a professional plumber.

3. Smart Shower and Toilet

When we are talking about comfortable living and plumbing techniques for wealthy people, we should mention smart showers and toilets. Smart showers were not invented to reduce costs or ensure cleanliness and protection from dangerous bacteria. However, they bring even more comfort to your life. Owning a smart shower, you can regulate temperature and how water runs using a sufficient digital panel. You can also download an app on your smartphone.

While you should think about purchasing a smart shower for more comfort, buying a smart toilet is becoming a necessity. Smart toilets provide safety and cleanliness since they have functions of automatic flushing and self-cleaning. As a homeowner, you do not have to push a flushing button yourself, which prevents you from having bacteria on your hands. Moreover, there are some features for increasing the comfort of using a toilet such as heating of a seat and lights that turn on when you are reaching a toilet at night.

4. Touchless Toilet

If you are not ready to pay the whole sum for a smart toilet and do not need all the functions that it has, you might like the following offer. Buy a touchless toilet! It is a great option for those who want to be sure of the safety of themselves and their children. You do not have to touch a toilet seat or a flushing button, so you will keep your hands clean. The perfect combination would be a touchless toilet and faucet.

5. Touchless Faucet

Another modern technology that we will talk about can improve your safety. Touchless faucets have become common in shopping malls, restaurants, and airports in the past few years. However, not many homeowners realize that they can install a touchless faucet in their apartment. This is not about how beautiful and modern your faucet looks but how safe it is to use.

All members of the family touch a faucet a hundred times per day. Moreover, when washing your hands, you first touch a faucet with your dirty arms. After you have finished, you turn off the water and touch a faucet with bacteria on it again. By using a touchless faucet, you will keep your hands clean. In addition, the faucet itself stays clean longer. You do not have to clean it as often as a regular one.

5 Star Plumbing | Top Most Demanded Plumbing Techniques of 2021

6. Smart Systems for Heating Water

It is good if you already have an independent system for heating water in your house. This feature provides you hot water no matter what happens. However, nowadays, the majority of people have installed these systems and are looking for improvements. For them, it is not enough to buy another heating system that has all the same functions as a previous one. A new approach is now in high demand.

There are numerous smart systems for heating water presented on the market. The most significant features of them are an opportunity to control the temperature and choose the one you need with the help of a smart thermostat, screens that depict everything and will show a problem if one ever occurs, and special regimes of working that will contribute to saving energy in your house.
If you are planning to buy a smart home or you already have one, a smart system for heating water will be the right choice for you.

7. Shower with Bluetooth Connection

Are you a huge fan of music and cannot imagine going to the shower without listening to your favorite tracks? This recent invention was created just for you! Now you do not have to take your phone or speaker with you in the bathroom. Consider purchasing a Bluetooth showerhead. It can be connected to any of your devices, like a laptop or a smartphone. Music will be played by a showerhead.

Moreover, to get the best experience, we recommend choosing models with additional lights. The colors might change to the beat. This purchase might not bring you any essential functions, but it will change the whole mood of your bathroom. You will have an opportunity to go to shower early in the morning, singing and dancing, which makes every morning better. Or you can relax at night listening to some relaxing beats.

Imagine being able to answer a phone call while being in the shower. It seems irrealistic, but this a new reality that we are living in.

8. Tankless Heaters for Water

This innovation in plumbing is the most popular one. Many homeowners are interested in it and are willing to purchase it. We are talking about tankless heaters for water. All tankless heaters can be separated into two groups (gas and electric ones). Both of them are common.

Regular water heaters have one major disadvantage: you have to wait until the whole tank of water becomes hot. On the contrary, in tankless water heaters, water is heated up at the moment when it goes through the tank, but it does not stay there. Therefore, you always have unlimited access to hot water.

The fact that will convince you to buy a tankless water heater is that it can save your money. Moreover, by using less energy for heating water, you contribute to saving the environment. At the same time, tankless water heaters provide comfort. You are no longer dependent on the time when water will be heated up. You can go to the shower or stay long in the bath and do not be afraid of hot water running out.

9. Recycling Systems for Greywater

The most important plumbing technique that will blow the minds of eco-friendly people is greywater recycling systems. The water that has already been used now can be used once again. If you have ever been concerned about how much water you waste every day and how it influences the environment, we will recommend you installing this system. The system knows which type of water to recycle and clean. It does not recycle water from the toilet, for example. But the water that has been used for washing clothes can easily be cleaned and used one time more.

10. Smart Irrigation

The last plumbing trend that we will cover in this article is smart irrigation. The main feature of it is that irrigation systems can be controlled in a remote mode from an app on your mobile phone. You can choose the time, the regime, and the type of irrigation you want when being away from home. Just a few touches, and the irrigation system will start working. Smart system based on new technologies helps to control everything from your smartphone. You will avoid situations when you will leave the irrigation system working for too long because all the information will be collected in one app.

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