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Top 15 Hotels in Sacramento

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Sacramento’s vast choice of hotels ranges from five-star luxury hotels to less expensive ones. And whether you are planning a business trip or visiting California’s capital city for a vacation, be sure that there are lots of places to choose from.

In this guide, you will learn about the top fifteen hotels you can stay in when you come to Sacramento. We will show you our picks of more affordable places and luxury hotels in the downtown area. You will also learn out about Sacramento’s most extraordinary hotel. So read closely.


Sacramento is California’s capital city. It sits in a flat valley in the north-central part of the state, just near the hills of Sierra Nevada. The territory around Sacramento is known as Sacramento Valley. There are two rivers joining together in the city. They are the American River and the Sacramento River.

Sacramento is a word of Spanish origin. Gabriel Moraga, a Spanish cavalry officer, gave this name to the local river. “Santisimo Sacramento” is the Spanish for Most Holy Sacrament.

Sacramento’s history begins in the first half of the 19th century, just prior to The Gold Rush era in California. The era that played a huge role in the city’s destiny. The first local settlement was the Sutter’s Fort, established by John Sutter, a German-born pioneer. The New Helvetia community, consisting mainly of Sutter’s fellow immigrants, grew rapidly, and by the mid-19th century, it already became a successful agricultural settlement. Until the Gold Rush began.

Gold was found just some thirty-odd miles down the American River in 1848. Months later, the New Helvetia community was infested with gold diggers from all over the country. The Gold Rush affected the life of the settlement drastically. Pretty soon, a formerly prosperous region invaded by hordes of gold-seekers came to its demise, leaving John Sutter buried in debts.

Disappointed and frustrated, John Sutter had to turn down his plans of building the city he wanted to call Sutterville. Another city called Sacramento was founded instead. John Sutter, Jr. (the son of John Sutter’s) saw a promising economic perspective of Sacramento and began to work on its further development.

As for the founder of Sutter Fort, John Sutter, Sr., until his very death in 1880, he was trying to get compensation for the losses caused by prospectors during the Gold Rush but, unfortunately, to no avail.

But Sacramento kept on growing. Despite frequent floods and fire, the city was still getting richer and bigger. As a result, in 1854, a riverside city of ten thousand citizens, Sacramento gained its state capital status. After the American Civil war and on through the end of the century, Sacramento was developing as a prominent river port and the region’s largest city.

During the first decades of the 20th century, Sacramento once again experienced a rapid growth surge. Not only its population grew thanks to domestic labor migration. Sacramento also absorbed more and more areas around the city. Between the 1940s and 2000s, the city became seven times larger. During the same time period, its population became four times as big.


Today, Sacramento is not only the region’s agricultural center but also one of California’s main tourist attractions. It attracts visitors from across the nation and abroad for its history, architecture, museums, galleries, festivals, and sights.

Some of the most amazing tourist attractions each visitor must see include:

Sutter’s Fort Historic Park

  • State Railroad Museum
  • Sacramento History Museum
  • California State Capitol
  • Sacramento Zoo
  • Waterfront District
  • Fairytale Town
  • California Automobile Museum

If you are an avid traveler, this marvelous city definitely deserves a place on your traveling checklist. You may go there by yourself, with your friends, with your significant other, or take a family trip. It may be a one-day trip, or you may choose to stay there a bit longer. And if you choose a longer stay in Sacramento, you will need comfortable accommodation. Check out our brief guide that will take you through the top fifteen hotels and inns of Sacramento.

Since Sacramento is a large city with several areas, we decided to divide our list into five separate categories dedicated to certain parts of the city. In each category, we placed the hotels starting off with the more affordable options. We hope that it will make our guide easier to navigate.


5 Star Plumbing | Top 15 Hotels in Sacramento


This two-floor motel hits our list because it’s not that far from downtown and is a fine choice for an affordable stay. The Greens motel has twenty-six rooms marked in alphabetical order (A to Z). Stayers can enjoy not only its somewhat extravagant interiors but also an outside pool and a garden. While staying in this hotel, you can have dinner in a retro-style diner nearby or visit an art gallery.


Business trip or pleasure vacation – this place will work fine for both. It is a European-style, modern hotel with bright-colored rooms that include micro-fridges, coffee makers, TVs, WiFi. Some rooms have patios. There is also an outside pool.


This is a luxury hotel at Capitol Park. It is fifteen-story tall and has 235 rooms in total. All the rooms are fully-equipped for the most comfortable stay one can think of. The rooms even have kitchens! Amenities also include an outside pool, a spa, free-of-charge breakfasts, and laundry rooms. Another great feature is that you bring your pet with you, thanks to the hotel’s pet-friendly policies.


One of the most romantic places to stay in, this downtown hotel occupies the historical Fong Mansion and the Villa Building. Staying there, you will have a spa, including massage service, a sauna, jacuzzis, luxury gowns, gourmet, and breakfasts with multiple courses. There are not too many rooms, though, but all of them include exquisite furnishings, high-quality internet connection, and large television sets. Some rooms also have balconies.


Last but not least among downtown Sacramento hotels is the Sterling Hotel that occupies one of the city’s older buildings – a Victorian mansion. This mansion was built in 1984 and underwent reconstruction to function as a modern-day hotel. The hotel has sixteen exquisitely designed rooms with all the modern conveniences and a ballroom for almost two hundred people, which is often used for weddings. There is also a local restaurant that provides room service any time of day and night.


Occupying Public Market Building, this high-class hotel offers an around-the-clock gym, an outside swimming pool with heating, two restaurants, and 503 rooms. This hotel is the usual choice for business conferences. But it’s also a great place for romantic trips and family vacations. And you can stay there with your pets as well.


The Citizen Hotel is a luxury hotel notable for its early 20th-century design inspired by California’s pioneer past. The hotel hosts 198 stylish and fully-equipped rooms. Guests can choose single-bedroom suites or the penthouse. One of this hotel’s unique design solutions is elegant bathroom tile mosaics in the rooms on the thirteenth floor. The restaurant in this hotel is rated as one of the finest ones in Sacramento.


Just not far from the Capitol is a luxurious Hyatt Regency hotel. It has undergone a renovation recently and now is open for new customers. Hyatt Regency satisfies all the top standards for a luxury hotel. First of all, it is pet-friendly, which is highly important for a first-class hotel these days since more and more tourists prefer traveling with their pets. Hyatt Regency offers this possibility to its guests. The hotel’s large rooms are fully equipped with high-quality television sets, coffee makers, cozy plush beds, snack bars, and WiFi connection. Their exquisite interiors feature elements in gold, red and white.


This hotel offers its guests 250 stylish rooms with sliding doors that also have mirrors on them and a grayish and Nevada brown color selection. While staying in Kimpton Sawyer hotel, guests can enjoy swimming in the outside pool on the third-floor open-air deck, chilling out at a lounge area on the rooftop, and looking at the breathtakingly beautiful skyline. Guests with pets are also welcome.


5 Star Plumbing | Top 15 Hotels in Sacramento


This inn is located only a few blocks away from the Capitol. It occupies fantastically looking renewed historical buildings and offers rooms with exquisite bathrooms, jacuzzis, and even fireplaces. Rooms also have private patios. All rooms in Amber House have the names of profound writers and musicians. Just imagine living in a room named after Emily Dickinson, Mozart, or Vivaldi. Rooms are equipped with WiFi and high-end television sets.


5 Star Plumbing | Top 15 Hotels in Sacramento

Old Town Sacramento is known for its riverside hotels. It is a historical part of the city. It was founded in the 1840s and still breathes history. It’s a perfect place for those deeply in love with California’s Gold Rush era. Among historical attractions, there is Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento’s first settlement.


Our first pick is this extended stat hotel that offers its guests home-like aesthetics with free-of-charge breakfasts and evening snacks, Tuscan cuisine, gym, and indoor pool, not to mention a beautiful view of the Sacramento River.


Without a doubt, this is Sacramento’s most peculiar hotel, and it is, technically speaking, a riverboat. Delta King is moored at a Sacramento river port, and its cabins were remade into forty-four modern hotel rooms. The Delta King boat combines a pleasant stay in a contemporary hotel with the aesthetics of a river cruise.

Amenities and services include (but are not limited to) theatrical performances and live shows, onboard restaurants, a WiFi network, halls for public events, and valet service.


These are the quieter areas of the city that offer less costly accommodations. Our top picks here are two places:

  • West Sacramento’ Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Elk Grove’s Hilton Garden Inn


It’s a perfect place if you need an affordable hotel that is still not too far from the city’s downtown area. The rooms and suites there are large and equipped with modern-day devices and conveniences, including a WiFi network. You get access to an outside pool, gym, and round-the-clock business center. Amenities also include free-of-charge breakfasts and riverboat tours.


This is one of the quieter budget inns in the Elk Grove area. This inn offers cozy rooms with all the necessary modern-day conveniences like WiFi and TVs, microwave ovens, fridges. Rooms also have high-quality beds by Natural Form. A local restaurant will offer breakfasts and dinners for guests. If you happen to get hungry in the middle of the night, there is a convenience store with snacks that is open 24 hours.

While staying in this inn, guests will have free access to the outside pool with a hot tub, gym, a business center that is open round-the-clock, and free-of-charge parking. There is also a spacious outdoor area for holding meetings, banquets, and other events.


5 Star Plumbing | Top 15 Hotels in Sacramento


This hotel is perfect for an extended stay with its suites with kitchens, WiFi, and on-the-house breakfasts. Travelers may also enjoy indoor and outdoor sports activities, swimming in an outside pool, or visiting a business center. There are also meeting areas for a variety of events. In the Discovery park nearby, stayers are free to take long strolls, play baseball, have picnics, and even fish there, as well. The park also has a thirty-two-mile bicycle trail.

Another welcoming feature of this hotel is free-of-charge airport shuttles available round the clock.


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Sacramento has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and entertainment. The city is famous for its museums and art galleries, fairs, summertime festivals, and open-air music concerts. These events gather massive crowds of residents and the city’s guests every year. And if one day you want to visit this marvelous city, you know at least fifteen hotels and inns that will make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.

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