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Top-10 Most Common Plumbing Problems

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Problems with plumbing are inevitable and can arise at the most inappropriate time. While some of them are simple to eradicate, others can entail serious shortcomings and require sophisticated measures. Once you are a knowledgeable homeowner and can fix the issues yourself, it can help save up substantially.

There exists a broad spectrum of plumbing problems. Big and small, they demand attention, fast repairs or renovation, and investment. With time and without proper attendance, some minor issues may turn into real disasters.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of plumbing calamities to raise your awareness of the subject and prepare for them. Now, we list out ten most frequently arising issues and possible ways to solve them. See for yourself if you can fix them alone or need professional Sacramento plumbing services assistance.


Usually, the reason for slowly draining water in sinks are clogs that form mostly from food debris and won’t let the water go down correctly. If the pan has a connection to the garbage disposal, it can double the trouble. The level of water rising above average is the right token that a clog is inside the drain.

Even though it is a minor inconvenience, there is no guarantee that it will not bring about serious issues afterward and interfere with your daily kitchen routine.

To unclog the drain, there are several ways. Some of them are of DIY kind, like using cleaners. Others require advanced equipment and the commitment of a professional plumbing team.

As to the drain cleaners from supermarkets, they can have a short-term effect but do not eliminate the real source of the issue, that may lie under the surface.

Among other simple ways to unclog the drain, one can use:

  • Various drain plungers
  • Drain-cleaning bladders
  • Dismantling and cleaning of the drain trap
  • Sustainable drain cleaners
  • Baking soda
  • Drain snakes

People often underestimate the impact a clogged drain can have on a household, like water floods, ruined flooring, and considerable investment. DIY methods are perfect if one knows how to apply them. In other cases, a team of certified plumbers armed with technology can save the household from disappointing and expensive outcomes.


Once your tap lets out only thin strings or small water droplets, it implies something is wrong with the pressure. The reasons for the occurrence vary, from pipe leaks when the piping is broken or worn out, to the mineral build-up. Some of the issues are easy to identify and fix, while others require expertise.

Low water pressure can arise in several areas of a household. It can affect a showerhead’s functioning, a bathroom or kitchen tap, toilet, or washing machines. However, sometimes the issue impacts the efficiency of the entire household.

A showerhead can be replaced or cleared from deposits; kitchen and bathroom faucets can get back in order if you check the work of an aerator; the problem with toilets and washing machines can lie in the worn-out valves and hoses. The works to fix these problems above are easy to perform. However, a broken or leaky plumbing grid will demand the attendance of a professional team.


Toilets can be hard to unclog in terms of nerves lost and methods applied by non-professionals. No one can be calm when the bathroom is out of order or water flows over the floor. Such cases demand emergency measures if the water amount is ample, but following a simple strategy helps save up on plumbing services in Sacramento, CA.

The reasons for clogs in toilets usually arise when some objects get stuck in a trap underneath the porcelain cover of a toilet. While it can be easy to solve the problem, using a plunger, in other cases, one may need an auger. Sometimes, a plumbing team is the only way out.

To avoid significant problems brought by clogs, it is far better to take some preventive measures.

First and foremost, minimize the use of toilet paper and avoid putting it in the bowl to keep the drain from overloading. Apart from paper, make sure that other non-septic products do not go in the pan. This will also save your sewage system from clogging. Instruct your kids to do the same. If the toilet clogs, a plunger, like a cup one, is one usual way out. You can use it to unclog sinks, bath, and shower drains. Another solution is a flanged toilet plunger.

As one more solution, we suggest using toilet drills, which have a shape of a cable inside a tube and a sweep elbow at the other end. The rubber sleeve prevents scratches to the porcelain. Never use a drain snake not intended for toilet use, as the metal auger can severely scratch the fixtures. This instrument aims at unclogging toilets specifically, and plumbers commonly call it a drain ‘snake.’ While it can be challenging to perform unclogging, get a team of professionals to complete it fast and.


Blockages can also appear in shower drains. Debris, hair, and other build-up can be the usual reasons. Homeowners widely utilize drain ‘snakes’ to reach the trap where clogs generate. With sink and bathtub drains, however, the unclogging usually requires disassembling of the trap. A shower drain is the easiest to clear if one follows guidelines thoroughly.

A ‘snake’ is the ultimate instrument to perform unclogging works. It can eradicate hair, pieces of various waste, and soap build-ups easily and effortlessly. Homeowners around the world use the tool to bring their plumbing features back into the appropriate condition.

Clogs can cause sewer backups, which can simply ruin your day.

In this case, to eliminate the issue as fast as possible, contact a licensed professional team. They will identify the reason and offer the best solution. This will save you from troubles and ensures the quality of the performed works. The DIY method is good enough, but relying on experienced masters guarantees the best result. 


However small the issue may seem at first sight, pipe leakages can be dangerous for many reasons and entail severe damage to your household, safety, and tranquillity. The leakages’ high humidity can entice harmful insects attracted to the warm and wet water pools generated under the piping. Very often, leakages can occur in a joint between two pipes. As a short-term solution, plumbing professionals highly recommend using duct tapes, washings, among others. However, to ensure your piping framework’s safety in the long run, specialists suggest replacing the part of the system, causing trouble or renovating the old features. Monitoring the piping system for leakages can be easy when you can reach the pipes. In the cases when the piping grid is behind walls or items of furniture, it can get hard to detect leakage and harder still to eliminate it in time.

Another problem leading to increased bills and risen humidity is a leaky faucet. DIY methods are simple, but call a plumbing team if you have no time.


Another plumbing issue arising quite often is a gassy smell from the sewers. The unpleasant effect of the problem is hard to underestimate. Various chemicals that generate inside sewage pipes as a result of the decay of waste produce a terrible stench. Apart from the odor, these chemicals can severely impact the health of people continuously exposed to them: a dizzy feeling, headaches, problems with memory capacity, and even poisoning. Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, and methane make the sewer gases even more unwanted and hazardous. As the gases accumulate, the risk of explosions and fires increases accordingly. Of course, most of the gases are quite harmless, but timely measures will save you from significant problems.

Concerning the reasons for the build-up of sewer gases, there are some of the main ones.

Situated nearby drains and laundry tubs, P or S-traps can be places where sewer gases accumulate. When the trap is completely dry, the gases enter the house uninterrupted. If your sink reeks, a moment of running water can solve the problem.


Wax rings on toilets must be in good condition. When they are leaky or damaged, smells are inevitable.


The ideal solution is preventive measures. But once the issue has arisen, call professionals to attend to the problem.


Having hot water is essential for homes and business facilities, and the problems concerning water absence can have a list of adverse consequences. While some of the issues may be temporary and result from utility companies’ malfunction, uncontrolled hot water bursting from your faucet can pose a threat and require urgent and decisive steps.

One of the most common reasons for missing hot water in houses concerns water heaters.

In the case of a gas one, make sure that the light is working. If it is not functioning, you will have to turn it on again. Be careful and follow the guidelines accurately to avoid damage to your property and health issues.

The water heater’s size can make a big difference, depending on the kind of dwelling. To ensure the non-problematic work of a heater, install one that matches the size of your household.

A call to the gas service can be one solution. The other one is addressing the problem to a plumbing team that will identify and fix it quickly. Some of them can renovate or entirely replace your water heater, and you will have a stable supply of hot water in your home or business facility.


Pools of water accumulating from leakages and spreading around the toilet can get at your nerves. Such issues can entail various unwanted outcomes, such as increased humidity, wet and damaged flooring, bugs, and other insects enticed by the water. At times, it is difficult to eliminate the problem because the detection of the reason can be problematic. A toilet leaking at the base is one of the hardest issues.

There are several main reasons for water to start accumulating around the base:

  • The base securing bolts can be damaged or worn-out, causing minor drippings or leakages, building up to make an ample puddle.
  • Another reason can be a faulty wax ring sealing the drain to the bowl.

The water condensed on the bowl’s surface as a result of contrasting temperatures can drip down on the floor, in time, making a big water pool.

If you are a knowledgeable homeowner and have experience solving toilet problems, you can try and do it yourself. However, we highly suggest you contact a plumbing company. They will send a professional team and guarantee the complete solvation of the leaky toilet base issues.


Another issue arising in households and business facilities is a crammed garbage disposal. The reasons are debris, pieces of waste, sizable items fallen inside, among others. An Allen wrench is a way out to unjam the disposal and restart the motor. Do it yourself or contact plumbers.


The reasons for the issue can be different: the pump can be overwhelmed or burnt-out; power loss may occur, as well as clogs in discharge lines and intakes.

To avoid these, one should use pumps with appropriate features and maintain them properly. Once a problem arises, call professionals to solve it.


While some of the enlisted problems may not require professional help, we highly suggest using specialists to ensure high quality and long-lasting results. Contact our company and have all your plumbing issues solved the same day. Our plumbers are certified and highly-experienced. They can identify, measure, and solve any of your plumbing problems.

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