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Top 10 Causes of Leaky Pipes

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Every homeowner should realize the danger which leaking piping can entail. Once a problem has occurred, one should take urgent measures to avoid considerable issues, such as accumulation of wastewater and a horrific stench within your entire living space. Taking measures to prevent such occasions is the best way to save up on time, effort, and investment. This is especially the case for inexperienced or busy homeowners.

Furthermore, in some cases, the plumbing framework can sit behind walls or furniture, seriously complicating the detection and repair of leakages. Such cases require a professional plumbing team’s attendance to stop a small issue from developing into a catastrophe.

Among the main problems concerning pipes, the most common are the following: mold and other organic build-up, breaks and blockages, hair and other debris causing clogs, floods, spoiled water, sewer back-ups, and damage to the property.

Leaking pipes poise a threat to the entire construction of the house. Unnoticed, minute drippings from the pipes can turn into sizeable puddles and harm flooring or furniture items, as well as the homeowner’s nervous system, and budget.

Proper maintenance, regular monitoring, and timely detection problems are crucial to keeping your plumbing framework in appropriate condition. Otherwise, the issues can result in substantial splurges of money.

Once you have doubts about some parts of your piping or found even a minor leakage, you need to attend to it immediately to reduce risks and promote your household’s efficiency.

While it can be simple for experienced homeowners to detect and find solutions for plumbing problems themselves, a reliable plumbing team can help solve the issues professionally and in no time. Some of the problems can be quite expensive to handle, but you will not regret it in the long run.

To diminish the chances of the issues to occur, do consider the list of top 10 main causes of the pipe leakages. Some of them may seem trivial,  but avoiding the listed situation will be easier once you know what to expect. 


While most property owners consider the leakage place, the main issue, and throw all powers to eliminate it on the spot, the source of the problem can lie under the ground and be unusual.

Roots of trees, clots of grease, various non-organic items, and substances can be the reason for a variety of plumbing issues. While flowing in the pipe, the water goes from areas with high pressure to those with low pressure according to physics laws. Weak connections and faulty joints need immediate repairs. To avoid it, homeowners need to carefully use their plumbing system and monitor them to develop clogs. However, it is better to prevent them from appearing. Such measures as regular cleaning, using softer kinds of soap, avoiding flushing odd items and materials down drains, and professional inspection will ensure proper condition of piping and high efficiency to your household. You can perform the works by yourself, but for the utmost quality and long-term result, address a team of professional plumbers.


All metals can catch corrosion in the open air and in time. Old pipes can be corroded more frequently than the new ones, as the latter is of more sustainable water and corrosion-resistant materials. However, even new piping can require anti-corrosion measures taking in advance or, once the issue occurs, repairs or full replacement. To ensure the plumbing system’s safety, it will need an inspection to avoid the development of corrosion.

Such things as rust can gnaw through the pipes, causing cracks and, subsequently, leaks. Contemporary materials like brass are more corrosion-sustainable than galvanized steel, but both demand thorough assessment, repairs, and timely replacement.

While some minor fixtures and segments of a piping grid are quite easy to repair or replace, the entire system’s upgrade will require a professional approach only. Contact a reliable team of plumbers whether you have a leak or not yet, and schedule inspection to ensure that your pipes are in appropriate condition. Or have them restore or replace your plumbing to save up on time and effort and get the best result. 


The outside of your household can be the place where the problems with your leaky pipes originate. Surprising as it is, trees pose a danger to your house, and the threat is severe. More precisely, trees’ roots are the cause of the piping troubles. While they spread and expand underground in your backyard, they can get into cracks in pipes under the ground and continue their growth inside the pipelines. This can cause various minor and considerable issues, from a sudden decrease in the water pressure to the pipes’ entire destruction. Even without a direct intrusion, roots can change the soil’s condition around your house and make it move, which commonly causes injuries to your pipes or bends them. In turn, it will entail drainage issues or ruin the pipes.

As the pipes sit underground, it can be hard to detect the problem before it becomes obvious. To keep your household from such inconveniences and yourself, from danger or ample expenses, contact professional plumbers to check the trees growing near your house and inspect the pipes’ performance lying underground.


If you live in a new house, you should still keep your plumbing system at a high-efficiency level. Plumbers that you hire should be innovative, certified, and be aware of the modern approaches to solving plumbing issues. Leaky pipes can often result from an irresponsible team of plumbers who lay the pipes against the essential guidelines and recommendations. Apart from the pipes themselves, fixtures and features of the grid must be installed and used appropriately. Case in point, a backflow device. This will save a ton of trouble cleaning the spot or repairing the pipes. You should turn the pipes downwards to ensure the correct performance, as the water flows against gravity. Otherwise, it may cause the formation of build-ups and, in time, serious leakages. 


The loosening of pipes, hoses, and connectors is inevitable in time. Such occurrences entail small drippings that, over some period, grow to become a considerable leakage. A common example is a hose of a washing machine, which gets loose and leaks happen because of the machine movements during its operation.

For features of such kind that require connection to the plumbing grid, professionals recommend timely inspections and immediate repairs by specialists.

However, some of the issues may require minor adjustments, but you should take no risks as electricity can be concerned.

In a nutshell, while some of your plumbing features are susceptible to movements or shake-ups, as the case with a washing machine, mind that faulty connectors can be the reason for leakages.


Joints between pipes are the most leakage-susceptible part of the entire plumbing system. Since they consist of several separate elements, it makes it easier for a leak to occur. Keeping pipe joints in the best condition is vital because they redirect water all over the entire household. This is why thorough inspection and timely renovation or replacement of the joints is among the most important tasks for a homeowner.

As a result of a high temperature of water pressure issues, pipe joints wear out and give leaks. A direct symptom of a joint problem can be noisy pipes when hot water is on.

Every place of connection needs assessment. Tight screwing or insulating them can be a temporary way out. Should you want a long-term result, contact a team of professionals who will do all the works concerning assessment, repairs, and replacement. 


While you are taking a shower, ample water pressure is an advantage. Good for the body as it can be, water flowing too fast inside your pipes, hitting them severely, can be a real test for the plumbing system. Hard bumps will do no good to the pipes’ insides and cause cracks that will lead to considerable leakages if you do not attend to them in time.

Bursting pipes is a nightmare for any homeowner, especially if they provide hot water. It can harm your health substantially and damage your property in split seconds. However, to eliminate the adverse outcomes, you will have to spend a lot of time and money.

Should your water pressure fluctuate, do not wait for too long and contact a licensed professional team. They will detect the issue and eradicate it as fast as it can be. To avoid dangers to your home and your family, rely on the specialists’ experience.


Pipes can expand and contract depending on water temperature. Usually, this is a gradual enough process that the materials have proper time to adjust; however, if you’ve been on vacation in the dead of winter and turn on the taps at their hottest setting right away, the drastic change in temperature can cause the materials to move too quickly and crack, resulting in a leak.

Changes in water temperature can have an impact on pipes, causing their contraction or expansion. The issue can remain unseen for a long time as the pipes shift according to the temperature. It can arise in mid-season after cold winters, while the contrast of temperatures as you turn on the hot water flow may cause the pipes to crack, entailing leakages.

This problem can occur with any kind of pipes, old and new, so the careful use of pipes and appropriate maintenance are the ways out.


Leaky faucets and other features are among the most common reasons for leakages. They can have dents or cracks due to the hits from the outside, corrosion, or excessively high water pressure. If any such problem occurs, you should take urgent measures to avoid their further development into a major issue. You may be a knowledgeable homeowner with experience in solving plumbing problems, but addressing them to a certified professional can be more beneficial in the long term. 


An improperly installed plumbing system or even a small feature can develop into a catastrophic flood and damage to your household, let alone harm to you and your family. Beware of non-professionals and make sure the plumbing team you are hiring is highly-educated, certified, innovative, and trustworthy. These things considered, you will be assured that the work about your plumbing system will be fast, efficient, and of the top-notch quality. You can try to fix all the issues alone, but to be ultimately confident, contact licensed professionals from our team. 


The worrisome statistic shows that around 10%  of American households report having water leaks monthly. While some leakages can amount to nearly 100 gallons of water, the utility bills increase accordingly. Small problems like leaky faucets of drainage issues can transmute into a great threat to the household. When the major leak occurs, the expenditure to fix them can sky-rocket and ruin the budget. Surely, you can use your experience and save up on the professional repairs, applying some DIY methodic after watching some video on YouTube, but it may also result in a bigger problem and extra spendings. The good news is that you can always rely on the utmost professionalism and expertise of our plumbers. Contact us now, learn your estimate, and our plumbers will set to work today!

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