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The escalade of success for 5 Star in 2021

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As statistics show, approximately 24% of companies stopped existing, and about 40% ended up indebted. Nevertheless, 5 Star company managed to increase its previous results, and now makes efforts to exceed even these frontiers.

Compared to the majority of various worldwide companies which had to cut off their manpower or even were left with no staff at all due to the pandemic, 5 Star succeeded in spreading their personnel borders to offer new career opportunities.

There are some other advantages of 5 Star Plumbing Company which withstood Covid-19 and exceeded other companies’ effectiveness. The enterprise succeeded not only in developing service strategies but also mastered optimizing pricing, which seemed almost impossible in terms of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The advancement is seen in the growth and trust rate of the customers base.

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Such a rate is also deserved by the professionalism of the 5 Star company’s staff. It is guaranteed that every member of the team is firstly checked on their background and competence. Secondly, they attend skill and qualification training in the beginning and during the working span. Thirdly, the masters broaden their knowledge by practical usage of new approaches and techniques of plumbing, which were received during various training sessions.

Due to the Covid-19 spread, the staff had to tie in new approaches to communication with customers. New state obligations require the usage of individual protective equipment, so the repairmen enter the house only with face masks and gloves on, which means that if you are worried about your health conditions, you can be confident about inviting the 5 Star professional. Moreover, the company’s repairmen undergo a medical check while getting applied to the job, and there will be no background problems, as well.

The company will not limit itself on these advancements: the 2021’s purpose is to improve the service with no increase in prices, to surpass the professionalism of the staff, to broaden the range of service offers, and to take one of the leading positions in the area’s rating of remote services. The customers may feel certain that the pricing will not be affected by development in service because the 5 Star company is interested in saving the trust of regular clients. Moreover, it is beneficial to attract more customers!

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Another asset of the company is its website. It is easy to use as a convenient environment of the page lets the user find various ways to register the request online and provides information on how to find the office. Also, the customer can find all necessary information about the company, FAQ section, and a blog providing hints and hacks on plumbing from the staff professionals (if an occurred problem seems to be easy to solve by oneself). It is even possible to order plumbing technical details with delivery to a particular address! At this point, 5 Star allows its customers not only to use the service but also to broaden their own horizons in the plumbing field.

There are multiple ways to set the appointment with the master: online by website options, by a phone call to the 5 Star Plumbing office, or by personal attendance to the company’s office located at 4616 Roseville Rd #109, North Highlands, CA 95660. The state license number of the general contractor is 1038276.

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