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The Best 16 Education Opportunities for Adults in Sacramento

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Education is a crucial part of our everyday life, but many people frequently think that education is solely a childrens’ thing. Actually, no. Many adults as well want to get certain knowledge, get some useful skills for work and hobbies or just heighten some professional qualities. All of these are called adult education – a type of education in which grown-up people can learn something new. Not only can one learn something new – one would be able to obtain personal satisfaction or get a certain certificate of course completion that could be valuable at work. Moreover, learning some new unique information is like training for your brain. And when your brain is trained enough, you would be able to resemble an intelligent, witty, and clever person. As for the medical advantages, adult education is considered to reduce the possibility of getting an Alzheimer’s disease or some kind of dementia – and that’s a great motivation to strive to discover some new information, isn’t it?

In other words, this article will discuss 16 educational opportunities, such as colleges, universities (not only youngsters can get into university, but all other grown-ups are able to engage in some kind of ‘official education’ as well), educational centers in Sacramento.


The Careway Health Institute resembles a private post-secondary professional educational company. It is important to mention that since 2018 the main office is headquartered in Sacramento. The institute provides various health-related tracks, for example, health certification courses: CPR or BLS for health professionals, or RN-DSD course, and various educational opportunities and courses for RN, LVN, and CHT. It was founded in 2013. As of now, the CHI gets ready to encounter new fields of health and care programs and offer them to potential students. Besides, all the teachers of the learning programs have a master’s degree in their specific fields. Careway Health Academy as well states that their equipment is an industry-standard, and it fully reflects the nowadays modern practices in the healthcare field.


MTI College is another high-ranked educational organization, and it is located in the Sac Area, near the North Highlands. And it was founded in 1965. The College is not large as it has only eight hundred undergraduate students. The acceptance rate is high in this university: nearly 80 percent.
The most favored educational tracks in MTI:

  • Cosmetology,
  • Medical Assistance,
  • Healthcare.

Moreover, the university has a wide range of courses available, such as data innovation, management, and many many more. Almost 63 percent of students manage to graduate with a starting salary of 25000 dollars. The college guarantees that almost 90% of its students would be able to get the desired job right after graduation.


In 1987 the Aspire Foundation was incepted: the community proclaimed itself as a non-profit scholar organization. As of now, the company is called the Awareness Institute, and it helps individuals to change their personalities and become better people. In other words, it is a personal growth and development organization. So far, it has changed over a thousand people.

The main education focus of the company is to make the students completely responsible for their own lives and the flow of their life. The Institute helps to be engaged and organized in the successful way of living, where one takes full liability for the conditions of their life and moves to new opportunities, consciousness, friendliness.


The first university on our list is William Jessup University, a private educational center. WJU is not a huge university, as one might think. Instead, it is a small but high-ranked university, having only 1000 students who did not graduate yet. Besides, the university is very competitive in terms of official admissions as the admission rate is around 59 percent. The most popular tracks in WJU are Psychology, Business, and Primary Education. WJU graduates, on average, earn up to 35 thousand dollars as a starting salary, according to university statistics.


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No Stress EMS training is a company that offers courses in medical care. The company as well trains its students to complete all of the needed medical exams, such as BLS, ACLS, or PALS. The No-Stress EMS is beneficial because it literally has the best-care teachers who will explain everything thoroughly and without any stress. They also have no-pressure classes with comfortable seats and free coffee and tea. Of course, the main advantage of the company is the highly supportive teachers. The company as well offers a 100% money.

5 Star Plumbing | The Best 16 Education Opportunities for Adults in Sacramento


New Horizons Learning Group provides technical training courses in Sac: basically, it is a computer learning center, the most famous one in the area. The NHLG helps its students to accomplish certain results in technical computer programs, to heighten the qualification and increase the profitability of work as well as revenue.

The company possesses the most modern tools for workspaces and provides courses to help their students complete any business tasks related to computers: it can be anything from basic work with Microsoft to tasks related to cybersecurity. NHLG offers comprehensive and affordable courses for people and working organizations who strive to obtain knowledge on IT skills in their current job positions or to people who want to enter some new job positions. For example, each student is able to get acknowledged with such programs as SQL Server, Linux, Adobe, Cisco, ISACA, CompTIA, Novell, Java. To cut a long story short the organization provides top-quality technical courses of any kind, with the most modern approach to digital education.


UC Davis is one of the most high-rated US universities: in 2005, it was ranked as 14th in the TOP-list. The university is state-funded and was founded many years ago, and its most well-known fields of education are departments of medicine, veterinary medicine, law, and management. Nonetheless, the most famous tracks are Research and Experimental Psychology, Economics, and Managerial Economics. At the same time, UC Davis represents almost all of the modern educational tracks, so basically everyone can study whatever they want. The staff of the university has several famed American public figures and great businessmen.

The University is truly huge: it has nearly thirty thousand students. The admission rate is really low: only 41 percent. Speaking about some other statistics, only 86 percent of students manage to graduate, and their starting salary is around 40400 dollars.


CPS HR was founded in 1985 as a self-supporting government corporation being headquartered in Sac. The main focus of CPS HR Consulting is to offer the best HR solutions for state and district government agencies, public welfare offices, and non-profit companies. In CPS HR, they use the cooperative-system working regime that directs clients in areas such as testing, recruitment and determination, remuneration, verification, accreditation, general personnel management, training, and promotion. This comprehensive and detailed way of working flow regarding human resources enhances the companies’ performance rates for all of the clients across the United States.


The next educational center is Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, and it is a not-state-funded school of jurisprudence. The main educational track is, of course, law. The staff and the teachers resemble a wide range of law professionals from the best law community in Sac. The teachers have a lot of experience in real work and real cases, and thus they provide real-life materials to the students. henceforth, the students would be able to apply all of the knowledge to actual law cases. The teachers are also perfect coaches and perfect representatives of qualified legal counselors.


The next college on our list is a public college named Folsom Lake College. It resembles a middle-sized educational organization, having nearly 2500 students who are currently studying in this college. The acceptance rate is 100 percent, so basically anybody can try to enroll in this college; moreover, no entering tests or exams such as SAT are required for enrollment. The most popular tracks are Humanities and Arts, Natural Sciences and BUsiness. The price for education at this college is roughly 7500 dollars per year. Speaking about employment after graduation, nearly 76 percent of the students start working right after graduation, and their starting salary is around 24 thousand dollars.


The next company for adult education on our list is Kaplan International Centers. It represents an English educational school which is placed in the heart of Sacramento, right in the student area nearby the American river that flows right through the college grounds. KIC is the most recognized and most qualified educational center that prepares students for admission to various US Universities for undergrads and graduate students. They take students not only from the United States but from other countries as well. The company offers courses in the English language for literally any level and any requirement. KIC also offers preparation for such tough exams as GMAT, TOEFL, and GRE. Besides, their office is located not only in Sac, but they also have over a hundred education centers all over the US, where they provide English and Exam Preparations courses. The KIC is also permitted to give the I-20 Form to foreign students who want to study in the territory of the United States.


Another organization on our list is Project Management Academy. The main focus of the company is the successful completion of the PMP exam from the 1st try. The exam is crucial as it proves your qualification in project management. Many commercial organizations state that appropriately prepared project managers are the key factors of success in business achievements. Thus, it is extremely vital to have some kind of accreditation and actual knowledge on the topic of project management.

One of the features of the organization is that it provides a PMP boot camp course. It is a course that will provide extra fast preparation for the PMP exam. It is able to provide all of the needed knowledge, skills, and abilities that one needs to have to successfully pass the exam. Another beneficial part is that the company guarantees a 100% money return in case something goes with the process of education in PMA (e.g. a failed test).
Once one has completed that educational PMP boot camp course, one is able to get a certificate that proves that he or she is a verified project manager. Moreover, the company claims that after graduating, such a project manager is able to earn 22 percent more (on average) than an uncertified manager.


The next educational center is Charles A Jones Career & Education Center. It focuses on the career development of its students. The Center has many dedicated teachers who are eager to assist you with moving forward with your working progress, a.k.a. career. To speak more precisely, the Center offers specialized job courses which provide all of the needed skills for efficient work in the general workforce. The general system of work used in the courses at CAJ differs upon the track program and the requirements of the student. Another beneficial point is that every lesson at CAJ is accompanied by face-to-face teacher assistance.


Another learning opportunity is Carrington College. It is a small commercial college based in La Riviera. The acceptance rate in the university is roughly 90 percent: this is all because no SATs or any other form of test or examination is required for college admission. The college has merely 1000 students. Medical tracks are the most popular ones. To be more precise, those are Licensed Practical Nurse Training and Dental Care. Roughly half of the students manage to graduate from the university, and the starting salary for them is around 27000 dollars.


The final university on our list is, of course, the most high-ranked educational state-funded organization called California State University. It is a huge organization with roughly 35 thousand students who are currently studying. The acceptance rate in this university is of a middle range: just above 60 percent. The most popular educational tracks are management, Communications, and Psychology. Speaking about statistics, after graduation, the students would be able to have a starting salary of 38600 dollars.

To conclude, the city of Sacramento has a giant amount of choices of educational organizations, and everybody can find anything he or she is eager to learn about.

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