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Top-12 Employers in Sacramento

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When 2020 started, it started hard leaving thousands of people jobless. The labor market faced an almost unprecedented challenge. Some would compare the year 2020’s employment crisis to the grim days of The Great Depression era. And as hopeless and pessimistic as it sounds, such a comparison is, unfortunately, not so far-fetched.
However, as the new year of 2021 has arrived, state economics is struggling to get back on track. The same goes for the job market as well. Over the past couple of months, some new businesses have started, some older ones have come back from hiatus welcoming new employees. Sacramento is no exception.
Today is a good time to venture into the search for a new job in Sacramento. If you’re interested, read through our guide to find out about the twelve most appealing employers in Sacramento.
In this guide, we’ll give all the necessary information regarding the companys’ backgrounds, job opportunities, wages, and more.


With its thirteen hundred employees, Matheson Trucking makes almost half a billion dollars each year and is one of the most top-rated job-maker on the Sacramento labor market.
The Matheson family owns and rules this company which occupation is transportation and logistics.
Matheson Trucking’s salaries range from $50,000 to $99,000 yearly. For instance, working as Supply Chain Manager at Matheson Trucking, you would be making $95,000 each year. However, it should be mentioned that Matheson Trucking’s average salary statistics are a bit behind its closest business rivals – Transervice Logistics and Ruan Transportation. For the record, these company’s median yearly wages are $56k and $58, respectively.
To apply for a job at Matheson Trucking, you don’t necessarily have to be a college or university graduate. As the company’s employment statistics show, up to 37.8 of their workers only have High School diplomas. On the other hand, among Matheson Trucking’s workers, there are employees working who majored in law and economics:

  • Criminal Justice (almost 9% of workers);
  • Business (up to 30%).

Another feature of Matheson Trucking is that it shows a high level of employees’ loyalty: on average, a worker would stay with the company for three years. This is good statistics, and it’s higher than that of the business rivals. Plus, working for Matheson Trucking, you will get extensive medical insurance and comprehensive retirement plans. Another thing that the company is proud of is the committed team of coworkers.
With all of the above, it is no wonder that Matherson Trucking is Sacramento’s best transportation company to work for.


With a yearly revenue of $300M and more than three thousand workers, the California Department of Rehabilitation is the biggest VOC rehab provider in the US. Supporting California’s 28 non-profit Independent Living Centers, CDR operates to provide legal assistance and rehabilitation to disabled individuals so they could return to their occupations and social life.
The California Department of Rehabilitation is ethnically and racially diverse. According to the Department’s employee statistics, more than half of its workers represent a variety of ethnic minorities.
As for the financial part of working at CDR, the statistics show that on average, each year, a CDR worker earns fifty thousand dollars. As of 2021, this is a competitive wage level in Sacramento.
Being stable and growing steadily as a company, CDR offers:

  • great working conditions;
  • health insurance;
  • paid sick leaves and time-off;
  • parental leave;
  • employee coaching;
  • retirement plan.

Employees themselves tend to mention wages levels, duties, and professional responsibilities among the top advantages of working at the California Department of Rehabilitation.


Interested in working in the Financial Industry? Why not consider applying for a job in a non-profit credit company? And if it sounds appealing to you, then your best bet is trying to become a part of the Global 1 Credit Union.
Global 1 Credit Union is:

  • 80 branches operating all across the State of California and serving 40 of all 58 State’s counties;
  • $255M of a yearly income;
  • Average yearly wage level of $37,000, with the maximum yearly wage of $200,000 depending on the position, skills, and qualification.
  • More than fifteen hundred workers;
  • Almost a 4-year average carrier within the company;
  • Gender inclusion with more than half of the company’s staff represented by female employees;
  • Ethnic and racial diversity – the staff includes Latino, Asian, and African American workers;
  • Language diversity – working at Golden 1 Credit Union, you will hear Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Thai.

All of the above makes Global 1 Credit Union one of the best places to look for a job in Sacramento.


Aerojet Rocketdyne is a great option for anyone seeking a technically-related job. This company has a wide range of job opportunities in the field of Aerospace and Defense technologies.
With a yearly income of almost two billion dollars, this highly reputable company is one of the County’s top jobmakers today. According to the company’s wage statistics, among the top-paid positions is the Senior HR Manager. Working in this position, one would make almost $140,000.
Working in the field of Facilities Engineering and Planning at Aerojet Rocketdyne, one would make $101,753 a year. Test Engineer’s yearly wage level is almost $90,000.
Aerojet Rocketdyne gives jobs to almost five thousand workers that generally stay with the company for four years and longer. This is impressive statistics.
As for the gender statistics, the majority of Aerojet Rocketdyne’s staff are men (exceeding 70% of the overall number of employees). Women represent only 25%. 62% of the staff are white people, with the remaining percentage shared between Hispanic and Latino employees.
If you are interested in applying for a job in Aerojet Rocketdyne, due to the company’s specificity, you will have to consider certain conditions:
Technical education is a great advantage for your resume;
You may hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
Aerojet Rocketdyne workers mention these positive features of working on the company:

  • Healthcare insurance;
  • The company’s team spirit;
  • High-quality working conditions;
  • The quality of the products.

In Sacramento company rating, Aerojet Rocketdyne is number four of the best places to work in and one of the area’s top technology companies.
5 Star Plumbing | Top-12 Employers in Sacramento


Teichert is one of the biggest construction businesses in the area. And one of the oldest as well. The company started 130 ago! Back in 1887 and further on, Teichert specialized in building walkways, cellar floors, and fencing. As of 2021, Teichert is a huge company with an overall annual income of $800M and a whole bunch of business responsibilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Construction;
  • Infrastructure developing;
  • Environment-friendly projects.

The median annual wage in Teichert is $52,000. Among the best-paid positions in the company are HR Manager and Technical Director, each offering a yearly income slightly above $90,000. On average, a worker will stay in the company for more than four and a half years – appealing statistics showing a high level of employee loyalty to the company.
In terms of ethnic policy, Teichert’s staff includes 46% of ethnic minorities. 76% of the staff are men, with women representing only 23%. More than half of Teicdhert’s employees are members of the Democratic Party.


Another job idea on our list is for those wishing to try themselves in the administrative field. Consider applying for a job in Sacramento County.
You will be working in the heart of the Sacramento area (Sacramento city). California’s chief city’s history began back in the 1850s, making it one of the most renowned cities in the state.
Sacramento County’s headquarter holds a staff of almost four thousand employees and makes five and a half-billion dollars a year! That is some statistics!
Working in this organization, you will be enjoying the high standards of working conditions and get appealing, professional perspectives. No wonder, why on average, employees choose to stay with the Sacramento County organization for almost four years.
The company shows impressive ethnic diversity – nearly half of the staff is represented by a variety of ethniс groups. Genderwise, women employees make a total of 52,5% of the overall staff. As far as political representation goes, most of the Sacramento County organization staff support the Democratic Party.


McClatchy is the first publishing business in our Sacramento job ideas guide. And of course, since this company made our list, you know that it is the undisputed leader in its field.
McClatchy’s background looks like this:

  • Almost $950M of an annual income;
  • The competitive level of a yearly wage of $52k;
  • The maximum wage level of $85k in a year;
  • The company’s own news agency (McClatchyDC);
  • 29 daily newspapers and a bunch of websites under the company’s management;
  • 4,600 workers.

McClatchy’s staff is highly diverse ethnically – more than 40% of the employees come from ethnic minorities. Almost 40% of the staff are women.
Among other advantages of the McClatchy company, we should mention a number of paid internships for students that it offers. Working at McClatchy, you will get a chance for long-term professional growth as a top-class journalist and a publishing specialist.


The State of California is another administrative job opportunity to consider in the Sacramento area. Anyone seeking a career in the fields of administration or government work should pay close attention to number five on our list.
If you feel like you have professional ambitions, if you are a natural-born leader and are willing to invest your talent and knowledge in something big – the State of California is the place for you to go. Become a part of a huge staff of 100,000 employees working for the billion-dollar organization for the prosperity of the California community!
You will be working in a company that made the list of the Sacramento top-20 best companies. Your co-workers will be college and university graduates that majored in Business, Law, Fine Art, etc.
With such appealing advantages as high wages, healthcare insurance, retirement benefits, high-class working conditions, and a friendly working environment, the State of California seems to be a perfect place for a person with appropriate training and qualification.
As for the ethnic diversity, the statistics could have been more impressive:

  • almost 70% of the staff are white people;
  • approx. 15% are African American;
  • 10% are Hispanic.

Genderwise, the majority of the staff in the State of California are women.

4 – SMUD

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (or simply SMUD) is a massive player in the Utility Industry.
As of 2021, the company’s business background is as follows:

  • The number of employees is 1,760;
  • The amount of a yearly income is $1.3B;
  • The median annual wage is $72.5k (an appealing level, by the way);
  • On average, employees stay with the company for two and a half years (no that much as we’ve already seen, though);
  • 55% of the staff are represented by ethnic minorities;
  • 32% of the staff are women;
  • 50% of the staff are represented by Bachelor’s degrees holders;
  • Almost a quarter of the staff is represented by the California State University graduates.

Being one of the State’s largest electricity providers, SMUD made the list of Sacramento’s best places to work in.


PORAC (which stands for Peace Officers Research Association of California) is an organization that was founded back in the early 1950s and functions as a public safety provider. Its 70k members work with 930 local associations making Sacramento a more peaceful place.
If you choose to apply for a job at PORAC, you will have to represent and protect local communities’ interests professionally, keep the public up-to-date with the current issues, shape and uphold the positive image of a PORAC officer.
The total staff of the company makes nearly 108 employees. The yearly income is almost $300M. Applying for a job in PORAC, you may expect an average annual wage of $82k, which is an amazing opportunity for someone with enough skills and effort.


Getting closer to the top pick of our list. At number two comes a $375M-company that creates jobs for almost three thousand workers – Riviana Foods.
Riviana Foods processes and distributes rice and a number of other branded products to a whole bunch of markets, wholesalers, and restaurant chains all over the country.
Working for Riviana Foods, you may count on an average salary of $41k a year. As for the starter wage, you may make $22k in a year working as a packing unit employee. You may count on higher wages of approximately from $55,000 to $65,000 applying for the positions of a staff accountant or a production planner, respectively.
Among the top-paid positions in the Rivian Foods company are:

  • Jobs in the IT department ($81k per year);
  • Jobs in the marketing department ($112k per year).

What Riviana Food is proud of the most is its employees’ loyalty – according to the statistics, an average worker chooses to stay with the company for almost five years.


Our top pick of the most appealing career opportunities in Sacramento is Sutter Gould Medical Foundation. Making the list of the top five healthcare companies, this non-profit organization has the status of one of the oldest health delivery companies in the County. Sutter Gould was founded back in the early 1920s and now is a huge company making 5.5 billion dollars a year and proudly sitting on the fourth position of California’s Best Healthcare companies rating.
Sutter Gould profile is as follows:

  • 53,000 workers;
  • $5.5B of a yearly income;
  • Working with 200 clinics and 24 hospitals;
  • Competitive wages and impressive career opportunities;
  • A wide range of positions for healthcare workers (nurses, physicians, hospice case managers, food service workers).
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