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Sacramento Skateboarding Spots

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Are you thinking about how to spend an active weekend or are you a real skateboarding fan? In any case, skateboarding is a great activity. While earlier, skateboarders were looking for empty squares to spend time there, nowadays, comfortable conditions for the development of this sport were created by California authorities. In Sacramento, in particular, you can find many modern and specialized skateboarding sites.

Best Places to Skateboard in Sac

Keep reading this article to learn about numerous skateboarding venues in various areas of Sacramento County. We will tell you about the coolest and most interesting places that are suitable for both novice skateboarders and professional sportsmen.

1. The Auburn-Opelika Park

This skate park was opened recently so it is extremely modern and new. It was created according to the best examples of other skate parks. This is an ideal platform for both professionals and amateurs. Here, you will find slides of different heights, half pipes, and handrails on which it is convenient to train your skills. All these devices are standard for any skate park and create many opportunities for skateboarding. Please note that all park visitors are asked to use special protection (helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads). The park is open from dawn to dusk, so you can train as much as you want!

2. Power Inn Park 

It is one of the largest skate parks in Sacramento County. You will definitely not get lost and will quickly find this park as it is located next to the hotel of the same name. This site is full of stunning slides, bowls, and pools of unusual shape. If you want to practice in a new place with unusual bowls and street sets, then this place will be perfect for you! Thanks to the wide variety of slides, everyone will find a couple of places here to practice their best tricks. All the advantages listed above have made the site famous among the local community. As a result, it has become a favorite gathering place. In addition, it should be noted that this skate park is one of the few places where excellent lighting is provided that makes night skateboarding possible. The playground is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm. Train all day long without any restrictions!

3. The Tanzanite Park 

This skate park may seem small and not so interesting compared to other large venues, but we decided to include it in the list of the best places for skateboarding. This playground was opened in 2006 and is one of the oldest skate parks in Sacramento County. This is a legendary place that is definitely worth visiting at least once! Back in 2006, this skate park was extremely popular thanks to, among other things, unusual street sets. As for the rules of visiting, here, you are not required to wear professional protection, although we recommend that you do it regardless of the rules of the site. You also do not have to pay for riding in this park. The playground is open every day from 8 am to 9 pm. Keep in mind that there are no lanterns here, so riding in the dark is impossible.

4. 28th & B Skate Park

This is probably the best indoor skate playground in Sacramento County. It was opened in 2000 but still remains extremely popular and modern. This center’s workers strictly monitor compliance with the rules and the safety of skateboarders. You will have to pay $3 for admission. The center can be visited by both underage skateboarders and experienced sportsmen. All skateboarders are always watched here, but the rules of visiting differ for them depending on their age. Skateboarders who have not yet turned 18 are required to wear a helmet. Adult sportsmen can refuse to wear a helmet by signing an official paper. The rest of the protection such as knee pads are not mandatory for all skateboarders. If you still prefer to wear protection to ensure your own safety, then you can rent knee pads and elbow pads here. Please note that this center is suitable for those who prefer not only skateboards but also roller skates and scooters.

5. Wackford Aquatic and Community Center  

This skate playground located in Elk Grove is quite old. It was opened in 2004. Until now, many skateboarders of the area gather here to ride and have a great time. This is a skatepark of impressive size: only 11,000 square feet. The central place on the site is undoubtedly the four leaf clover bowl. Moreover, the playground is surrounded by lanterns, which makes night riding comfortable and safe. Be sure to come here to skate when it’s too dark on the other sites.

6. McClatchy SkatePark 

This is a small area where a concrete path forms a closed circle. This platform is great for kids and beginner skateboarders as it is small and safe. Here, skateboarders usually do not drive at high speeds, but calmly practice some tricks. This is a new gathering place for local skateboarding enthusiasts since it was opened relatively recently, in 2014. What will you find on the site? Quarter Pipes, ledges, and rails. Entrance to the site is absolutely free.

7. Concord Skate Park

The next skate park that we will tell you about is the most versatile! Fans of different sports are allowed here. You can see people riding roller skates, scooters, and skateboards. Thanks to the impressive size of the park (about 14,000 square feet), riders do not interfere with each other when skating. In addition, the platform will be convenient for people with different levels of training. However, remember that in this park all skateboarders are required to wear safety equipment. This is stated in the rules of the skate park.

8. Plaza Skate Park 

If you are attracted to street setss, this is a platform that you should definitely visit. All lovers of street style skateboarding gather here. Meet other skaters, practice tricks together, and share your impressions of skating. Excellent conditions for skateboarding are created here. You can rent a safety gear if you do not have your own kit. Do not worry if you are just starting out; you will find a place to practice even basic tricks on the Plaza site.

9. Derr-Okamoto’s Park

This is another park in Elk Grove, Sacramento. Skaters have been riding here since 2013. Entrance to the park is free; there are restrooms. Enjoy skateboarding in this park, where you will find cups and stair sets. The surface material is concrete, and the site is open, so it is not popular in bad weather.

10. Artivio Guerrero Park

This park is famous for its unusual shape. A small 3,000-square-foot concrete platform is designed as a perfect circle. It has a fairly minimalistic design, but in fact, there are all the necessary types of figures: ledges, a quarterpipe, a manual pad, and rails. This is a very unusual and beautiful place that is an ideal first site for beginner skateboarders and children as well. The playground is completely flat, so it can accommodate a lot of skaters who practice basic tricks.

Therefore, there are a lot of cool skate parks in Sacramento. Among the options offered by us, you will definitely find the platform that suits you according to the location, working hours, and the set of figures for tricks. However, you do not have to stop at just one skateboarding area. You can visit them all and choose a few favorites! You will definitely never get bored with skateboarding in the Sacramento district this way.

Skateboarding is significantly developed in California; many have been fond of this type of activity since childhood. Maintain your interest by visiting new places and meeting people who share your passion! We wish you success and excellent skateboarding sessions!

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