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Sacramento Road Trips

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Heading for a road trip always sounds like a fun idea. What can be better than riding in a car with friends or family, singing your favorite songs, having some laughs, and enjoying the view outside the car window? And it is even more exciting if you have a final destination to visit.

There are plenty of places where one can go for a road trip near Sacramento. Whether you want to visit some historical sights, have fun shopping at a local market, or relax during a little getaway to nature, it is always possible to ride there by car and have a great road trip. 

Top Sacramento Destinations

If you are looking for some road trip ideas with destinations near Sacramento, check out our guide. It includes different types of places that one can visit any time of the year.

  1. Lodi Wine Country

Lodi Wine country is the perfect road trip destination for wine lovers. It is 36 miles away from Sacramento, which is enough to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of California and some fun time alone or with a company. 

Lodi is one of the many Californian wine industry enterprises. It contributes to wine production by providing almost 20% of grapes. 

If wine drinking is not for you, you can still enjoy the historical center with its old town atmosphere. Walking around this place is just as exciting as going to wine degustations.

  1. Sonoma Valley

Another wine-related destination is Sonoma Valley. Its vineyards cannot leave anyone indifferent, as their beauty is truly astonishing. Drive 70 miles for an hour and a half, and you will be transported to the land of graceful grapevines.

This is not the only attraction of Sonoma Valley. Its numerous parks and gardens can demonstrate to you the true beauty of Californian land. Spending some time in nature and relaxing after the business of big cities is always a good idea. If you have little ones by your side, take them to the Sonoma amusement park that is located nearby.

  1. Benicia

If you would like to spend some time near refreshing waters, Benicia is the place to go. Located near San Francisco Northern Bay, it is the perfect destination for a small getaway. In Benicia, you can find a lot of activities that require some movement, as well as some relaxing leisure. For instance, you can jog, cycle, or ride a horse in one of the many parks.

For those who enjoy calmer adventures, there is a historic district with its 19-century constructions to explore. The city life is also thriving here, so you can easily find a lot of restaurants, galleries, and museums. 

  1. Apple Hill Orchards

Just 50 miles away from Sacramento, the district of Apple Hill makes one of the most popular road trip destinations, especially for families with kids. The place is mostly visited during the harvest season, when local ranches and farms open their doors for you to feel the true fall atmosphere. 

You can try out delicious home-made pies and other pastries made with the freshly picked fruits. Kids will be thrilled to visit a zoo where you can pet the animals and even play with them. You can even go apple picking and experience your own harvest. The smell of cinnamon, cider, and apples will surely lead you to one of the numerous baking shops. 

You can experience all the exciting things that are associated with fall festivals. Try out caramelized apples, have your faces painted with your kids, or even ride a pony. Apple Hill has a lot to offer!

  1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the top traveling destinations not only in Sacramento, but in the whole country. Sacramento citizens have a small advantage though — the lake is only a two-hour drive from the city, which makes it a perfect place to road trip to. 

Once you arrive, you will understand why everyone is so hyped about the place. It is one of the most beautiful waterslides in the United States. The place is especially good to visit during the winter months, as the ski resorts start their work. 

All year round there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by the water. Both active sports and calm walks by the shore are available to all the visitors.

  1. Auburn

For those interested in the infamous American Gold Rush, Auburn is the ideal place to visit. Historical buildings preserved in the old district help you to dive into the atmosphere of the 19th century, when all the talks were about finding gold. 

Visit local museums for a closer look at the events of that time. Artifacts saved from the Gold Rush and other important for the development of the city events are displayed and described there in full detail.

Auburn is not all about historical sights. It is also a place where many annual marathons and races take place, so if you are interested in sports, we would definitely recommend checking the schedule and visiting one of such events. The city is also perfect for wine lovers, as the industry is slowly developing there — you can enjoy a couple of drinks and relax after a long drive.

  1. Astoria

There are not too many places where you can find mountain landscapes, riverbanks, and ocean shore at the same time. However, Astoria is one such city, and it can truly impress you with the combination of the beauty of nature and the development of the town. 

Start your exploration with a walk by the Columbia River or enjoy the fresh air coming from the Pacific Ocean. If you want to get to know the area more but do not want to walk around too much, you can go up to Astoria Column, where you will have to climb more than 150 steps. It seems frightening at first, but the view proves that it is definitely worth it.

As we have mentioned, city life is no less good than the natural attractions of Astoria. After a long day of walking, sitting down at a restaurant or a cafe might seem like the best idea. Luckily, there are plenty of them downtown. The variety of such places is so great that everyone will be able to find something they can afford and something they truly like. 

  1. Brannan Island State Recreation Area

Brannan Island State Recreation Area is a good destination for your road trip for many reasons. It is a unit of the California state park with amazing waters running nearby that are beautiful not only to watch but to experience as well.

All year-round, you will find some fish in those waters. Although depending on the season, the species might change, there is always something to catch: striped bass, sturgeon, or perch are just waiting for you. You can enjoy your catch right there by the riverside just by having a picnic with friends or family. 

If you are more on the active side, you can try windsurfing or swimming in summer. Brannan Island State Recreation Area welcomes all the sporty people with its great weather conditions and perfect waters.

Right there, you can rent a boat or a place at the campsite and spend a couple of nights exploring the area even more. Count how many different species of birds you can find, as there are a lot of them living there.

There are so many wonderful places near Sacramento that are waiting for your visit. No matter what is your ideal final destination for a road trip, you can surely find something within a reasonable distance. Sacramento travelers can make road trips all year round, as there is always something that is happening nearby. Go with friends, with family, or even by yourself and have the best time driving there and enjoying the place itself!

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