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Places to Visit in Sacramento

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Some tourists think that Sacramento is a farming town, not a capital of California culture and history. Being the capital of California, Sacramento is a well-developed city where you can relax, learn new things, visit museums, do active sports, explore the history of agriculture, and eat plenty of farm-made products. Visit this city and see for yourself, and we will tell you which places you should visit.


A visit to the zoo is a great option to spend an unforgettable day with family or friends. The Sacramento Zoo has over 150 animal species and can house more than 500 persons. You can see lions, zebras, alligators, and other reptiles, flamingos and other birds, and several kinds of fish and otters. The zoo regularly hosts “Evening at the Zoo”; you can learn about the animals’ evening routine at this event.


If you plan to visit Sacramento with children, be sure to visit William Land Park, in the territory of Fairytale Town and Funderland Amusement Park. Fairytale Town is a truly magical place. In addition to dozens of playgrounds designed based on the most beloved and popular children’s fairy tales, there is also a farm garden. The playgrounds have everything for children to enjoy their visit: slides, swings, sculptures, ladders, tunnels, and other play equipment. And in the garden and on the farm, you can get acquainted with real animals, which you can even touch because this is a contact zoo.


Sacramento is a very green city with over 200 parks and recreation areas. This is a big advantage because green spaces make the city shady, which helps to escape the Californian heat. McKinley Park is one of the most popular recreation areas in the city. People come here to relax, play sports, work in a relaxed setting, and spend time with family and friends. In the park, there is a rose garden of 1200 bushes. A popular part of the park is also a lake with a fountain. The park has many activities for every taste. There are a library, a tennis court, and many paths for running, walking, or cycling.


Since 1854, this annual festival has attracted thousands of tourists to Sacramento to attend the event. The festival aims to demonstrate that farming and agriculture are flourishing in the city. Today it is an event that provides entertainment and activity for every guest. Children here can relax and have fun in a special children’s area with rides, playgrounds, animators, and goodies. Adults can taste local farm products and street food, admire the car exhibition, watch sports, and listen to all kinds of live music. Every year the festival is attended by thousands of guests, and the reviews about it are positive.


It is better to start with the Sacramento History Museum to get acquainted with the history of the city about museums and cultural programs.

History of the city Sacramento is closely associated with gold mining and the gold rush. It was initially an agricultural colony of farmers. Thanks to the warm climate and fertile soil, the settlement developed and flourished. Everything changed with the onset of the gold rush. People were obsessed with the idea of ​​getting rich in an instant by getting gold. This forced them to move agriculture into the background. Naturally, this led to the decline of agriculture and agro-industry. After a while, gold miners lost hope of getting the precious metal here. Most of them left California, but many returned or started farming. In the Sacramento History Museum, you can learn a detailed history of all periods of the city’s development, from the Native Americans’ ancient settlements to our days.

The museum exhibits a considerable amount of agricultural technology of all generations, but that’s not all. Visitors can now print their own “Wanted” poster using the original printing press.


This museum’s name may seem boring to you, but everything will change once you know what it is. This is probably the most popular and famous museum in Sacramento.

The museum’s collection includes 20 locomotives of different generations, starting from the 19th century’s locomotives. You can get into some of them and learn everything about them and the mechanism of their work. You can even ride a cart pulled by a locomotive around Old Sacramento. This is an excellent idea for a romantic date.

Well, for children, there are regular trips on various express trains, we are sure they will enjoy such an exciting adventure.


Old Sacramento is a historical complex with 52 buildings from the 19th century. The central part of the city’s museums is on the territory of Old Sacramento. Structures of the 19th century have been preserved to this day so that visitors can feel the atmosphere of that time and find out how the residents lived.

Initially, Old Sacramento was the central part of the city with the market square and all the city’s main places. Later, the poor inhabited this area; this is because of too high prices in the city.

Even if you are a big fan of museums and history, you should visit this place. At the very least, it is pleasant and exciting to walk here. On the territory of Old Sacramento, you can move on foot, by bike, by taxi. Don’t forget to drop by one of the cafes that have preserved their vintage interior.


The underground part of Old Sacramento can be considered a separate place to visit. It is a city buried under a city that you can visit.

In the early period of history, the Sacramento city suffered from flooding as it stands too close to the river. The city government did not take timely action due to a lack of money, which resulted in floods devastating Sacramento in the city’s first few years. It was decided to fill the lower levels of buildings with dust and sand, and build a new city on top.

Today, under Old Sacramento, there is a whole system of secret underground streets. You can visit the underground city, and the guide will tell you many mysterious and mysterious stories associated with this place.


If you are interested in art or want to start understanding it, you should visit this museum. Here, a vast collection of works by masters of the past and new ones by artists and sculptors of our time are continuously collected and updated.

Even before you get inside the museum, you will notice that even the exterior conveys this place’s spirit.

The museum was founded by a wealthy businessmen family to showcase a unique collection of Californian artists and works donated to Sacramento. It is worth noting that the residents donated not only a collection of artworks but also the mansion itself, in which the museum stands to this day. Over time, the museum’s collection became so large that the city authorities decided to build an additional building, which houses contemporary artists and sculptors’ works.

Keep in mind that a one-time visit to this museum will not be enough to get acquainted with even a small part of the collection because exhibitions are regularly updated.


Sacramento residents prefer an active lifestyle because of the hot climate; they can have the opportunity to play sports in the fresh air at any time of the year. That is why the city has many sports grounds.

In addition to tennis, golf, football, and more, many in Sacramento are involved in running or hiking, because it is a sport that does not require additional equipment or a lot of experience. That is why the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail has become one of the most popular places in the city. With a length of 32 miles, the trail runs along with scenic landscapes and the American River. For the comfort of joggers, public toilets, small shops and cafes are located along the entire length of the trail, so that athletes have the opportunity to take a breath, tidy up, and recharge.

Several parks in the city have access to the trail, so getting there is not a problem.


A visit to the market may seem like a dubious entertainment to you, but believe me, it’s worth it because Sacramento is the farming capital of the state. The life of the city is closely related to the cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

The residents of the city take what ends up on their dining table seriously. And with year-round access to the highest quality fresh food, they try to stick to the right diet.

A visit to a local market is a culinary experience and an aesthetic and cultural experience. You can discover what is grown in Sacramento in the most considerable quantities and taste local produce. We are sure you will not be able to resist and buy a couple of fresh food kilograms.


You have probably never slept aboard a real vintage ship. In Sacramento, you will have that opportunity. Here you can stay at the hotel, which is aboard an authentically renovated paddle wheeler. You can choose a room overlooking the incredibly beautiful part of Old Sacramento with 19th-century buildings, or a room overlooking the American River. Or you can spend the night in the luxurious captain’s cabin overlooking both sides and with a real wheelhouse.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to leave the cozy shop to satisfy your hunger. In this hotel, you will have the opportunity to taste both breakfast and dinner.

Well, if you do not want to stay here for the night, then visit the Suspects dinner. This entertainment is suitable for both tourists and locals in Sacramento. An incredibly delicious dinner and an interactive costume show onboard a vintage ship will be unforgettable for you.


The Fort is a place where you can get to know and see how Sacramento was born. John Sutter is the man who founded the colony that gave rise to the birth of Sacramento.

There were many tragic moments in Sacramento’s history, but even so, one completely original building has survived on the territory of the fort. All other buildings on the fort have been reconstructed in great detail.

You will need at least three hours to visit this fort. You want to explore every room of the fort because it seems that the inhabitants left the fort a couple of minutes ago. You will observe home furnishings, household appliances, weapons, kitchen utensils, and 19th-century clothing.

They also conduct all sorts of costumed educational and entertainment shows for both children and adults.

Once in Sacramento, remember that it is a big city with a vast entertainment selection for every taste. History buffs can visit numerous museums, while outdoor enthusiasts can explore local parks, recreation areas, and sports grounds. Feel free to plan your next vacation in Sacramento, the state’s cultural and historical capital.

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