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Living in Sacramento: Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Life There

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If you, by any chance, are planning to move to the West Coast, but still not sure which specific location would be for you, consider Sacramento. Living here has many advantages, some of which we summed up below to make you confident deciding if the place is suitable for you. 


Sacramento is full of beautiful views, but the mountain ranges are worth a specific mention. Located to the East of the city, the Sierra Mountain Range provides a stunning view in the morning sunrise. The sunsets are no less impressive, covering the California Coastal Range on the West in gold and setting it on fire before finally going to rest behind it, only to repeat the wonderful pattern the following day.

Some of the more expensive houses are located in the East of Sacramento in Eldorado Hills, Folsom, East Sac, and others. Those areas are located closer to the Sierra Mountain Range than any other in Sacramento. It will take a little more than an hour to get to the Range by car. Moreover, Lake Tahoe is also located to the East, nearby the Sierra Nevada Range, and you can walk in the shades of the Eldorado National Forest on your way to the spot!

The combination of the natural beauties surrounding the city makes it perfect for people who think nature an essential part of life. If you prefer living away from the concrete jungle without any incredible natural sights where you can slow down and recharge, Sacramento fits your requirements.


If you are a resident of megapolis areas like San Francisco or New York, Sacramento can astound you. Compared to the transport situation there, there is no traffic in Sacramento. Of course, as a major city with a growing population, Sacramento has occasional road congestion, but it is all relatively light and disperses quickly. If the car is your primary means of transportation, you will appreciate the stress-free driving possibilities that Sacramento provides. Enjoying the ride without worrying about being stuck and late is something the typical megapolis cannot provide its residents.


California is among the most expensive states to live in, and its major cities like San Francisco have the highest home values in America. The average home price in San Francisco is approximately 1.3 million dollars. Sacramento is a developing city, and the prices are affordable, especially compared to the home prices in other places in California. Citing Zillow, the average price you would pay for a home there in mid-2020 is $362,000. If you need a plumber in Sacramento area – contact 5 Star Plumbing today.


If one is not a fanatic of snowy and freezing winters, the city should be on their list of places you would consider living. The climate in Sacramento is exceptionally mild, with snow being a rare phenomenon. Of course, the summers are sometimes hot, but they are not extreme compared to other Californian locations. Besides, the oppressive heat is seldom an issue thanks to cool breezes coming from the waterfront. The typical Mediterranean climate inaccurate description of the environment here. Clouds or rain are almost as rare as snow, which means that the sun is a frequent companion here, bringing lots of warmth, brightness, smiles, and a good mood. Suppose you, however, happen to miss the snow. In that case, the Sierra Mountain Range located to the East of Sacramento provides an opportunity to climb any of over 500 mountain peaks and enjoy the clean white snow. Mountain snowfalls are usually heavy, so coming here in search of snow will always be worth it.


The city is famous as the epicenter of the ‘Farm-to-fork’ movement. The reason for this is its multiple farms, vineyards, gardens, and orchards that provide the United States with fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, delicacies, cheeses, wine, and many other fresh food products. The pros of living here are obvious: you have access to top-quality products all year round. Every year, in the summertime, Sacramento holds a large-scale ‘Farm to Fork Festival‘ with live music, various degustation, and lots of entertainment. During the festival, you can even book a table to have dinner at the top of the Tower bridge. Overall, Sacramento features a plethora of diverse cuisines for the most demanding tastes – from classic burgers to the Mediterranean to Asian treats, so eating here will never get boring.


Sacramento is rich in terms of outdoor activity options, too. You will never get bored here in your free time. The rivers and lakes with clean, fresh water offer various activities – from simply walking or cycling and enjoying nature and fabulous views, to swimming or kayaking. There is also an abundance of fish in these waters, so feel free to spend a day fishing and relaxing. Folsom Lake in the East of Sacramento is a popular place for water skiing and boat floating. Lake Tahoe offers spectacular views and water so clear you can see the bottom. If you are the athletic type, go jogging or cycling along the American River’s 37-kilometer bank. Each year, for adventure seekers, the city holds Eppie’s Great Race – a triathlon where you have to kayak.


The city is gradually growing, but it already boasts one of the state’s best employment rates. Many tech companies are opening or moving their offices to Sacramento, which provides the residents with many new vacancies. There is a very decent level of government jobs here. These jobs are usually considered better than jobs in other areas, providing more benefits and stability. There is a high ratio of government job positions to the city population – 80,000 to 500,000, making it a beautiful place to live and work in. In terms of mental well-being, in 2015, Forbes proclaimed the city the happiest place to work in the country.


Sacramento is a city that neither small nor large, but it has many beautiful areas that you can admire. As in any city, the neighborhoods in Sacramento are diverse in terms of economic well-being and safety. There are four major communities in the city: Midtown, East Sacramento, South Land Park, and College Greens. Midtown and Center are energetic, vibrant, and fast-paced communities. You can observe the starkest contrasts in this area, where apartment buildings, family houses, offices, shops, and boutiques are all intermingled and comfortably located next to each other. East Sac is the most well-to-do location with the highest housing prices and the large McKinley Park. The Park is famous for its ranch-homes, which are very difficult to purchase as live in families for decades and are rarely put up on sale. College Greens, located eastward of the city’s heart, houses the State University campus, providing plenty of housing options with a bunch of space.


The town became California’s Gold Capital back in 1948. The 350,000 kilograms of gold extracted in Sacramento during the Gold Rush allowed California to become the 31st American state in 1849. Throughout the years, the people of Sacramento made sure they respected and preserved their history. Thanks to their efforts, visitors and current citizens can enjoy learning about the city’s history today.

The city was founded by John Sutter, a German-born immigrant from Switzerland in 1839. He built a fort between the Sacramento and the American Rivers, now known as Sutter’s Fort. Almost ten years later, people found gold there. Sutter’s Fort sits in Midtown, and it is open to visitors.

During the Labour Day, performers organize and act out life during the Gold Rush – ‘Gold Rush Days.’ At this time, the old part of town turns into an 1850’s scene, and everyone is free to enjoy and learn at no charge.

An excellent way to update your knowledge on the history of the state, in particular, is to go to the California State Library, a historical building renovated in 2014 and hit the National Register of notable locations, the United States official list of historically significant objects and places.
Another historically significant event here is Eppie’s Great Race – one of the oldest Triathlon events in the world. In the Great Race, swimming is replaced by kayaking.


Downtown Sacramento, such as Midtown, provides entertainment, and fun. Though not as rich in entertainment structures as San Francisco, THe city has dozens of newly built or developing restaurants and clubs ready to accept and service visitors, most of which hold fun and exciting events. Most of the city’s nightlife holds on clubs, which offer people various events such as dancing, listening to live performances or film watching. Most of these places, such as The Park Ultra Lounge, Comedy Sportz, and The Torch Club, to name a few, work late into the night. Besides clubs, Sacramento has many pubs and bars where one can taste some of the best alcoholic beverages in the state. If you like live music, then enjoy local rock bands, too. Each year, Sacramento also hosts the Sacramento Music Awards.


Sacramento can boast quality educational facilities from kindergarten to universities. There are multiple options for people of any age. With any goal in mind, be it getting your first degree or continuing your professional development and looking for specific courses.

Sacramento has over 70 education-purpose buildings scattered throughout the city, with some of the most eminent being California State University, California State College, Consumnes River College, and Sacramento City College. The general education level in the city is higher than the average level in the United States – over 30 percent of people have a bachelor’s.

Sacramento is also an excellent place for cultural development, providing various experiences from admiring art exhibits to live music to ballet to opera. If you are into the arts, then you would love the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera. Find out more about this cultural institution on https://www.sacphilopera.org. The Sacramento Theater Company presents various performances from September to May, such as various live concerts, and musicals. It was initially founded as the Sacramento Civic Repertory Theater in 1942 to provide soldiers entertainment during World War II. You can learn more about the theater and its performance schedule at https://www.sactheatre.org. If you love art, Wide Open Walls – an art festival that is the Sacramento art scene star, will thrill you. This festival’s main aim is to show the significance of art in our lives, and it is the attraction not only for world-renowned artists but also for young talents. They flock to the city in August to adorn the public areas in different styles and colors to enjoy the beauty of their creations. Sacramento culture would not be full without coffee. The residents have created a separate cultural movement around coffee art. Even if you are not an art connoisseur, you will most certainly admire the beauty created by local baristas while hanging out with friends or just dropping in a coffee shop for a quick recharge. If you enjoy coffee, you will fit into the local community.


The city has stunning green streets. The people here are so proud of them; they call them urban forests. They take good care of the abundance of trees that provide the city with clean air and natural shade, keeping the scorching sunlight and heat at bay. The Tree Foundation is responsible for caring for the trees, planting new ones, and even offers tours in the company of a guide!

Sacramento is a very dog-friendly community, and dogs are allowed to accompany the owners almost everywhere, even at the local markets. If you have a dog, Sacramento would be a very stress-free location for you regarding dog treatment and rules.

As you can see, Sacramento is an exciting place to live and enjoy life. Starting with its warm climate and terrific nature to various social aspects, the city is a great place for life, work, personal development, and recreation. It is a versatile place, suitable for people of almost any age, young or old, and with different life goals. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide whether or not you should consider relocation to California’s capital.

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