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Italian Restaurants in Sacramento You Need to Visit

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Italian restaurants have always been famous for their abundant selection of dishes and unique flavor combinations. Italian restaurants in Sacramento are no exception. Traditional, modern technology and carefully selected ingredients are closely linked here. Italian chefs try to make their meals as healthy as possible by adding lots of vegetables, fiber, and healthy carbs. For pasta preparation, for example, try to use durum wheat flour and add bran. Also, sugar is practically not used in Italian cuisine, except for what is found in vegetables and fruits. Well, in desserts, and main dishes, it is customary to add a lot of nuts and dried fruits saturated with healthy fats and protein.

Let’s take a quick tour of the most famous Italian restaurants in Sacramento that you must visit.


Biba is an Italian restaurant named after its star chef. The restaurant has received many awards, the status of the best restaurant in Sacramento, and has earned visitors’ love.

Biba Caggiano has published 9 of her cookbooks, even hosted her culinary TV show, and opened it in the eighties. Although this is a gourmet restaurant, there are many simple and quality dishes that are familiar to everyone. Prices are not quite affordable, but not overpriced either, ranging from $ 10 to $ 25. Burrata con Zucca, Calamari Fritti, of course, Pasta, Pollo Alla Milanese are the most demanded dishes. Even real Italians will not be able to distinguish local dishes from their homeland, because the team of this restaurant is true professionals.

The restaurant hosts many different and exciting culinary events. You can visit wine tastings, masterclasses, taste specialties from the chef. The main thing is to sign up in advance because the place is wildly popular.


  • An impressive selection of wines at a reasonable price
  • Calm and cozy atmosphere, which is only disturbed by the sound of a blender when used to whip up delicious margaritas
  • Polite and caring, but not intrusive staff who are always ready to help and answer any of your questions
  • The dishes’ prices are not low, but you will pay any money for the cuisine in this restaurant.
  • Most of the visitors plan to return to this restaurant again.


This is one of the famous restaurant chains’ establishments, which in its 25 years of operation, has become an iconic and historical place in Sacramento. Restaurants of this chain are located throughout America and always have positive reviews from visitors. Sacramento locals and tourists appreciate this place for its pleasant atmosphere, excellent service, and the highest quality food. The restaurant’s prices are affordable, but everyone can take advantage of special offers, gift cards, and even happy hour.

Promotions in honor of holidays and events are also available.

The food and menu items may vary depending on the season, as this restaurant uses natural products from local farms. The list of wines is quite varied; you can find something to your taste and budget.


  • Many Sacramento guests and locals choose this particular restaurant because of the impeccable service and incredibly delicious food.
  • People say prices are very affordable for food of such high quality.
  • Interior design and indescribable atmosphere are what guests pay attention to
  • The staff is so polite and friendly that you can feel at home here.
  • During happy hours you will be pleasantly surprised by the low prices and special meals and cocktails.


This restaurant is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable evening in a magical atmosphere and taste delicious food made with ingredients. The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, but keep in mind they have a day off on Monday.

If you are a connoisseur of fish dishes, you will be pleasantly surprised that this Restaurant serves fish dishes with pistachios and pomegranates. At first glance, this combination may seem strange, but believe me, you will not be disappointed. And when combined with asparagus, it will become the best dish of your life.

The chefs will amaze you with a selection of homemade and gourmet cuisine. And the assortment of drinks will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated gourmets.


  • The most popular offer from the menu is lunch specials, which contain everything you need to satisfy your hunger: soup, salad, and bread.
  • The number of waiters in the staff is sufficient for such a popular place, and the level of service deserves special attention, the team is polite and friendly.
  • The restaurant has a patio, which makes the visit even more convenient and creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • The interior is bright and colorful, so that you will be looking at decorative elements throughout your visit.
  • The combination of Italian and Czech cuisine allows you to choose dishes of different tastes.
  • By the number of pizza orders in this restaurant, we can say that this is the best pizza in the city.


If you are in the center of Sacramento, we strongly recommend that you drop by this restaurant. Originally a baking school on the restaurant’s site, it is now one of the most excellent places in Sacramento. We are sure you will also like the unique interior. You can dine in a private area or join the regular restaurant hall with the rest of the guests. In the private area, you can arrange your private event, date, or business meeting. The staff and chefs undergo specialized training to know precisely how to saddle any visitor with a satisfying service and quality of food.

The employees and founders of this restaurant value the close, almost family-like relationship with the guests. Here you can have a grand party or a quiet family celebration. Throughout the entire process of organizing the event, an event manager will help you, and special advantageous offers will also be offered. The catering option is also available. You can contact the manager of this place to find out all the details you are interested in.


  • The quality of the service and the staff’s dedication to their work makes it clear that all employees are happy to work in this place. This affects the attendance rate most positively.
  • The kitchen staff’s skills are so high that you will simply be left speechless from the dishes in this restaurant.
  • The selection of wines, cocktails, and drinks is so wide and varied that it will satisfy the needs of any local or foreign guest.
  • This restaurant is the most popular and suitable place for business meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Although prices may seem overpriced, you will immediately know that the costs are justified once you visit this place.


One of the most popular restaurants in Sacramento and has received numerous awards. The chain’s restaurants are located all over the world, supported by local families and companies everywhere. This restaurant provides its customers with healthy food made from the finest ingredients from local farms. In this place, a traditional Italian establishment’s atmosphere was created and maintained, which every guest can enjoy.

The family atmosphere of this place is not a coincidence. The restaurant founders wanted to create a place where visitors can feel their belonging to the community of residents and simply lovers of Italian cuisine of the highest standard. On the menu, you can find suitable options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a fantastic bar menu and a fine selection of wines. If you are interested in special offers, we advise you to stop by this restaurant during happy hour. In addition to drinks at attractive prices, you can taste unique dishes.


  • Attractive prices, cozy atmosphere, and homemade food make guests feel as comfortable as possible. Here everyone can taste their favorite dish and sit at their ideal table.
  • Visitors say that this restaurant deserves the most positive reviews because only here can you try the unique fries and baked pasta.
  • The choice of dishes is small, but this is since this restaurant serves the very best of what Italian cuisine has to offer
  • A small selection of dishes allows the prices to be too high, but the dishes are of the best quality.
  • One of the best places to spend the evening enjoying wonderful homemade pizza and craft beer 


This is another place in Sacramento with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is worth visiting, whether you are a local or visiting Sacramento on vacation. This place’s employees create an indescribable atmosphere that combines coziness, comfort, friendliness, and positive energy. This is the place to eat meals prepared by expert chefs at an affordable and reasonable price. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of the products from which all dishes spring.

The restaurant offers separate seasonal menus as well as menus for special events and happy hour. You can bring your loved one for a delicious dinner, which will cost you only $ 25. And that includes a bottle of wine. The selection of wines, by the way, will pleasantly surprise you. Subscribe to this restaurant on one of the social networks to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, menu changes, and special offers.


  • The restaurant’s space is well organized, so there is a place for any visitor so that everyone is comfortable.
  • The unique dough preparation technology makes it the tastiest and most crunchy in the whole city.
  • A wide selection of pizzas
  • The selection of cocktails, wine, and craft beers is wide and varied enough to find a drink of your choice.
  • Impeccable service and the staff is always polite and caring.
  • The waiters will help you get all the information you need if you are not already familiar with Italian cuisine. They will tell you about any dish, having analyzed the composition in detail.
  • Of the minuses – there are few dishes for vegetarians. All pizzas contain meat or cheese.
  • If you come here on your birthday, you will be treated to a free dessert.


This restaurant will become your favorite place for family events or romantic evenings with your beloved. The nontrivial interior, attention to detail, and special lighting make the atmosphere in the restaurant intimate and pleasant.

This restaurant has successfully created an interesting, but at the same time, classic Italian atmosphere within its walls. If you want to arrange a private event or party here, contact the manager, they will tell you how to make this event unforgettable.


  • Although the interior is quite old-fashioned, this does not negatively affect the restaurant’s ambiance. This is a classic and traditional Italian place with exciting design elements.
  • Of course, prices have increased significantly over the past 30 years, but they remain among the lowest in the city.
  • Lack of on-staff waiters slows down the service process a bit.
  • If you pre-order a table, the restaurant will provide you with a free parking space
  • Portion sizes are slightly smaller than average, but food quality is top-notch.
  • The staff is hospitable, the team easily find a common language with children and are always glad to expect unexpected guests.
  • Some people say bartenders talk too much.

There are many restaurants in Sacramento where you can experience traditional Italian cuisine and enjoy top quality food. Most local chefs prefer to prepare healthy meals with ingredients from local farms. There is a restaurant for every taste and any event. You can organize a family evening, a romantic dinner or even your party. Keep in mind that it is better to pre-order tables in some places to get the best seats. We hope you can find your favorite Italian restaurant in Sacramento.

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