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How Regularly to Check Your Plumbing?

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Home maintenance is a highly important matter, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when many people still prefer to spend more time at home than before. Having something broken can cause various problems and inconvenience. The plumbing area, unfortunately, is not an exception.

Troubles that can happen with pipes, taps, and other plumbing elements in the building’s system can sometimes be catastrophic. To be prepared and to avoid massive repairs, suffering from leaks, blockages, water running around the house rooms, and having local floods, you should control the situation and do a full checkup in a certain period.

But in which period? This question bothers plenty of homeowners and sometimes turns into enormous problems that you’d better prevent.

Why Control Your Plumbing Situation

Before we define the terms in which you should bother about the plumbing system in your home, let’s dive into the topic and understand why it is so crucial to see what is going on from time to time.

We will begin with all the points that a plumber will examine during the inspection and continue with the benefits you receive if you decide to make regular plumbing checkups at home.

What Professionals Will Check

When you call a specialist to see what is happening regarding the plumbing, there is a list of works they must perform. All these works together will ensure that you have everything checked and should not be scared of unexpected situations, leaks, or floods.

The things to check for the plumber are normally the following:

  • Pipes

Regardless of which materials your pipes are made of, at some point, they might need to be changed. A professional will thoroughly check whether it is time to do something with your pipes, or these works can be postponed to future checks.

  • Sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets

These will be checked to see if there are any clogs. Also, a toilet can require special attention: the specialist will need to see if it runs correctly (which is important because it may affect the sums you pay for the water).

  • Connections, drains, lines, fixtures, taps, and other details

This section does not demand many comments: if the tiniest element in the whole plumbing system is out of order, it can later lead to a massive disaster. A high-quality plumbing team normally brings special cameras to provide a full inspection of every single detail.

  • The pressure of water in pipes

Another important thing to examine: if the pressure is too high, it may get the pipes to destruction. On the other hand, if the pressure seems to be low, maybe something is wrong with the underground pipes.

As you can see, there are a bunch of things to do. If that seems too much for you, just imagine an awful picture of you wiping floors in the whole apartment or house because eventually, you’ve faced plumbing problems. Believe us, you don’t want to get there.

So, how regularly should you check?

Generally, most plumbing experts and specialists advise arranging a meeting with a fully prepared plumber at your place once every couple of years (the two years term is considered optimal).

However, the older premises get the higher your chances to face plumbing issues. After some time, your pipes might be overused. Of course, this happens once in many years, but it still happens.

So, at some point, you may consider inviting a plumber for an inspection once a year. And it will be a smart move because detecting a small breakage and fixing it right away is much easier than having an expensive, long-term, and large-scale repair.

Advantages of Checking Your Plumbing System on Time

If you are still not convinced by all our points explained above, we will now attempt for the last time and provide you with a list of benefits you get if you behave rationally and call a plumber for a checkup sometimes. We hope that the list will persuade you to pay more attention to plumbing and take reasonable care of it.

  • You lessen the risk of unexpected problems

Having a regular check will surely reduce the probability of emergencies that are related to plumbing and that you are not ready for. Just for once, use your imagination to picture yourself in a situation where you have to run to an important work meeting, but you cannot leave home because there is massive flooding that you cannot stop.

  • Your bills for water might become smaller

As we have already mentioned, a prompt examination and problem detection both allow you to not only feel safe about your home’s bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and so on; it also leads you to a vital benefit — it can lessen your water bills significantly.

  • The longevity of the whole plumbing system increases

As you already know, fixing a tiny problem in a plumbing system prevents large breakages. Overall, the system becomes more reliable if a specialist checks it on a regular basis.

  • The water may become cleaner and better

In some cases, checking the plumbing system in your home may show that you need to change pipes. And when you change old and rusty pipes to fresh ones, the quality of water you get will improve, too. Besides, a professional plumber will also ensure that you don’t get any mold with your water.

  • The value of your home grows

This is a good point, especially if you think of selling your home sometime soon. If you regularly examine all plumbing elements (and, to be fair, all other systems in your home), you can easily add a decent sum to the price you put on your house or apartment.

  • Regular examination saves you money and time

This conclusion appears after all these points above. You can really save a lot of money and precious time if you check everything on time and don’t face the necessity of huge renovation and changing all plumbing details at once.

To Sum Up

We expect that after our brief guide, you will call a plumber and appoint a checkup in your home that will help you understand if there are any problems or things to worry about. Always remember that having your plumbing checkup done in time lets you avoid a lot of problems and expenses.

Nowadays, with the internet and smartphones, finding a great plumber in your area is easy. Before arranging a meeting with a specialist, try to ensure that they have enough skills and good reviews — you can either check comments online or ask your friends and family members for advice.

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