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Guided Fishing and Hunting Trips in Sacramento

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Keen fishers know the best places for fishing, and they don’t tend to share their knowledge with other people. Fortunately, we like to share, and that’s why we’re going to tell you about one of the best places for fishing in the whole United States.

This place is the Sacramento River, which is 400 miles long and located in the state of California, famous for its water full of fishes of various species. For those who don’t want to get lost in the variety of fishing spots at the Sacramento River, the state of California made special guided fishing trips. There’s a low possibility without these trips, and you’d know where to find such rare fish species as brown and rainbow trout and sea-run rainbows (or, in other words, Steelhead). Due to these trips, we know you can find them in the Upper Sac area of the Sacramento River.

If you’re a keen fisherman, you know how it’s important to catch not only some rare fish but a large one. That’s the situation when the size matters. And if it matters to you, then you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to catch salmon of 60-70 pounds, which you can find in the Lower Sacramento River area. You can catch striped bass at the same spot if you’re going on a trip in spring and white sturgeon if you like to fish in the wintertime.

These remarks are just a small part of the information you can receive on guided fishing trips. And the format of these fishing trips you can choose by yourself. It can be either half-day trips if you’re a family man and want to entertain your kids, or it can be fishing trips for professionals where professional fishing experts will tell you where and how you can catch the largest perch or salmon. If you don’t want to miss the chance of getting such an experience, take a closer look at the list of guided fishing trips at the Sacramento River, which you can find further.


Before going on any trip, note that due to the California laws, you need to have a fishing license. Additionally, for hunting for Sturgeon or Steelhead, you need to have a special report card, as well. Usually, guides on such trips know where you can take these documents, so don’t be shy to receive this information from them.

Also, don’t forget to take a tackle, bait, and other fishing equipment for going on a trip. Very often, guides on tours have all the necessary equipment, but it’d be better if you take your equipment just in case.


For starters, let’s take a closer look at what fish species you can catch in the waters of the Sacramento River so you will know what to prepare yourself for. If you have any doubts about fishing in the Sacramento River, you wouldn’t have them after seeing the list of these species.


The best time for catching sturgeon is in its spawning time which is between January and April. If you want to catch the big sturgeon of 800 pounds, choose this time to go on a fishing trip. You can book yourself a vacation during this period so you won’t miss the opportunity of catching this legendary fish.

Also, be ready to purchase heavy tackle and fresh bait as this fish isn’t that easy to catch. Some special preparation is also required, so if you feel you don’t feel good or not in the right shape, think twice before hunting for sturgeon.


King Salmon has the prefix “King” for a reason as it can reach a weight of up to 70 pounds, which is less than the weight of the sturgeon, but still very impressive.

The best time for catching King Salmon in California is in the period between July and December. Experts in fishing highlight the period as the most beneficial for hunting on this fish.

Also, there are special fishing techniques allowing anglers to catch King Salmon with the 100% possibility. Some of these are side drifting, back trolling, and back bouncing, but they aren’t the only ones. More information on them and other hints on fishing you will get from the experienced fishing guides.


Unlike King Salmon and sturgeon, this fish isn’t that big. The weight of striped bass varies from 2 to 50 pounds, but it doesn’t mean this fish isn’t worth catching. Once you taste it, you will know your efforts weren’t in vain.

Due to the uneasy character of striped bass, it might be hard to catch it. So knowing some basic techniques of catching this exact fish will be on the hand. These techniques include drifting and high-speed trolling. Additionally, you would need to take on the fishing trip live baits (crabs, eels, and mullet), topwater lures, spoons, and even swimsuits to assist yourself in catching the fish.

5 Star Plumbing | Guided Fishing and Hunting Trips in Sacramento


Catching the fish is not easy. Especially if we talk about catching striped bass, King Salmon, or sturgeon mentioned above. It’s better to have someone who can assist you in this. Luckily, there are various fishing trips on which experienced fishing guides will teach you essential techniques allowing you to catch even the most uncatchable fish.

According to the reviews on websites dedicated to fishing, the following fishing trips in the area of the Sacramento River are considered the best. Moreover, they come at an affordable price which is equally important.


Captain Todd Lebouf is most known among the fishers as “Fish Magnet,” If it attracts your attention, you should consider attending the fishing trip under his guidance.

Due to Todd’s knowledge, you will find and catch the largest King Salmon, Brown Trout, or Steelhead in the whole Sacramento River. The 16′ Koffler drift boat, with its powerful engine, on which you will be moving up the Sacramento River, will assist you in this in the best possible way.

Also, Todd will provide you with modern fishing equipment, so you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is book an 8-hour fishing trip and let Todd do what’s left. The pleasant bonus of the fishing trip with Todd is after you catch the fish (and there’s no way it won’t happen), Todd will butcher and clean your catch which you can either go to the local restaurant and ask them to cook it for you, or you can take it home and cook it yourself. The choice is up to you, but to make this choice possible, you first have to book a fishing trip with Todd “Fish Magnet” Lebouf. We’re 100% sure you won’t regret it.


The fishing experience of Big Al started in 1973 when he made his first fishing trip. Since that time, for almost 50 years, Big Al has been sharing his knowledge on fishing with hundreds of people every year.

If you want to be one of these lucky ones and know where and how to catch such fishes as steelhead, sturgeon, catfish, kokanee, stripers, trout, and Sacramento valley salmon, then booking a fishing trip with Big Al is your option. With the latest fishing equipment and Big Al’s assistance, you will catch the fish and brag about it in front of your friends afterward. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional angler or just a beginner, as Big Al will find an approach to every person.

Big Al will not only teach you how to catch the fish and educate you with the best fishing techniques, but he will also help you with cleaning, butchering, and packing your catch once you catch it. Don’t you agree it’s a pleasant bonus?


Choosing this fishing trip the one you’d like to attend, you get an opportunity to go on this trip on a super-powerful 24 ‘Fish Rite jet boat. This boat is famous for its 460 HP Ford engine, ability to accommodate up to six people on the board, and special instruments for fishing helping anglers to find in the shortest possible time. There’s a zero possibility you won’t catch the fish.

The team of the PG Guide Service does their best to ensure anglers attending their fishing trip leave it with a good impression. Book a fishing trip and check it yourself!


Another significant figure in the world of fishing is Capt Brandon Beachum, whose general fishing experience is 25 years. When in 1999, Brandon received an official license for being a fishing guide, he proved knowledge he received while studying at the California Maritime Academy wasn’t in vain. Capt Brandon Beachum knows how to make the fishing trip both safe and entertaining, and he will teach you how to catch some real fish.

Brandon uses a custom Alumaweld 26-foot-jet-powered open tiller on his fishing trips. This boat isn’t only safe and perfect for swimming the Sacramento River’s waters, but it also can accommodate up to six persons on the board. It means you can take your friends with you if you like traveling with them, but don’t forget to take a fishing license, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, and suitable clothing to let your trip be both comfortable and rich in the catch.


Captain Gordon, being the guide on the 5S fishing trip, has 40 years of fishing experience. He gained enough experience to share it with the anglers wishing to get any experience at all. If you’re the beginner in wishing, be sure you have all the chances to become a professional angler after fishing with Captain Gordon.

The boat you will be fishing on is a 17 ‘Fish Rite jet boat with its 90 HP Yamaha engine. It’s quite small, and only three passengers can find their place on it, but if you look at it from the other side, it means all the passengers will receive equal attention. Eight hours (or less) on this boat with Captain Gordon, and you receive an unforgettable experience (and some nice catch).

As to the name of the fishing trip, 5S covers the five fish species Captain Gordon Holt has the qualification to catch. These species are:

  • Sturgeon, which is better to catch during the wintertime;
  • Steelhead, also hunt for it in the winter;
  • Striped Bass, which you can look for in the spring or fall;
  • Salmon, which you also need to catch in the springtime;
  • Shad, hunt for it in the spring, as well, and in the summer.

Catching one of these fish sounds attractive, right?


With a fishing experience of 50 years, Captain Gary Anderson makes fishing trips not only for individuals but also for families with children. That’s essential for families wanting to spend time with their children on some activity. Captain knows how to engage even the young anglers, so you don’t have to worry your children will get bored. If you have life jackets for yourself and your children, take them with them. But if you don’t, know that Captain Gary Anderson values safety the most, and life jackets are always on the boat.

As for the boat, Captain Gary Anderson prefers to fish on a 25 ‘Rouge Jet Boat with its twin 400 HP engine and seats for six people. There are some bait and snacks for fish on the boat, but it’s better to take additional snacks with you. Also, don’t forget to take licenses for fishing for every person over 16 years old. Bringing a fish cooler won’t be extra, as well.

Also, unlike guides on other fishing trips, Captain Gary Anderson will take you fishing not only in the Sacramento River but also in the Feather River. The choice of the river depends on the bite of the fish. You don’t need to understand anything about the spots for fishing. Let Captain Gary Anderson do his job, and be sure he will do everything to make your trip one of the most pleasant experiences in your life.


The fishing trip company, under the guidance of an experienced fishing guide Jerry Frye has been on the market for more than 20 years now. During this period, Jerry gained enough experience and knowledge to catch such fish as Striped Bass of 35 pounds. And Jerry likes to share his experience with others. One of the anglers under his guidance caught a Salmon of 58 pounds! It sounds like a solid reason for us to trust Jerry’s expertise.

The company utilizes a 17′ aluminum drift boat to fish in the waters of both the Trinity River and Lower Sacramento River. On the board of the boat, you can get access to fishing gear and other fishing equipment necessary for successful fishing. It’s already included in the cost of the tour, so you don’t need to bring any equipment or bait with you. But if you want to, you can take it, for sure.

At the end of the fishing trip, after you catch some fish (and you will catch it), Jerry Frye will butcher, clean, and pack your catch in an ice-filled container, so you can deliver it home with comfort.


If you’re searching for an individual approach, then going on a fishing trip with Captain Andrew might be the option you’d like to consider. There are only two seats for two anglers on his 14′ Lavoro drift boat, so an individual approach is provided.

The route of the fishing trip runs through the waters of the Lower Sacramento River and Trinity River. These rivers are famous for their waters full of various fish species and the pleasant atmosphere for fishing.

Rods, reels, terminal tackle, fly fishing equipment, and other fishing equipment are already included in the cost of the fishing trip and located on the board of the boat. You can also find cold drinks and some snacks on the board, so be sure you won’t stay hungry. If you need some specific food or drinks, mind taking them with you.

Also, don’t forget to take sunscreen, suitable clothing, and a fishing license, and Andrew will care for the rest.


Going on the fishing trip with Captain Les Fernandes means spending time in comfort and safety while fishing. With 40 years of fishing experience, Captain Les Fernandes knows how to catch such rare and delicious fish species as Steelhead, Brown Trout, Sockeye Salmon, or Chinook Salmon, and he’s ready to share his experience with you.

When we say about the safety of the trip, we mean it. Captain Les Fernandes uses a modern 21′ Sun Tracker pontoon released just in 2020. Up to six anglers can accommodate on the boat, meaning you can go on the trip with your friends or colleagues.

Don’t forget about the fishing license and necessary fishing equipment that will allow you to catch one of the fish mentioned before. To celebrate your catch, Captain Les Fernandes will clean and fillet your caught fish for you, so you don’t need to spend your time on this.


Captain Justin is the last qualified fishing expert in our compilation, and he deserves to be among other professional fishing guides. His experience is enough to teach fishing not only you but your children, as safety is what matters to him the most.

A 22′ Jetcraft jet boat with seats for five people, GPS, fishfinder, and other fishing equipment on the board is safe for fishing on it with children. There are Stripers, and Salmon Fishing Tackle can also be found on the board, and you don’t have to pay for them additionally as they are already included in the tour’s cost.

With the utilization of this equipment and under the guidance of Captain Justin, you will know some fishing techniques necessary for successful fishing. For example, you’ll know the best time for hunting for Salmon is after the summer break and for Striped Bass in the period between March and May. And this is just a small piece of information you’ll get after a fishing trip with Captain Andrew.


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