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First Winter 2022 Results for 5 Star Company

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In accordance with the latest statistical data, almost 24 per cent of businesses were closed and 40 per cent almost became bankrupt. We all know that this is because of the coronavirus pandemic that does not seem to be ending. In order to avoid the same paths, 5 Star company continues to strengthen its place in the plumbing market and tries to improve its strategy even more.

5 Star has been following and will continue to pursue these principles during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Continue improving and upgrading the skills of the employees
  • Surpass the current levels of customer service’s quality of work
  • Increase the number of plumbing services provided

All of these things will help the company, as they think, to strengthen its position in the plumbing market.

So, let us now see what the company had already done in 2022 about their goals and principles.

The first outstanding thing that 5 Star company has decided to continue pursuing is connected with their employment strategy. In comparison with many other businesses that made a lot of cuts in their staff due to a never-ending pandemic, 5 Star did the exact opposite – the company hired even more employees for its multiple plumbing projects. 

This way, the workers became as loyal to 5 Star as it was only possible and were given an opportunity to prove themselves to the employer that they are worthy of the investment made in them. The employees developed their skills even more and are now able to keep providing for their families during these quite hard times in which we are living.

The second important approach that the company is still pursuing is its pricing policy. Almost any other business has now increased its pricing because of the inflation and general economic crisis in the world. But 5 Star, again, went the other way: the company did not increase its prices or even decreased them for certain kinds of the services provided, such as repair ones.

This pricing policy only helped the company to strengthen its relationships with already existing clients and attract new ones that would become constant customers for sure. It could not be easy for 5 Star Plumbing to decide to take an opposite direction to that of the whole world, as it might have brought the company to bankruptcy. But now the directors definitely know that this might be their best decision yet.

And in the future, they promise to keep the prices on the same level, as they know how important it is for their customers.

The third important thing to mention here is the employees of the company themselves, as not only the principles of the company guide it to prosperity and success, but its workers as well. 5 Star definitely hires only professionals in the plumbing sphere that are ready to always improve their skills and be kind and friendly when working with clients.

The company always makes sure that its customers are safe with its employees and pleased with the services that they provide. For this, decent professionals are needed, and they are present at the 5 Star Plumbing.

Continuing with the thought of customers’ safety, you should be confident that working with 5 Star employees during the Covid-19 pandemic will always mean that they will wear medical masks, disinfect the working offices, and make all of the safety measures when going to your home.

As for the even bigger improvement of customer services, 5 Star has improved their current website, so that all of you could get all of the important information there and even receive a free of charge consultation for your needs, which can be acquired by you both online on the website and offline in the company’s office. 

In addition, you can also receive some useful tips from this website, for example, about the most eco-friendly materials that you might want to use in your home repair process. So, what you now can get from the 5 Star Plumbing website is their prices, consultations about their services and which ones you exactly need, and even some recommendations.

We believe that filing a form for online consultation with one of the company’s professionals might be the best thing to do now, as you do not put yourself at risk of getting infected with Covid-19. However, if you still feel the need to visit the 5 Star office, you can do so by going here: 4616 Roseville Rd #109, North Highlands, CA 95660.

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