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  • Our premier electricians are skilled, trustworthy, and certified
  • Charge in direct correlation to your estimate
  • Drug- and background screening is mandatory

The highly-educated, trustworthy, and innovative premier specialists will provide you with top-class services concerning installation, restoration, and full replacement of your household`s electrical equipment.

A flawlessly operating electrical system is vital for any home- or business owner. It is responsible for everything from the illumination to powering AC appliances, kitchen features, TV, computers, etc.

5 Star provides you with certified premier technicians to rid you of any electricity-related issues for your residence or business facility. We deal with wiring, fix breaker boxes, boost your electrical outlets. With our company, you will get the top-rated result quickly, efficiently, and our costs are out of the competition. Contact us today and save yourself from the trouble!


Sacramento`s weather can bring about severe storms that can lead to power outages and disrupt your household’s efficiency and comfort. In an emergency, to keep running electrical features like fridges, ovens, furnaces, lights, you can opt for a generator, portable of permanent standby ones. 5 Star does all the work for you! Give us a call today!

Exhaust Bathroom Fan Installation

Without continuous ventilation, your bathroom can turn overly moist and become home for various molds damaging your household and wellbeing. With over three decades of servicing, 5 Star company provides you with licensed and trustworthy professionals who make sure your room is adequately ventilated. Keep the humidity low with advanced technologies and assistance from our premier team.

Smoke Detectors Installation

Detectors of smoke vary broadly: wired, battery-powered, or either way, optical and ionization driven. Detectors with batteries are safe during power outages, while wired ones can be inconvenient, hard-reached, and get disconnected. We provide services on
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  • Ionization Smoke Alarms

  • To figure the model and its placement, equip your household with up-to-date smoke detectors, address our reliable electricians, and ensure your safety and peace of mind. Call now!

    Outlets And Switches Repair

    Got your outlet plate shattered? The plug won`t work correctly, hot, odorous, and sparking? Want updated equipment? 5 Star can keep you away from danger and tiresome work. Our certified and experienced electrical specialists will provide you with affordable service at a reasonable price. Contact us once you need any electrical issue fixed professionally, effectively, and in no time!

    Ceiling Fan Installation

    Cannot put yourself to bed on a hot summer night in Sacramento? Need your rooms continuously ventilated, but you do not want to splurge on costly services? 5 Star`s experienced electricians are on it! We provide in- and outdoor ceiling fans installation, restoration, and replacement to tackle overheating and stiffness in your household.

    Electrical Remodeling

    Whether any of your rooms or entire household needs electrical remodeling, 5 Star is the Sacramento’s top choice. Our top-rated premier electricians, best customer service, and a broad spectrum of services we provide will save your time and money, and provide violation correction, permitting and inspection, and full remodeling of your electrical network. Do not miss out!


    To give the look of your household a modern, stylish touch and increase illumination, the installation of new light fixtures is an ideal solution. We work on various lighting features, diligently and efficiently serving Sacramento`s homeowners for many years.

    Electrical Panel

    The rates of electricity consumption have been continuously on the rise in America due to household electric appliances’ proliferation. To avoid overload entailing risk to your health and property, have an electrical panel installed by 5 Star technicians.

    Get rid of your electrical network’s instability, avoid outages and flickering lightbulbs by upgrading your panel asap. Consult us first!

    Electrical Wiring

    Installation, repairs, and replacement of wiring are majors of the 5 Star company. We heed all safety standards and stick to electrical code for your safety and security of your household. We offer:

  • Aluminum Wires Replacement
  • Knob/Tube Wiring

  • Have all your wiring updated to the max with our top-class professionals. Contact us to avoid hazards and outages.

    Service Call

    Suppose you feel unsure about the security of your household and the health of its dwellers. You can share your concerns with 5 Star professional electricians, certified and trained to handle any electrical issue and any emergency you may have.

    Get any electrical appliance or framework installed, restored, and replaced by the masters licenced by the State California.