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Best Picnic Locations in Sacramento

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Sacramento is a perfect place for picnic lovers as there are lots of gorgeous spots, parks, and forests with fascinating natural views. If you are looking for the best place in the capital of California to hang out with your friends or loved ones in the open air, you have many options you will learn about reading this article.

So, grab some food and blankets and explore one of the following locations in Sacramento!

The Top-12 Best Picnic Spots in Sac

1. Auburn Area

In this area, you can find many interesting and beautiful places for picnics and outdoor recreation, so it is difficult to recommend one you only one stop. Wander around the area, walk along with one of the trails and look for the most suitable place for you, where you can stay with your friends. But don’t forget to bring a portable table and food, as you are unlikely to be able to find shops nearby. This is also a great opportunity to explore unknown places and relax in the picturesque nature.

2. Highway 49

A trip along Highway 49 is a great opportunity to see many historical places and beautiful scenery. In addition, you can find a beautiful place for a picnic and rest near the road from Sacramento, driving towards the city of Sutter Creek. We recommend you to set aside a whole day for this journey and also look at local attractions in one of the historical cities close to Sacramento. Such a trip will not leave you indifferent!

3. Davis Arboretum

This arboretum, where you will find plants of amazing beauty from all over the world, can tell you a lot about the fauna. However, if you want to have lunch under one of the rare trees, you can take food, blankets and have a picnic in one of the remote places.

4. Capay Valley

If you have a free day, take a car and go to the northwest of the city. After about an hour of driving, you will get to the farming part of California, where you will see many gardens, vineyards, mountains, and a beautiful Cache Creek. For those of you who live in the city and spend much of the time in traffics, noise and crowds, it will be very enjoyable to stay in one of these farming towns and be alone with nature.


5. Nimbus Flat

This is a wonderful place located by Lake Natoma, equipped with everything you might need for a picnic and outdoor activities. In addition to tables and a stunning view of the lake and beach, you can rent a kayak or boat and take a ride feeling the fresh breeze and the splash of fish right next to you.

6. Capitol Park

Have a picnic in one of the most iconic and historical places of the city — in one of the delightful gardens surrounding the Capitol. The place is ideal for sitting on a bench in sunny weather and admiring the wonderful view of the Capitol building, historical statues, and various kinds of trees growing near you. This is a great opportunity to relax and take a break from the daily routine.

7. Jack Russell Brewery

Another picnic spot that will appeal to adults who love craft beer and mead. This brewery is located in El Dorado County and is equipped with everything you need for a perfect picnic and outdoor activities in good company. Take baskets of food (or buy it at a store nearby) and enjoy your time on the fascinating farm!

8. Ancil Hoffman Park In Carmichael Preserve

An ideal place for lovers of animals and nature. In this park, you can not only arrange an unforgettable picnic surrounded by trees, watch wild animals in the nature center located nearby, and much more. Since the territory of the park is huge, there is even a river where you can take a walk. Observe the wildlife, explore the many trails of the preserve and relax from the hustle and bustle of city life.

9. Sutter’s Fort Historical Park

If you do not want to travel outside the city, we have another option for you in the very center of Sacramento! Sutter’s Fort Historical Park is located within walking distance from the center, and it will appeal to both people interested in the history of the city and those who do not mind sitting near the pond and looking at the wild animals and birds that live there. Take some friends with you and enjoy nature and beauty together!

10. Rancho Roble Vineyards

Another great option where you can try a bottle of local fine wine, sitting next to a pond surrounded by vineyards. This place is magnificent and picturesque, and also provides a lot of activities for children. Therefore, if you have younger family members, be sure to take them with you on the picnic and let them spend time in this beautiful spot. You will definitely have a great time here!

11. The Barn

A great place for a family holiday, where you will find a delicious variety of food and try craft beer from a local brewery. The extensive territory equipped with a lawn and picnic tables will make this place comfortable for both adults and children, who will be able to play outdoors in the field of view of their parents.

12. Old Sugar Mill

This is a great picnic location option for wine lovers and, what is important, the mill is located just 20 minutes from the center of Sacramento by car. Here you can find a wine for every taste and enjoy it with your friends and family on the territory adjacent to the sugar mill. This is an amazing and very pleasant type of rest for adults!

Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you live in Sacramento or came here as a tourist. You probably could find a place in this list that you like, where you would like to go on a weekend with friends or family. Do not hesitate to take different snacks with you and go on a trip, where you will find amazing views of the nature of California. Have a good rest!

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