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An Indispensable Plumbing Snake

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Today, the rhythm of life is so rapid that a person is often guided only by the desire to save up time. Every minute is valuable! This fact makes people choose things that save time and pay attention to the quality of products and their versatility. The same rule applies to plumbing and landscaping of the whole house.

Nowadays, few people will be surprised by houses or apartments with large rooms, which have elements of luxury and aesthetics. If we talk about the fundamental items of plumbing (sinks, handwashes, washbasins, baths, showers, toilets, and bidets), it is not difficult to select such a thing from countless others. However, the most important thing is to choose a comfortable bathtub or a beautiful sink, replace pipes and fittings, and timely change all plumbing in case of malfunctions.

This brief overview will help you solve any problems related to plumbing and pipes. Everyone knows that hair or other personal hygiene items can easily get into the sink and clog the pipes. This article will reveal the secrets of using a plumbing snake to eliminate blockages. We hope this article will make you think about regularly updating plumbing items!

Quick Help With Plumbing Problems

If you suddenly have plumbing problems (food waste stuck in the sink, leaking pipe, clogging in fittings), you can use a plumbing snake! A plumbing snake is a universal tool that allows you to remove any blockages and waste blocking pipes and drains. As a rule, such a tool has the shape of a hose (snake). It is a metal cable with a small uncoiled spring on one end and a handle on the other end. 

In a couple of minutes, you can remove blockages in the pipe and clean the sink in the kitchen or bathroom! You do not need to call a plumber and spend money on plumbing services because a plumbing snake, unwinding down the sewer, cleans drains and pipes. People usually use such tools (plumbing cables) with large blockages. In such cases, the water flowing out of the tap, getting into the sink, cannot flow through the pipe; dirt and food waste come out of the drains and clog the sink, and a foul smell spreads through the house. An unpleasant situation, isn’t it? Unfortunately, such cases are sudden and unpredictable. Most often, pipes leak or become clogged at the most inopportune moment! 

However, if you have a plumbing snake at home, you will solve all the difficulties instantly. By the way, such a plumbing snake is not suitable for cleaning toilets. It is better to use a plumbing cable designed specially for toilets to avoid force majeure situations.

Thus, a plumbing snake is a necessary metal tool that allows you to eliminate blockages in pipes, sinks, and toilets. The reasons for using these tools are very different. But it is always worth remembering the safety rules. Let’s look at how to use a plumbing snake when cleaning pipes safely.

Universal Instructions For Using The Plumbing Snakes

According to statistics, many homeowners prefer to use plumbing snakes without the professional help of a plumber, and it is a convenient way to eliminate blockages in pipes and drains without wasting money. Although this method is safe, follow the recommendations and rules for using such tools to avoid bursting pipes and leaks.

Below is a universal instruction for the use of plumbing snakes. Read the instructions carefully, and if you have any questions, you can refer to these instructions again and again!

Step 1—Buy A Plumbing Snake In The Store

One of the first tasks is to buy a high-quality metal cable (plumbing snake) in the store. Despite the variety of such tools, you need to approach this issue (the choice of plumbing cable) responsibly. Unfortunately, if you buy a low-quality snake, you may have additional difficulties. Indeed, the snake can quickly break or damage a pipe or a shower drain. For this reason, it is better to buy a quality product than to constantly change the tool to a new one.

Step 2—Insert The Plumbing Snake Into A Pipe

After buying a metal plumbing snake, you need to lower the spring into the sewer or remove the p-trap. What is a p-trap? The p-trap is a curved pipeline under the sink that you can remove with a wrench. After that, insert the plumbing snake into the pipe.

Step 3—Unwind The Plumbing Snake In The Sink

After inserting the plumbing hose into the pipe, unscrew it until you eliminate the blockage. It is worth noting that rotational movements should be done until the blockage is eliminated. If the snake is stuck in the pipe, you can try to pull the snake. Repeat these steps until your pipe is clean. If you pull the plumbing snake out of the pipe, you will understand whether the pipe is clogged or cleaned. But if you still think that the sink is faulty (clogged), you should continue the process of draining. Sometimes it is impossible to eliminate plumbing problems (blockages, leaks) alone. If you cannot solve this problem, contact a professional plumber for help.

Thus, plumbing maintenance is a necessary condition for cleanliness in the house and preventing blockages and malfunctions of plumbing appliances. If you competently and regularly monitor the operation of plumbing devices, you can significantly increase their service life. Besides, in this case, you will not have to face unpleasant surprises: accidents, breakdowns, or pipe breaks.

Using The Drainage Augers And Plumbing Snakes

To clean pipes and drains, you can use different plumbing tools. The most popular items are plumbing snakes and drainage augers. These tools serve the same purpose – they help clean the sewer from blockages and household waste. Besides, the functions of these items are similar: they have a drum and an elongated hose. However, to safely and correctly clean the pipes from contamination, you need to understand the mechanism of functioning of these two tools (plumbing snake and drain auger).

1—Features Of Drain Augers

As a rule, drainage augers are wider than plumbing metal snakes. Homeowners use them to open a clogged sewer drain, for example, outside the house. In terms of functionality, these tools have longer hoses and can be used on pipes up to three inches wide. Many manufacturers also add nozzles and tips as components.

2—Features Of Plumbing Snakes

Plumbing metal snakes are usually smaller, and plumbers or homeowners use them to eliminate blockages inside pipes and drains. These tools are thin and flexible, which helps remove blockages quickly and without damage. In shape, plumbing snakes resemble a metal hose with a spiral hook. If you want to remove the blockage with a plumbing cable, turn the handle and move the hook along the pipe.

To sum up, we hope that our tips and recommendations will help solve most of the problems that arise during the operation of various types of plumbing devices and equipment. These rules will save you from frequent accidents and unpleasant surprises and allow you not to rush to replace the plumbing with a new one because it will work and look great with proper maintenance.

Mike Joshua

Mike Joshua, a 33-year-old plumber based in California. With a passion for solving complex problems and a commitment to his trade, Mike has dedicated the past 8 years of his life to honing his skills as a professional plumber. After completing technical college Mike quickly secured a job in a plumbing company and has been working steadily ever since. Mike's experience includes not only households but industrial gas and plumbing systems and installation, repair the equipment for different types of business He is known for his attention to detail, strong work ethic, and ability to complete projects on time and within budget. He is always striving to improve his skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and advancements. In conclusion, Mike enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. He also has a passion for DIY projects around the home and is always looking for new challenges to tackle.

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